Can You Put Hot Coffee In A Yeti? Can I Use My Yeti At Starbucks?

Hot Coffee In a Yeti

Yeti cups are a famous brand of insulated travel mugs.

Have you ever thought  ‘Can You Put Hot Coffee In A Yeti?, how long will a yeti keep coffee hot, Are yetis safe for hot drinks? 

What makes these cups so unique is that they’re made from a thick, hard rubber with a calm exterior and an inside that stays warm for hours. This combination of factors has led to the rise in popularity of this product. 

What makes the Yeti different from other insulated cups is its ability to keep liquids hot for longer than other products.

How long will a Yeti keep coffee hot?

But the most important question of all of us coffee connoisseurs out there is; can you put hot coffee in a Yeti? Well, let’s find out.

First, let us find out what a Yeti cup is? A yeti cup is a brand of insulated travel mugs, most notably made by  Yeti  (a company based in Colorado). The cup has two layers; the exterior layer is hard, thick plastic. 

The interior layer is made up of heated air that helps keep the beverage warm for hours without any form of electricity. 

You need to take away the cup from an electric source; the outside layer of the cup will stay warm even if left on a cold surface, whereas the inside layer will stay warm for up to 12 hours after being removed from an electrical source. 

It comes with a famous slogan of “Keeps Drinks Hot Longer than You Can,” although this claim is debatable, as it is believed that you can keep hot coffee in the cup for about 4-6 hours. 

So, Can You Put Hot Coffee In A Yeti? how long will a yeti keep coffee hot?

Yes, hot coffee can be put into a Yeti. The stainless steel should not react with the coffee or ruin its flavour, and the Yeti’s vacuum insulation will keep the coffee hot for hours. Much taller than a standard ceramic cup. 

Which Yeti is for hot drinks?
However, the cup is more expensive than ceramic cups. It's also a little heavier than most insulated mugs. Yet, if you're looking for a mug that will keep your coffee hot for hours, the Yeti would be a good fit. 


As we can see, putting hot coffee in a yeti is easy and safe. So, Can You Put Hot Coffee In A Yeti? Then yes. And Are yetis safe for hot drinks? Yes! 

However, let’s not forget that the stainless steel will not react with the coffee or ruin its flavour.

Also, the cup is more expensive than ceramic cups, and it has a little extra weight compared to other insulated mugs such as Thermos ones. 

Try out a yeti, and tell us what you think about your experience with it.

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