Coffee Cup Sizes

Standard Coffee Cup Sizes

Don’t Ever Forget This: Coffee is vital, and you can never be too caffeinated.

“A cup of coffee in the morning gets you going.”

If your coffee cup is too big or too small, your favorite caffeinated beverage may feel unsatisfactory. There are different sizes for espresso, drip coffee, and other types of brews.

The Italian Espresso Institute has precise requirements for a perfect espresso cup size.

This article provides in detail the standard and specialized coffee cup sizes. By the end of it, you will be able to choose an appropriate size for your favourite cup of coffee.

So, let’s start:

Standard Coffee Cup Size

Standard Coffee Cup Size

In general, the standard cup size is between 30ml and 295ml for drip coffee. Different sizes of coffee cups are becoming popular to satisfy the caffeine needs of people further.

As aforementioned, there is a size for every coffee type. Depending on the type of coffee you prefer, a cup may be bigger or smaller than the standard size.

Let’s examine the standard coffee cup size for popular coffee types. The includes from smallest to largest as well as cups for popular oversized models.


De'Longhi DeLonghi Double Walled Thermo Espresso Mugs
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  • Capacity: 2 ounce /60 milliliter

Cups in which espresso flavor gets accentuated are known as demitasses. They are wide at the rim and narrow at the base that lets all your senses enjoy their aroma.

Espresso cups are typically sixty millilitres to eighty-eight millilitres, but there are also models with a volume of ninety-six millilitres or more.


LE TAUCI 6 oz Cappuccino Cups with Saucers
  • IDEAL CUPS OF LATTE ART - Egg cafe cups 4 pcs,each are 3.9 inch in diameter, 2.4 inches in height, and holds 8 ounces to the rim.
  • FITS UNDER MOST COFFEE MACHINES - Work well under Espresso coffee machines including Keurig, Nespresso, Breville, DeLonghi, and other brands.
  • COMFORTABLE SHAPE AND THICKNESS - When you hold it, you'll notice how snug the handle hole is, enough for an adult male to run his fingers through.
  • SLEEK AND EASY TO CLEAN - Use heat-safe ceramic & grade A porcelain, which are approved by LEAD-FREE, and NON-TOXIC.
These are usually twice the size of espresso cups and have a volume of 147-177ml. These coffee cups are wide from the top and narrow from the bottom. They typically come with a saucer plate.


JoyJolt Declan Latte Coffee Mug. Glass Coffee Mugs Set of 6.
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A Latte is a cup of frothy espresso with steamed milk. This variety generally has a volume of 200-300ml and includes a small saucer plate.

Aside from the size, the thickness of your coffee cup also matters, as it affects the taste. Also, a thick cup will retain its temperature longer.

Oversized Coffee Mugs

Silver Buffalo Friends Central Perk Oversized Coffee, Soup Ceramic Mug, 24 Ounce Black
  • CENTRAL PERK COFFEE MUG: Our oversized ceramic coffee cup holds 24 ounces of your favorite latte, cappuccino, or drip coffee when you need that extra boost in the morning
  • MULTIPLE USES: Thanks to the handle and wide mouth opening, this mug can also be used as a bowl for soup, ice cream, or cereal
  • DURABLE AND STURDY: This mug is suitable for hot or cold beverages, and is BPA-free, microwave-safe, and top-shelf dishwasher safe
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The oversized coffee mugs are about 450ml to 600ml in volume. They have two sizes- oversized classic and oversized latte. Specific models may have larger capacities and can hold up to one liter.

Due to its oversize, they are often used to serve snacks or soups.

Classic Coffee Mug

Serami Classic Cream White Diner Mugs for Coffee
  • Vintage Style Retro Diner Coffee Mugs – Heavy Duty Ceramic Construction and a Classic Throwback.
  • Chip Resistant – Constucted with Ultra-Thick, High-Grade Ceramic, these Mugs Will Withstand Everyday Use.
  • Dishwasher and Microwave Safe (handle will not come out overwhelmingly hot).
  • 11 oz Capacity (to the rim) and Measures 4" x 3.5". See Images for Complete Measurements.

