Keurig K Mini Plus Review – Read This Before Buying

Keurig k mini plus review

Keurig k mini plus is a leading brand of coffee makers in the world and is known for its wide variety of features. Here is a detailed Keurig K Mini Plus Review  to help you make an informed purchase.

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Keurig K Mini Plus is a single-serve K-cup Pod coffee brewer. This popular coffee maker is winning the hearts of people with its great features and impressive quality. 


Keurig K mini plus is available at a reasonable price. It’s price is around $95 on ecommerce portals and is reasonable when compared to its host of features, and strong build.


  • Best in size
  • Brew in minutes
  • Cleanable drip tray
  • Travel-friendly
  • Saves energy
  • Cord storage
  • Brew any size
  • Ease of use
  • POD Storage
  • Strong Brew mode

Best in Size

With its comfortable size of less than 5II wide, it fits in any space comfortably. It is a perfect coffee maker for small spaces.

Brew in Minutes

One can have fast and freshly brewed strong coffee in minutes.

Cleanable drip tray

It is quick and easy to clean drip tray that is removable

Saves energy

With its auto-off system, Keurig K mini plus turns off after 90 seconds of your last brew.


Accommodates up to 7.0 inches tall, this coffee maker is travel-friendly. 

Cord Storage

Cord storage is available for easy transport

Brew any size

Brew your perfect amount of about 6-12 oz with Keurig k cup pods depending upon how much water you pour into the reservoir.

Ease of use

If using K-cups, it is very easy to use Keurig k mini plus where water needs to be of room temperature rather than refrigerated water that does not suit brewing.

POD Storage

It saves counter space with its perfect fit in brewer where it holds 9 K Cup pods.

Strong brew mode

Specially designed for those who are particular about having strong brew coffee. This perfect coffee maker features a strong brew mode to help you start your day with a fresh mood.

Pros & Cons


  • A tiny brewer that makes it comfortable for any small space to fit this machine easily.
  • No need to search for pods because it fits perfectly under the brew nozzle making it simple for the users.
  • Travel-friendly brewer makes it simple to carry anywhere on roads
  • Easily cleanable by removing the drip
  • Three different drink sizes to choose from
  • Best customer service provided
  • Designed very well
  • Available in 3 impressive colors


  • Just suitable to have a delicious cup of coffee where it is not fully featured with other essentials like bells and whistles
  • Not suitable for an avid coffee drinker as it is a single serving reservoir that makes it quite difficult to refill.
  • Since it is very slim and small in size, one needs to take extra care when traveling with this coffee maker to avoid any damage.

Customer Ratings on Amazon

Keurig K mini plus reviews are getting a 4 out of 5 stars based on quality by users on Amazon. And many customers gave 5-star ratings for its beautiful design and sleek look.

However, some people complained about not getting just lukewarm water instead of hot water. One can get it to contact customer care to resolve such issues with the coffee maker.


Keurig K mini plus is grabbing the attention of people towards its new and stylish look. With a perfect matte finish, this coffee maker is now the slimmest of all coffee makers.

It meets modern style with its sleek appearance and is available in many different colors to satisfy its customers.

Cleaning and maintaining

Cleaning and maintaining Keurig k mini plus is quite simple and easy. It is important to unplug the brewer before starting the cleaning process.


To maintain that shine and new look of Keurig k mini plus, it is advisable to clean the exterior of the machine occasionally. Just a damp, soapy cloth is enough to get that new look to the machine again. 

Drip Tray

Since the drip tray is easily removable, it is quite comfortable to clean it whenever required. It should be emptied as it fills up. Use a damp, soapy cloth to clean the drip tray.


To increase the life of your Keurig k mini plus, it is required to descaled it every 3-6 months according to the instructions given in the user guide.

Water Reservoir

One needs to be very careful while cleaning the water reservoir. Need to ensure there is no soap leftover in the reservoir to avoid getting it into the brewer. Once after cleaning the water reservoir, it should be air-dried instead of using any dry cloth to avoid lint in the reservoir, which in turn harms the brewer.

Alternative products 

If Keurig k mini plus is not perfect for your usage, then there are many other products available that you can give a try like Keurig My K-Cup Universal reusable k-cup Pod coffee maker, Keurig K Classic and many others.


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Hope the Keurig K Mini Plus Review has helped you pick the best coffee maker for your home so that you can brew a fresh cup of coffee whenever need to.

You can pick the best color that suits your interior from the list of three different colors available. Overall it is a perfect choice for a single serving coffee maker. 

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