Keurig K Classic vs K Select

Keurig K Classic vs K Select – Which one is better?

Confused about which one to buy read on about Keurig K Classic vs K Select

Keurig has made coffee making a matter of seconds with instant brewing mechanism. There are models manufactured for both home and commercial use.

Keurig K Classic and K Select are two different coffee machines boasting unique features, classy design and effortless, quick coffee serving mechanism for 5-9 persons in one go.


Keurig’s pioneering K-cups has led to a new generation coffee-making technique. Here is a brief overview on the two. 

Keurig K-Classic

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09/15/2021 04:14 pm GMT

The Keurig K-Classic is a unique, single-serving coffee maker with minimalistic control panel, large water reservoir, and multiple brew sizes. The brewer is available in two colors such as black and red. Although it is a single serving machine, K-Classic proves to be a perfect fit for an upscale office or a studio apartment. 

Also known as the Keurig K55 in its older avatar, it is an ideal choice for those who want to move from dip coffee makers to K-cups. It is extremely quick and you will find yourself with a cup of coffee in your hand in less than 60 seconds. 

Keurig K-Select

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09/15/2021 02:19 pm GMT

Keurig K-Select is another of the Keurig coffee makers which boasts of an instant brewed coffee, in few seconds. The machine has a very uncomplicated control system with a single-serving coffee mechanism. It can be a perfect fit for both home or workplace with a very simple user-interface. 

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It has a very beautiful, classy design and is available in four colors such as Navy. Matte Black, Matte White, and Vintage Red.

Differences – K Classic Vs K Select

The two coffee-makers have some similarities like the compatibility feature. Both of them are compatible with all K-cup brand coffee pods- either licenced or un-licenced. You can choose from a variety of coffee blends from famous coffeehouse chains like Starbucks, McCafe, Folgers, and Gevalia.

Physical features

Keurig K-Classic has a comparatively bigger size than other Keurig models. The body dimensions are 10.1X13.2 inches and it would still require at least 17.6 inches of clearance in your cabinet to open the brew head easily. The height measures up to 13.3 inches when the brewer head is closed down. It is available in two colors- Black and Red.

Keurig K-Select has a very basic style and similar in shape to other models in the product line. It is large but comparatively smaller than K-55 with dimensions 9.2X11.6 inches. It needs 12.5 inches of clearance in the cabinets to accommodate the machine. It is available in four different colors- Navy, Matte Black, Matte White, and Vintage Red. 

User Interface

K Classic has an easy, simple user interface and is able to brew different cup sizes such as 6, 8 and 10 ounces. Just place a K-cup in the coffee machine, select the size you want and here’s your favorite brewed coffee prepared in seconds. The machine has 5 buttons-three of which are for choosing the size, one for switching on the device and one for enabling the automatic off feature. You will notice several LED indicators on the control panel referring to Add Water and Descale.

K Select also has a very simple, user-friendly user-interface. It offers 4 different coffee sizes for brewing- 6,8,10 and 12 ounces. There is also an option for a strong coffee and three buttons under the power option indicating- Auto Off, Add Water and Descale. The Auto-Off feature is removed in K Classic, and you need to follow a long process to enable and disable it. This feature automatically turns off the machine in case you forget to do it, thus saving energy. 

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Water Reservoir

K Classic has a large reservoir storing 48 ounces of water, allowing you to brew over 5-8 cups of coffee before another refill. If you are the one, having one cup daily, then it will be enough for 1 week. It does not have a water filter handle and cartridge. 

K-Select has a comparatively larger water reservoir holding up to 52 ounces. It allows you to brew 5-9 cups of coffee in one go and is completely removable. You can refill water once the indicator signals a low water quantity. It is equipped with a water-filter handle and one filter cartridge. 

Brew Strength Control

Although both machines brew good quality coffee with great flavor and intensity, there is one thing at which K-Classic lacks- brew strength control. The Classic model brews coffee according to a preconfigured setting. However, the coffee comes out to be of good quality, and rich flavor. 

Moreover, the number of customization options are less in Classic. The K-Classic coffee maker can make coffee within 60 seconds and you can rely on it for an instant, morning-ready drink. But if you are looking for more options then K-Select is better like Strong Brew button. It can brew your coffee to higher intensity to produce a bolder, more intense flavor.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Both the coffee makers are accompanied by removable, dishwasher-safe drip trays. You just need to remove the drip tray and dump the waste into your sink or dustbin and wash it if necessary. 

Descaling is also an important process to remove the dirt, residue deposited in the internal parts of the machine so that it can last longer. There is a light indicator to tell you when to descale the machine. You can use Keurig’s own descaling solution to clean it. 

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A water filter is also necessary in these types of machines to ensure a good quality brewed coffee with a decent taste. A water filter can be inserted in the two machines and need to be changed every 60 days. It is good to stock up some beforehand. 


With K Classic, you can accommodate travel mugs of 7.1 inches tall. This feature is not available in K-Select coffee maker. 


K-Classic coffee maker

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09/15/2021 04:14 pm GMT

K-Classic is a great way to prepare your morning coffee within few seconds. It has a very easy user-interface with different buttons for different coffee blends.

It comes in two different colors and has a beautiful design. The product is available at a reasonable price for so many features. However, it is a bit noisy and there is no option for Strong Brew. 

K-Select coffee maker

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09/15/2021 02:19 pm GMT

It is an outstanding single serving coffee machine which is comparatively bigger in size and has a bigger water reservoir than K-Classic.

It has an option for strong brew. There are more color options and 4 different K-cup sizes. It is a great deal at a very reasonable price. 

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