Why Is Freshly Ground Coffee Better?

Why Is Freshly Ground Coffee Better

There are two categories of people in this world: Those who are happy with just a cup of coffee, and the others who prefer freshly brewed coffee; some even love to brew their coffee because it gives them a level of satisfaction.

Coffee experts agree that freshly ground coffee is the best. There are reasons why they believe fresh coffee is better than pre-ground coffee.

In this article we will discuss about Various Reasons," Why you should drink Freshly Ground Coffee"?

Before that, for those who are relatively new to the world, let start with:

What is Fresh Ground Coffee?

How do you make fresh ground coffee?

It is essential to understand what “fresh coffee beans” are. On the same subject : Poop Coffee – What Is It?.”

Ground coffee is made by crushing simmered espresso beans. Subsequent to crushing, it can differ in surface right from finely grind to extremely coarse and grainy sand. 

The various varieties in the size of ground espresso work better compared to others in various blending methods.

Freshly ground coffee has many of its essential oils intact, which gives the coffee an aroma and flavor. You can experience it best when you consume it immediately after grinding.

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Freshly Ground Coffee – Reasons Why It Is Better Than Pre-Ground Coffee

Freshly Ground Coffee – Reasons Why It Is Better Than Pre-Ground Coffee
There are several reasons why your freshly ground coffee will give you a much better tasting experience. This may interest you : How To Use Stovetop Espresso Maker Or Moka Pot?.

Here are some of the reasons why fresh grinds taste best:

  1. It Reduces The Damage Done By Oxidation – Oxidation deteriorates the coffee while it is stored, and it is also what ultimately contributes to stale coffee. Freshly ground coffee reduces the amount of oxidation that happens to the coffee beans since you get them as soon as they are harvested.

  2. Moisture Erodes The Oils – Coffee beans lose their oils when they’re exposed to air. On average, a bean loses about 4% of its oil every day when exposed to air. Since the fresh ground coffee is ground as soon as possible, the oils are less likely to lose. Therefore, even if you store your beans for some time, your coffee will still have its aroma and flavour.

  3. CO2 Depletion – When you grind coffee at home, the coffee granules are exposed to air and get covered in it. It means that the coffee will start losing its flavor and aroma. However, while freshly ground coffee is being ground as soon as possible, the CO2 is still low. As a result, the fresh beans still retain their essential oils, which gives the taste and aroma to a great cup of coffee.

  4. Contamination – When coffee is shipped to the stores, it is also exposed to many other things. Sometimes, it is stored in a warehouse until it goes onto the shelves. When you purchase coffee from the store, the chances are that they are in there for some time. Fresh ground coffee is completely fresh and free from contamination. So, you can pick it instead and enjoy your coffee.

  5. Grind Size – When you buy pre-ground coffee, there is a good chance that the grind may not be to your preference. Freshly ground coffee is grounded just like you wanted. It means that no matter how smooth or coarse you like it, you will get it with freshly ground beans.

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How to Store Fresh Ground Coffee?

The best thing about freshly ground coffee is that they are full of flavour. Spilling grounds from a coffee grinder before brewing can leave you with some leftover grinds.

You may be wondering, is it a fruitless pursuit, or can you store these in a way so that it can preserve some flavour? On the same subject : How To Use French Press: The Ultimate Guide.

We have the answer! Follow these tips to store your fresh ground coffee:


  1. After grinding coffee beans, keep the ground coffee in an airtight container away from heat and light.

  2. Grind only as many beans that you need and immediately put the leftovers back into the container to avoid damaging them.

  3. Store coffee beans in an air-tight container in a cool dark place (65 to 70 degrees F is best). If air gets into the grounds, they will get stale very fast and lose their taste and aroma.

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Why should I grind my own coffee?

If you want to experience the best out of your coffee, you have to grind your own beans.

Freshly ground coffee tastes fresh, and it has all the essential oils and flavor intact. The flavor is better preserved than in pre-ground goods.

If you have a good grinder at home, then freshly ground beans will be better than those that come pre-ground from the store.

What type of grinder should I buy?

A burr grinder is the better option over blade grinders. Burr grinders will give you a more uniform and consistent grind.

Blade grinders tend to overheat the beans, which cause them to lose their flavor and aroma. In addition, they produce a lot of noise during grinding and can produce inconsistent results.

Is ground coffee the same as instant?

No, ground coffee is an entirely different product and taste compared to instant coffee. Ground coffee is beans that have been heated, roasted, and then ground into perfect-sized bits for your convenience.

What is the best grind for my Keurig?

A medium-fine grind will give you the best brew from a Keurig machine. The only time you should go coarser is if you have a French press or a manual espresso machine that requires an excellent grind for optimal extraction.

Why is ground coffee cheaper than beans?

Ground coffee doesn’t last very long and has to be refrigerated to keep it fresh. This is why it’s cheaper than whole beans.

If you will consume your ground coffee right away, then there’s no need to pay for whole beans.

Can freshly ground coffee go bad?

Yes, although freshly ground coffee tastes best when consumed right after grinding, it can still go wrong if you are not careful. 

Final words:

What are the most common final words?
Coffee lovers know that the most essential part of making coffee is to know the process from the beginning.

When you buy coffee beans, make sure they are as fresh as possible. Freshly ground coffee is a breeze to drink and is sure to lighten up your mood.

In this article, we have mentioned why freshly ground coffee is better than pre-ground coffee.

If you have any questions feel free to drop them in the comments below.  We will be happy to help you.

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