Cuisinart SS 15 Review – Should It Be In Your Home In 2020

Cuisinart SS-15 Review

Why Cuisinart SS 15

Cuisinart ss 15 is one of the best leading brands of coffee maker with its attractive look and impressive features. Below is a detailed  Cuisinart SS 15 review which will help you understand the benefit of purchasing this product.


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Cuisinart ss 15 is a single serve coffee brewer while on the other hand it features a 12 cup coffee maker.

It is noted for its stylishness and functionality. It is proven as one of the best two way coffee makers in the market today.


  • Carafe Pot Section
  • Buttons and controls
  • Reservoir
  • Drip Tray
  • Best dimensions
  • Impressive look
  • Color options
  • Includes reusable cup

Carafe Pot Section

There is a shower head feature that saturates the coffee grounds.  The carafe here is sturdy with a handle that looks durable. 

Buttons and controls

Hr and Min Buttons in tandem with setting on the left dial helps you set and program Cuisinart ss 15 coffee maker.  There is a power switch where one needs to switch it on first prior to operation.

K-cup chamber has 3 buttons where it helps us get the different brew sizes like 6,8 and 10. When the desired choice is active it illuminates in a blue light. There are lights which prompt “add water” and “Clean”.


Single-serve side of Cuisinart ss 15 has a clear reservoir that holds 40 oz of water and is removable. The carafe side reservoir stays out and intended to be refilled from the top.

Drip Tray

It has a removable drip tray with an amazing design and with a metal plate that can be removed. It is a perfect option for people who wish to use bigger tumblers as there is a generous space between the dispensing area and drip tray.

Best dimensions

The size of Cuisinart ss 15 is simply the best with 10.13II width and a height of 14.25II and 9.5 pounds. Overall the size of this maker is so perfect that it sits very easily in any corner of your kitchen.

Includes reusable cups

It includes Cuisinart Home Barista reusable filter cups that let you use your own coffee.

Color options

To best suit your interior there are different color options available in Cuisinart ss 15 like stainless steel, copper and black stainless.

Pros & Cons


  • Stores a lot of water
  • Reduce recurring costs with the help of reusable coffee filter
  • Programmable automatic brew start
  • Maximizes coffee extraction 
  • Customizable coffee boldness
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Compatible with all coffee pods 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Automatic shutdown 
  • Clean light feature that prompts about the time to descaled the machine


  • Refilling reservoir on carafe side is problematic
  • Need to take special care whenever inserting K-cups
  • Programming options are supportive only for carafe side
  • Single-serve side is quite troublesome.
  • Wide space between drip tray and dispensing area creates a splatter

Customer ratings on Amazon

Cuisinart ss 15 reviews are getting 4.5 out of 5 stars based on its quality and flexibility of use. People are impressed with its beautiful shape and design and giving it a 4 star rating for its appearance.

Cleaning and maintaining

Cleaning Cuisinart ss 15 is not a big task. Just a simple wiping damp cloth and soap will give it a brand new-look again.

However, one needs to be very careful not to wipe it hard with dry cloth rather leave it to air dry to maintain its new look.

Alternative products

If Cuisinart ss 15 does not suit your requirement then there are many other coffee makers available in the market. Some of the best alternatives for Cuisinart ss 15 are Cuisinart SS-20 coffee center, Cuisinart CHW-12 and Cuisinart CHW -14 coffee plus.


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Hope the cuisinart ss 15 review has helped you make the right decision in getting your perfect coffee maker for your family every morning, or a single cup of coffee at other times. Various color options are available to make your selection easy in getting the right coffee maker.

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