Can You Ship Coffee Internationally?

Coffee Internationally

Coffee is a drink that humans have enjoyed for thousands of years.

For the most part, it is easy to ship coffee internationally because it has a low duty rate and can be easily measured in pounds or kilograms. 

This guide intends to give you a little background on shipping coffee and basic information about getting your order shipped internationally. 

Coffee can be shipped worldwide from several sources, including grocery stores, speciality shops, websites, and coffee shops.

The quantity of coffee sent domestically can vary greatly from small to large. To get an idea of how much coffee will fit into a shipping container, you need to look at the size of the package and cost. 

Generally speaking, large container companies with technical expertise will ship anywhere from 50 lb to 5 kg of packaged coffee internationally. But can you ship it? Let’s answer that question! 

Can I ship coffee internationally?

A great question! A while ago, we asked the same thing too. Here’s what we found:  

Can coffee be shipped internationally?
It's possible to ship coffee internationally - but it's not easy. For example, a ground coffee needs to be sealed tight in many layers of bubble wrap, brown paper bags, and airtight plastic to prevent flavours and aroma from leaking out during transit.

If you’re looking for easy, we recommend checking out local speciality roasters near you! They’ll package your coffee in a way that makes sure it arrives just right. They’ll also save you the hassle of international shipping, which we imagine isn’t fun. 

On the other hand, if you're looking for the most caffeinated cup of coffee you can get, it's possible to ship coffee internationally (if it's packaged right).

But how to ship the coffee? Here are some ways we can ship coffee internationally:

Use air shipping services

It is one of the most reliable and fastest ways to ship coffee worldwide. It doesn’t matter how far the coffee is; you can use this service and make it available to your customers.

There are many types of air shipping services that you can choose from. You need to select the right one, and you can ship any amount of coffee. 

Send coffee through the post 

If you want to send coffee to your friends in a different country, you can use the postal service. It will take some time, but you can quickly ship coffee using post.

You can also use the same service to send dry fruits, cakes, and other food items. 

Use reliable courier services 

You can quickly ship coffee using a courier service. It will be delivered to your customers within a few days, and they will get it in their hands within 24 hours.

Which courier service is best for shipping?
These courier services are very safe and reliable. If you don't know about these services, you can ask your friend or family member who uses these services.

Ship it by UPS or FedEx 

You can use UPS or FedEx to deliver your coffee to your customers overseas. You don’t need to worry about how you package the coffee because they will pack it properly.

You can ship your coffee through this service right away, and they will deliver it on time at a reasonable price.

Ship it with sea freight 

When you want to send coffee to your customers overseas, sea freight is one of the easiest and best ways. You will get many benefits when you use this service to ship coffee.

The good thing is that you can export any amount of coffee through this service. 

How long will it take to deliver the coffee? How much will it cost?

When you ship coffee internationally, it is essential that the coffee ships out fast. You should anticipate all additional charges and any duties that might be added to your specific shipment if the total costs are more than you expected. 

How much does a bag of coffee cost?
Budget in an extra amount of money so that you won't be disappointed when your package arrives at its destination with additional fees. The best way to budget is to create a list of all your costs upon receiving your package. 

The price of shipping coffee internationally depends on a lot of factors. The size, weight, and type of shipping container; the country where you’re sending it to; and the method in which you send it all affect the final price. 

If you're sending a large amount of coffee from a small package, the per-pound rate will increase significantly. A common ground rule is that your shipment weighs more than 70 lbs. and costs less than $150 per lb.

Can you send coffee grounds internationally?

You can send coffee overseas, but it may or may not end up as good as when you get it in the country.

Maybe you do not realize this, but after importing from a country such as Vietnam, your coffee will never be exactly the same. The flavor of your beans is lost and becomes contaminated with elements…
You should now allow for some variables to come into play when shipping your coffee internationally.

Can you send coffee through mail?

Yes, you can send coffee through mail. You can use the post office to ship your coffee internationally.

You must know that each country has different rules and restrictions about how much coffee you can send each year.

Can you courier coffee?

You may use FedEx or UPS to send coffee to any country. The price of the service and the type of coffee may differ.

How do you pack coffee?

It is always great to pack coffee in a way that will protect it from damage. This can vary depending on the method you use to ship it.

For ground coffee, pack it in an air-tight container with a desiccant. This will help keep moisture out of your bag and make sure your beans are not exposed to air during shipping.
For whole beans, make sure you wrap them in brown paper bags and place them inside plastic containers so they don’t spill or rustle.

Do I have to declare coffee beans at Customs?

Yes, you must declare coffee beans that you are shipping to another country. If you have over a certain amount of coffee beans, it is mandatory for you to declare them.


There is no method to ship coffee internationally, which isn’t easy. It all depends on the way you choose to package it.

If it's packed well, then you can send it anywhere in the world. The best thing about shipping coffee is sending your customers many food items and coffee. 

Coffee is one of the most popular food items, and people can enjoy this drink anywhere they want. So, if you think you can ship coffee internationally, then go ahead and order it now!

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