Oster prima Latte Vs Mr Coffee Barista Parts: How To Use Expresso Machine

Oster Prima Latte

When you spend a lot of time working with technology, you tend to develop a taste for the finer luxuries—a hardware gadget here and there, different flavors of ice cream, and most importantly, your morning coffee. 

For guys like us, coffee is an important part of our day and one of the things we don’t want to compromise on.

For most people—even most coffee snobs—making coffee at home is often more about convenience than anything else. 

And while most people might not care too much about the taste of the coffee at home (at least they don’t think they do), some would rather drink something—and it’s these folks that I’m writing this review for. 

In this article, we're going to take a look at the Oster prima latte vs Mr coffee barista, two coffee machines that offer excellent value for money and give you great-tasting coffee at home. 

Let’s see which of them is the better option for you oster prima latte 19 bar or Mr coffee barista! & oster prima latte parts and also how to use oster espresso machine.

Oster prima latte vs mr coffee barista

Before findout oster prima latte vs mr coffee barista differences, let us know about oster prima latte 19 bar:

About The oster prima latte 19 bar: oster prima latte parts

Oster’s Prima Latte is the perfect addition to any cafe or coffee shop looking to upgrade its espresso machine.

It’s fully automatic and compatible with coffee pods and espresso grinders, so it’s ready to go when you are.

And it doesn’t take a lot of work to get started, thanks to the 19 bar pump system that automatically extracts flavor from the coffee grounds you throw into it.

How do you make coffee with an Oster prima latte?

To make your cappuccino or lattes, simply add water to the top chamber, and the milk frother will automatically turn the hot milk into a rich, creamy espresso drink in seconds.

About The Mr. Coffee Barista

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista is one of the most popular electric home espresso machines on Amazon today. 

In addition to being the best-selling home espresso machine, it’s also the only semi-automatic home espresso machine on the market that can make cappuccinos and lattes!

With over 300 positive reviews, this machine is perfect for making cappuccinos, espresso, cappuccino latte, espresso latte, and more.

It comes with a 15-bar pressure system and is easy to operate on the front panel. The Mr. Coffee Café Barista can make single and double servings.

Let’s compare both Mr. Coffee and Oster Prima latte, how to use oster espresso machine & Mr. coffee barista, cleaning, accessories below:

how to use oster espresso machine & Mr. Coffee Barista

On the surface, both of these machines are pretty easy to use. The Mr. Coffee Barista is more user-friendly with front panel controls, whereas the Prima Latte has an LCD with touchpad interface controls. 

But this isn't much of an issue unless you have an aversion to using buttons. We should also mention that the Mr. Coffee Barista is a semi-automatic espresso machine, whereas the oster prima latte 19 bar is fully automatic. 

We’ll start comparing the ease of operating features by looking at the user interfaces. The Mr. Coffee Barista has a simple touch-screen interface with clearly laid out buttons to make things easy for most users. 

On the other hand, the Prima latte has an LCD with touchpad interface controls, which is more advanced; however, you can also operate it via buttons. 

Overall, although more complex, the barista machine comes out on top in terms of ease of use. This is how to use oster espresso machine & Mr. coffee barista


Cleaning and maintaining these espresso machines are also very easy and straightforward. The oster prima latte 19 bar has a removable drip tray, drip collector, and grinds bin to be cleaned under running water. 

The milk frother should be cleaned regularly to make sure it's kept in good working condition. Cleaning the machine should be your primary concern if you use the machine daily, especially if you like your latte indulgence without any lumps in the milk. 

Regular maintenance will go a long way towards making sure this machine lasts longer. The Mr. Coffee Barista has no removable parts, which means its drip tray, drip collector, and grinds bin all have to be cleaned with the regular dishwasher. 

But it can be taken apart to make things easier for cleaning. Overall, cleaning these coffee machines is pretty easy and straightforward.


The oster prima latte parts includes an 18″ x 13″ oval grinder that works with the coffee pods you purchase on Amazon.

The Mr. Coffee Barista comes with a reusable single-serving filter. Both machines have their share of accessories that enhance their functionality. 

The oster prima latte parts comes with a frothing pitcher made of stainless steel and can be used to make cappuccinos and lattes. 

Quality Of Coffee

Another factor that you might want to consider when buying a coffee machine is the quality of the coffee it produces. Both Oster and Mr. Coffee makes excellent-quality espresso at home, but each has its own pros and cons. 

The Prima Latte uses a pump system with a temperature gauge to maintain water temperature at a constant level for a specific time period, which ensures better results from your espresso shots. 

This prevents burnt or bitter-tasting espresso from being produced by the machine. On the other hand, Mr. Coffee has a heating system with the Keurig-style coffee pod to ensure that your espresso doesn’t taste burnt or bitter. 

If you’re particular about the quality of your coffee, then the Prima Latte is the better option.


Both the Prima Latte and Mr. Coffee Barista are affordable, but they’re fairly different in pricing. The Mr. Coffee Barista is highly affordable, and many would argue that it’s one of the best-priced semi-automatic espresso machines on the market. 

It costs just $100 on Amazon with free shipping, which is 50% cheaper than the Prima Latte (priced at $200 at Amazon with free shipping). 

You can also save even more money if you buy it from our recommended retailer. 

Which Is Better: oster prima latte 19 bar or Mr. Coffee Barista?

Oster prima latte vs mr coffee barista– The final verdict is that Mr. Coffee Barista wins this comparison because it’s cheaper (even if you buy it through our recommended retailer). It also produces better quality coffee than the Prima Latte. 

If you like high-quality coffee with many flavors, then this Mr. Coffee might be worth considering. If you're looking for a semi-automatic espresso machine, then the Prima Latte is our recommended choice.

oster prima latte vs mr coffee barista- Conclusion:

Does Mr Coffee Cafe Barista make regular coffee?

Finally, oster prima latte vs mr coffee barista, which is best? The oster prima latte 19 bar is a great luxury espresso machine, but it’s also overly expensive. For this reason, we recommend Mr. Coffee Barista as our top pick.

It makes great quality coffee at home, it's affordable, easy to operate, and quick cleaning is easy with dishwashing. 

Overall, you got to know how to use an oster espresso machine, & oster prima latte parts. Besides, Mr. coffee barista is the best choice for those want to make outstanding coffee at home with ease of use and superior quality of coffee.

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