Breville Oracle Vs Oracle Touch – Comparison For Your Buying Guide

Breville Oracle Vs Oracle Touch

If you are here for Breville Oracle Vs Oracle Touch comparison, then we will help you with a complete guide.

Breville is famous for creating a range of quality coffee machines. These coffee machines come from Breville, a company leader in the coffee machine industry for many years.

Out of their wide selection, the Breville Oracle espresso machine is a high-quality coffee machine that has all the features you want in a home coffee machine. 

Read on to know more about Breville Oracle Touch vs Oracle Comparison

Breville Oracle This is perhaps one of the unique coffee machines on the market. Besides having a traditional espresso maker, it also has a grinder that is attached to it.

The grinder is excellent if you want to make your coffee beans and grind them right before making your drink.

The Oracle Touch is similar to the Oracle but is more expensive and has all the features you need for making great coffee.

Both machines are easy to use and have almost identical features that allow you to customize your coffee experience.

Both machines can be seen as sleek and modern-looking machines geared for use in today’s society with busy lifestyles, but with differing functions, features, and accessories that make them different from each other even if they are similar aesthetically.

For example, both the machines boast a stainless steel dual boiler, auto-tamping, automatic grinding, and digital temp control. 

Let’s take a look at their similarities and difference between breville oracle and oracle touch

Similarities: Breville Oracle Vs Oracle Touch 

What is the difference between Oracle Breville and Oracle touch?

Temperature Control:

One of the most important things you want from a coffee machine is that it gives you constant hot water.

That’s why both the Oracle and the Oracle Touch have a ThermoBlock heating element. It ensures that no matter how long you’ve been using your machine, it will always have an accurate temperature.

In addition, the machine will automatically set it to the right temperature, allowing you to focus on your coffee.


Both the Oracle and the Oracle Touch have an automatic brewing feature. These automatic espresso machines will take care of all the work for you.

All you have to do is enter the amount of coffee you want in the number of cups, and it will be brewed automatically.

Instead of manually filling up the water reservoir, these machines do it by themselves. It also has an infuser basket that allows you to add different ingredients to your coffee, such as spices or fruits.


When making coffee, you must ground the coffee bean to a specific size to release its flavour and aroma in the drink.

With both machines, you can hone your beans. With a handy integrated conical burr grinder attached to these machines, this is easy.

The conical burr grinders ensure constant grinding, so all your beans are ground to the same size.

Both machines also have two different grind settings — coarse and fine — so that you can perfect your own grinding experience. 


Both the Oracle and the Oracle Touch have the same dosage amount, i.e. 22g which is the standard dose amount used by cafes. So, you can use this machine at any time and get your favorite coffee shop cup. 

Steam Wand:

Both these machines have a self-cleaning steam wand. This helps the machine to work correctly after each use. The steam wand is also a great accessory for making lattes and cappuccinos.

Water Tank:

Both the Oracle and the Oracle Touch have a water tank capacity of 84 fl. oz.

We have looked at the key similarities between these two machines, but what about the differences? 

Let’s Take A Look At Some Of Their Important Main Differences.


The Oracle Touch has a sleek appearance. It looks great with many different accessories and gadgets and is ideal for people who have any style of home decor.

  • The controls are operated via the touch screen.
  • The touch screen operation is easy to adjust the number of cups, adjust the strength of coffee, or choose any other function.
  • It is also easy to set the time for each cup of coffee.
  • The appearance of the Oracle is a little more traditional.
However, this machine also has a contemporary design and an LCD screen that will appeal to those who want their coffee machine to look different from the rest.

The controls have different buttons and knobs, which is a little more conventional than the touchscreen of the Oracle Touch.

Breville Oracle Vs Oracle Touch Pricing

There is a big difference in pricing for these two machines. The Breville Oracle Touch is a lot more expensive than the Oracle.

Both are great machines in terms of quality and features, but you may want to go for Oracle if you are considering the price.

