Bunn Coffee Maker Not Pumping Water – Fix It Now!

Bunn Coffee Maker

It is common for coffee makers to experience water pressure problems. But what happens when your Bunn Coffee Maker Not Pumping Water?

Buttons can get stuck, hoses crack, and impellers break off. But the problem with the Bunn coffee maker is that it doesn’t pump water. 

If your Bunn coffee maker isn’t pumping water, it might be an easy fix! Let’s see what the problem might be!

Bunn Coffee Maker Not Pumping Water: How To Find A Solution

The first thing to do is to check the power supply. If the display doesn’t light up or the machine makes no sound, the problem is in the power supply itself.

It might be a blown fuse, a defective circuit board, or something else.
Why is my coffee maker not dispensing water?

If the display lights up and your machine makes sounds but doesn’t pump the water, it’s time to check for possible clogs in your water system. Any clogs in your device will prevent it from pumping water. 

Start by turning off your tap. Next, remove the top of the water reservoir. At the bottom of the reservoir, you will see a small white piece that stops water from flowing into the machine. Remove this piece. 

Next, you will have to remove a tube that connects to the filter’s centre inside your device. This filter is probably full of sediment or other foreign substances, so it’s essential to clean it often; otherwise, your machine will not function properly.

After you have cleaned out the filter, you should see any clogs in your water system. If you do see a clog, you will have to use a pin or pick or another small tool to clear out the clog. 

After this, you will probably need to disassemble your machine and clean it thoroughly.

Remember not to use any harsh chemicals like bleach on the coffee maker itself. If it is necessary, only clean the parts you can take apart. Use the other features for cleaning different surfaces in your kitchen. 

After you have cleaned all the details, you should ensure there are no clogs in your water system. If there are none, you can continue with troubleshooting your machine.


  • Make sure to clean the filter.
  • Make sure the water reservoir is complete before you turn on your coffee maker.
  • If your machine makes a different noise than a regular coffee maker, that may be a specific problem that you can more easily diagnose if you have another device to compare it with.
  • If the display lights up and your machine makes sounds but doesn’t pump the water, it’s time to check for possible clogs in your water system.
  • If your machine is plugged into a power strip or surge protector, unplug it and plug it directly into a wall outlet.
  • If your machine is five years old or older, you should consider replacing it. Unfortunately, coffee makers do not last forever, and eventually, you need to replace them.

Conclusion: Bunn Coffee Maker Not Pumping Water

How do you fix a clogged coffee maker?

It is possible to repair a Bunn coffee maker not pumping water. A few things can potentially cause this: clogs in the water system, a bad pump, and a lousy display board. 

Unfortunately, if these aren't the cause of your problem, you might have to replace your machine. If you purchased the device from a Bunn dealer, they might not charge you to repair it. 

However, if you bought the machine second-hand, you will probably have to replace it.

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