Best Keurig For Office- Picking a Professional Office Coffee Brewer 

Best Keurig Coffee maker for office


Keurig’s unique brewing system and K-cup technology pioneered a new and instant way of preparing freshly brewed coffee at your home or office.

The machines are made keeping in mind the workplace environment which gradually became a must-have in every household. 

You can prepare your favourite coffee with just a tap on the machine. The popularity helped the company to sell different types of brewers in the market. Here we have reviewed 4 best Keurig for office use

best Keurig coffee maker for office In 2020

If you are planning to buy a new coffee machine for your workplace, then Keurig professional office coffee brewer should be on your priority list for a lot of reasons.

Considering the number of employees in an office and their different choices, a coffee maker that is versatile and provides everyone with enough choices is an ideal one. 

Keurig K-155 Office Pro Commercial – Best For Medium Offices

If you own small commercial space, then Keurig’s K-155 Office Pro Commercial is the best Keurig for office.

This product not only brews coffee but does all the work instantly and efficiently. K-155 cuts on the manual labour of making coffee every morning for the employees and proves as an excellent one-time investment. 

It has an interactive user interface and allows users to set the brewing temperature, turn on/turn off time to save energy. 

The machine has an incredibly big water reservoir of 90 ounces. Although it can be easily removed for cleaning purposes, you do not have to remove it for refilling the water.

Just pour it over the reservoir and you are done. K-155 coffee maker can brew 18 cups of coffee with a one-time refill.

Keurig’s K-155 provides 4 different brew sizes to choose from namely 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz. It makes different types of coffee from mild to strong according to individual needs.

If you want to have a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate, then K-155 is the best Keurig professional office coffee brewer

The drainage system is easy and efficient, avoiding burns. You can pour the hot water from the machine’s tank into some other container and use it next time.

However, it doesn’t have a Strength Control option and you can’t connect it to a direct hot water line. 

Keurig K-Elite Pod Maker- best keurig for office

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Keurig’s K-Elite is also the best Keurig for office because of its quiet brew technology which allows noiseless coffee making without disturbing others. It is great for small offices.

You get to choose between strong or iced brew types in this coffee maker. There is no screen display to guide you through the initial setup process which leaves it a little tricky to start with. 

K-Elite has a giant 75 ounces water reservoir eliminating the necessity to refill the water tank frequently. 

In the absence of a hinged lid, the water refilling can only be done by manually opening and pouring the water into the reservoir.

You have to open the lid every time there is a need for a refill. The machine has an automatic on/off button and a Strong brew option to get a strong, bold taste. 

K-Elite Pod Maker offers 5 different brew sizes and also prepares hot water when needed.

Keurig K-3500 Commercial Single Cup Office System For Large Workspaces

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Keurig’s K-3500 is a single cup coffee maker and a great addition to Keurig for office use. To make things more convenient, you can connect it with a direct hot-water line eliminating the need to refill the reservoir frequently. 

This product can make coffee all through the day without needing time to cool down between cups. It can brew 4-10 ounces of cups in 4 different sizes. However, it is not the best one as sometimes you get watered-down coffee.

K-3500 offers an automatic K-cups ejection from the pod area. There is also an in-built garbage collector which stores all the waste cups.

However, the K-cups that go into the waste are wet which in turn gets collected in the corners of the trash collector. It makes cleaning a hard task. 

This machine does not come pre-equipped with all the necessary equipment such as a filter system which needs to be bought separately. It means that we have to pay extra for the machine which is already very costly. 

Keurig K-145 Office Pro – Entry Level Office Coffee Maker

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One of the best Keurig for office, the K-145 office pro is a single-cup brewing system that can make hundreds of cups throughout the day.

It is designed for constant, heavy use and is ideal for small offices. K-145 has a water reservoir of 48 ounces and can brew 3 different sizes within seconds. 

The machine employs K-cup technology to serve the drinks. However, the problem is that you need to replace the pod for every other cup which increases the trash quantity.

Taking the price into consideration, K-145 becomes a big no-no for some. The reusable K-cups do not fit into the machine. So you can only use the disposable ones. 

Another negative review of this machine is that it is very noisy and vibrates a lot while preparing your coffee. You can also make tea, hot cocoa or iced beverages in this coffee maker. 

The Auto Off feature will switch off the machine after detecting 2 hours of inactivity. There is a removable drip tray to accommodate travel mugs. Moreover, you get a 12-count K-cup variety box with it. 

Helpful Guide On Buying Best Keurig For Your Office

Before buying a Keurig for office use, it is important to consider various factors to ascertain if this is the best fit for your workplace. 


Storage space for K-cups is very important when the machine is required to serve multiple people at once. If you want a Keurig for a big office with a large number of employees, then you might need an extra display case to serve everyone. 


A coffee maker for home use is completely different from the one used in the office. Therefore, you need to pick the right one that is ideal for office use. 


While purchasing a keurig for office use, you must check if the coffee maker is actually worth the price or not.

A good quality product made from durable material and pre-installed with many great features is what you need to look for before purchasing one. 


In an office, each person has his/her own choices when it comes to coffee. Some prefer mild while others choose strong, bold coffee.

To serve each individual’s needs, Keurig professional office coffee brewer has a Strength Control Setting. 

K-Cups And Filters

Keurig models come with K-cups and charcoal filters to get tasty, freshly brewed coffee. The K-Cups can be taken out from the storage or ejected automatically from the pod ejection section. 


A carafe can be purchased separately if it is not included in your Keurig pack. Moreover, if you have the right budget for it, then go for Keurig 2.0 series. 


Keurig for office use are not only used to make coffee or Espresso, but you can also prepare tea, hot cocoa, hot chocolate, and iced beverages in it. 


Each Keurig coffee maker has a very easy, intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes instant coffee without pushing a lot of buttons.

Even if you forget to turn off the machine, the automatic on/off option turns it off within 2 hours of inactivity.

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