The prices vary from country to country, but in the US, they are as follows:

  • Breville Oracle: Around $2899
  • Oracle Touch: Around $3799

Coffee and milk quality:

Is it worth buying Breville Oracle touch?

Both these machines have some advanced features that will allow you to make the perfect cup of coffee.

For example, with both the Oracle and the Oracle Touch, the water is heated to a specific temperature, which means there will be no unwanted scalding of your coffee. 

The Breville Oracle has an additional feature called ‘the barista mode’, which allows you to make your espressos perfectly every time.

In addition, there is a milk texturing system that will heat and froth the milk. You can also control the amount of foam or steam you want.

The Oracle Touch has a similar feature and makes it easier to get the perfect milk texture as well. In addition, it has a coffee strength selector, which is an important feature for anyone when it comes to a great cup of coffee.

Programmable Settings:

The Oracle touch has a lot of features that allow it to be programmed. For example, it is pre-programmed with five coffee settings and can save up to 8 customizable coffee drinks!

You can also program the machine to make tea and enjoy your favourite drinks. 

The Oracle does not have any programmable settings. Instead, it has a dedicated button for each type of beverage.

It lets you program the milk temperature, the coffee strength, and how long you want the machine to keep brewing.


The Oracle Touch comes with a few extra accessories that you won’t find in the Oracle.

These include a wooden handle for your mug, a drip tray, a space saver carafe, and mesh filter baskets.

These accessories can make your coffee experience even better. 

These items are not included with the Oracle as it does not come with these accessories.

What is the difference between the Breville Pro and the Breville touch?

The Oracle Touch is a bit expensive compared to the Oracle, but it has many more features than the Oracle and is worth the extra money if you want a top of the line coffee maker.

Is the Oracle touch a dual boiler?

Yes, the Oracle touch has a dual boiler. The water is heated to a specific temperature so you can enjoy your coffee without it being scalded by the water.

Is the Oracle touch programmable?

No, there is no programming with the Oracle touch. Instead, it has a dedicated button for each type of beverage.

Does the Breville Oracle make regular coffee?

Yes, the Breville Oracle can make regular coffee. You just have to find different settings for making the type of coffee you want. It also has a manual mode if you wish to make your own cup.

How do you use the Breville Barista touch?

You use the Barista touch through its touchscreen functions. It is very easy to use. First, you turn on your coffee maker by pressing the button on the side of the machine.
Next, you have to put a coffee filter and grounds in your selected coffee making apparatus (this is not included). Then, you can choose what kind of coffee you want to make.

What drinks can the Breville Oracle Touch make?

There are different settings for different types of coffee making. The Oracle touch can make 12 different beverages.

How do I clean my Breville Oracle?

With your coffee maker, you have to detach the various parts and clean them individually. This is a little more work than cleaning a coffee maker with less parts, but it is still easy to do.

What is the drip tray for?

The drip tray is where all of the water would fall if you did not catch it. It helps keep your counter tops dryer and cleaner than they would be if you didn’t have a drip tray.

The Verdict- Breville Oracle Vs Oracle Touch

The Oracle Touch is the more expensive of the two machines. However, it has many more features than the Oracle, which may be worth the extra money.

For example, you will not have to break your espresso machine down and clean it because it is pre-programmed. You also have a lot of accessories, which make your coffee experience even better.

The Oracle is very popular, but the Oracle Touch is a more advanced machine and cafe favourite. It has many more features and gives you easy access to different brew types. 

When shopping for a coffee machine, we advise checking what you will be using first. For example, if you just want to make coffee at home, look at the Breville Oracle, as this one is better suited for that purpose. 

If you are interested in taking your coffee shop experience up a notch or two, go with the Breville Oracle Touch Coffee Machine instead.

Make your selection by reading this Breville Oracle Touch vs Oracle Comparison and enjoy the perfect coffee.

Which one is your personal preference? Let us know in the comments! 

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