Can You Grind Coffee Beans In A Magic Bullet?

Grind Coffee Beans In A Magic Bullet

Don’t have a coffee grinder, but have a magic bullet. Can you use it to grind your coffee beans?

You’re in luck. The answer is yes you can but there are some limitations.

Let’s talk about how this can be done, shall we?

First off, the magic bullet makes an excellent dry grinder option for light-roast coffee beans.

Do you need a quick cup of coffee but you don’t want to spend too much time grinding the beans? Do you want to make your own coffee at home, but you have no idea how to do that?

The best choice is to use a professional coffee grinder to grind your whole coffee beans properly from the coarse to the fine grind. But not everybody wants to add a gadget just to grind their coffee in their homes.

But don’t worry if you are in this situation.

You can grind your coffee in a Magic Bullet blender.

The “Magic bullet” has more than 3 million people who had already used it in the past. It is one of the most popular kitchen appliances that people use at home. If you have not used this product, I am sure you must have heard about it and you would love to use it.

So what is Magic Bullet?

What was the problem with the magic bullet?

The Magic Bullet is an inexpensive kitchen appliance that can also grinds beans without much effort. It is very suitable for people who are always in a hurry.

It comes with various attachments including the flat blade, the pestle, and tea strainer among others a coffee grinder that can help you grind the whole coffee beans without having to spend too much money on a coffee grinder.

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However, it doesn’t have a very fine grinder option and a strong motor to grind the beans properly. So, it becomes potential for the beans to be clumped together if you are using it after grinding them before.

But as you will see in this article, you can find several tricks and ways to use Magic Bullet for grinding whole coffee beans without its clumping tendency.

Why Should You Grind Coffee Beans in a Magic Bullet?

In this article, you will find out the answers to these questions.

Can you grind coffee beans in a Magic Bullet blender?

Grind Coffee Beans With Magic Bullet

✔️Yes, you can.

There are many ways to do it.

First Method: Fast Method

Just put in the beans and let it rip. This will not produce an even grind and you will find that the coffee will clump together. But it is still a very fast and efficient way to grind coffee beans.

Second Method: Slow Method

This is the best method to use if you want to get the most even ground out of your coffee beans.

It will take more times for the beans to grind but you will get an even grind and coffee will not clump together.

In this method you need to pulse the magic bullet and let the dust settle and shake the grinder after a few pulse to get an even grind.

What are the benefits of grinding whole coffee beans in a Magic Bullet?

What are the benefits of grinding whole coffee beans in a Magic Bullet?

1.You get more freshness.

How do you use freshness in a sentence?

Coffee beans taste better when they are ground just before brewing. And, the Magic Bullet will help you do it properly. You can grind the whole coffee beans in a few minutes and enjoy the freshness of coffee immediately.

Even though it has its limitations, its better than buying pre ground coffee which would be stale by the time you get to brew your cup.

2. You don’t need to worry about grinding your coffee too fine.

You don't need to worry about grinding your coffee too fine

You can grind coffee beans without worrying about over-grinding. Magic Bullet can grind the beans as small as you want. And, you can just remove the seeds and enjoy the full flavor of the coffee.

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3.It is a low-cost coffee grinder.

The price of the Magic Bullet is much lower than that of other coffee grinders. And you can get a lot of functionalities for your money.

How to Grind Coffee Beans in a Magic Bullet?

Steps to Grind Coffee Beans in the Magic Bullet:

1. Use Flat Blade

One of the most important things you need to do before using this blender is to install a flat blade. This will ensure that your beans grind evenly.

2. Put the Coffee into the Grinding Cup

Put beans in the grinding cup and place them on the power base of the blender, so that grinding is accomplished without any clack

3. Switch on the Power and Grind it

Now, power on this baby and just keep pressing the cup a few times. Keep pressing the cup till you get the level of fineness in the coffee beans that you want.

It depends on the type of coffee you want to make. If you want a French Press, make it coarse. If you want a drip or espresso, grind finer.

Take a few pauses between of coffee to make sure you’re getting the right amount of texture.

French Press is ok with coarse coffee. If you want a finer grind, then press down the cup more.

Why shouldn’t you use a magic bullet for grinding coffee beans?

Why shouldn’t you use a magic bullet for grinding coffee beans?

If you are wondering – Can I grind coffee in a magic bullet?

We have answered before that it is possible to grind coffee beans in a magic bullet. But if you have access to a coffee grinder, go for it instead. It is because, sadly, many food processors, blenders, and even magic bullet don’t do such a great job grinding coffee beans.

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A magic bullet is an excellent option for grinding coffee beans if you don’t have any other grinding tool around.

The flavor of coffee grounds might not be as good as it’s made with a more complex brewing process, but you can still make a cup of coffee.

Following are the reasons that make me think twice before using the magic bullet for grinding coffee beans:

1. Inconsistent Grind

How does grind affect coffee taste?

Just so, like in a regular blender, even a magic bullet sometimes produces inconsistently ground beans. The grinds have a wildly varying texture compared to the grinds from a coffee burr grinder.

Even in a magic bullet, some grinds are properly ground while the others are not even close to grinding.

Also, the grinding time is an essential factor that directly impacts the consistency of the grinds. Grinding coffee in a magic bullet may take some time to reach the desired consistency.

2. Tends to clump together

Coffee Clumps

Sometimes coffee grounds tend to stick or clump together. It usually happens when the grounds are ground for too long. As a result, you get a finer consistency than required. A coffee ground that gets ground too much makes a very bitter and strong-tasting coffee.

3. Lack of Individual Grind Adjustment

The consistency of the coffee grounds depends on the type of coffee that you prefer drinking. Be it French press, drip over, or espresso.

Coffee grounds for these different types of coffee should be ground differently. In this case, grind adjustment is required. But a magic bullet doesn’t provide you this option.

Usually, burr grinders come with different grind adjustments. These help you make coffee of varying taste, flavor, and richness. But these grind settings are not present in the Magic Bullet.

Final Words

Grind Coffee Beans In A Magic Bullet

So, to sum up, if you are looking for an affordable and easy-to-handle tool to grind coffee beans in a home setting, the Magic bullet blender is a perfect choice.

You can end up with a decent consistency of coffee grinds. But it is not enough to give you the ideal texture of coffee grinds to make the perfect cup of coffee.

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