A classic coffee mug has a volume of 180 – 210ml and is smaller than a standard cup. These ceramic or plastic coffee mugs are perfect for serving regular non-creamy coffee, such as black coffee or tea.

So, they make an ideal choice for enjoying your coffee as you relax at home or even under the shade.

Oversized Classic Mug

An oversized classic mug is almost the same as a large coffee mug, with a volume of 300-450ml. These mugs are suitable for coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate.

Oversized Latte

Bosmarlin Jumbo Latte Mugs for Office and Home
  • This mug has a large capacity(16 oz), larger than most of mugs, which will definitely meet your needs for office and home.
  • STURDY & DURABLE: Designed with strong ceramic construction, made of lead-free, cadmium-free, high quality ceramic. Suitable for hot and cold drinks. Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • EASY TO HOLD: Question mark-shaped handle can keep it from rotating when you try to hold the mug, which helps you enjoy your tea/coffee comfortably.
  • SIMPLE & CLASSIC: So simple but classic design. A choice of four stylish colors makes a great gift for the Holidays, birthdays and special occasions.
  • If you have any problem with our mug after received, just contact us! We promise that we will make every effort to solve it. We care deeply for our customers and make you our top priority! Thank you!

The oversized latte is almost the same as the giant coffee mug with a cup of hot milk. However, its volume is larger than the standard size: 450-900ml but similar to classic coffee mugs in terms of material, shape, and colour.

Travel Coffee Mugs

A travel mug is a cup of coffee, tea, does not require water. These are usually more portable than standard coffee cups and you can store them in a car or briefcase.

You can fill them with hot liquids. However, these cups are not suitable for adding them to drinks (they alter the taste significantly).

How many ounces are there in a standard coffee mug?

Standard Coffee mugs are thicker and hold more than a cup. Typically, an American coffee mug holds 8-12 ounces of liquid even though they are available in a bevvy of shapes and sizes.

There are even other large coffee mug sizes that span from 20-25 ounces.

Why does the size of your cup matter?

Why does the size of your cup matter?
It's essential to know the size of your cup, as it'll dictate how much coffee you need.

If you brew 12 ounces of coffee with only 15 grams, the result will be a weak coffee. This is because the average person uses 15 ounces of grounds for their daily cup to get the average coffee cup size of 6 ounces.

It will take twice as much to make the proper 12-ounce cup. In addition to this, the caffeine in 2 cups of coffee can equal the amount found in 4 cups.

What about milk-based beverages, such as cappuccinos? If you order a cappuccino and ask for a large size, you’ll get more milk than coffee unless you specify that you want two shots of espresso.


1. Are ceramic coffee mugs safe?

 Ceramic coffee mugs are safe if the material is of high quality. 

Otherwise, there is a possibility of impurity.  When it comes to ceramic mugs, it’s better to invest in high-quality brands to  ensure the mug will withstand heat and have a good build quality.

2. How can you measure a cup without a measuring cup?

 Ideally, a measuring cup should be used so that you can always be confident of the final results. Every cup of coffee is different, and using a measuring cup ensures that the amount will remain consistent.

It’s also essential to ensure that your cup is at the proper distance from your mouth while drinking, so you don’t spill or underpour.

3. What is an extra-large coffee mug?

Extra-large mugs are the same size as a travel mug except for their volumes. They have more than that for an extra-large cup, while travel mugs do not.

Extra-large coffee mugs are used for Americanos, which are a combination of espresso and coffee.

Final Thoughts

The choice of your coffee mug sizes depends on your lifestyle and preferences for coffee. For example, you wouldn’t put a shot of espresso in a larger than regular travel mug, but you also wouldn’t place an espresso cup in the cup holder of your vehicle.

The best coffee cups are the ones that have a nice balance between fitting in your needs while still leaving some size left for ice in your next iced latte. You don't want to get carried away by the "more is better" mentality.

So, if you’re a real coffee connoisseur, why not get a unique mug for all your favorite coffees?

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