Can I Put Cream Cheese In Coffee: Putting Cheese In Keto Coffee

Cream Cheese Coffee

You are doing Keto and you think can I replace my creamer with cream cheese?


You just want to increase your protein intake and think putting cream cheese in coffee is a good idea? Can i put cream cheese in coffee?

Can i put cream cheese in coffee? Will It Work? How Will It Taste?

Can you put cream cheese in you cup of joe? Will it work? How will it taste?

Personal preference is the deciding factor in whether or not cream cheese can be put into coffee. Some people would argue that cream cheese should be kept separate from coffee and served on a dish.

Others may find that it's more convenient to place cream cheese on top of their cups of coffee, regardless of whether or not they eat dairy products.

It all comes down to personal decision once again–do both sides really have merit or is it clear as day?

Well, the answer –

Definitely not! Some may also exclaim “Ew Gross!”, “Disgusting!”, etc.

But I’ll tell you why I really can’t see it happening. [Author’s note: I did try putting cream cheese in coffee, and it does not work. 

If you try to put cream cheese in coffee you will only end up with cream cheese on the table] Here are some reasons to answer your question “ can i put cream cheese in coffee!” 

Reason #1 – Cream Cheese Is Oil Based & Coffee Is Water-Based

This means that if there were a small amount of water added to the cream cheese and coffee mixture, it would be oily.

So basically, what people are practicing here are preparing an oil on the top of their cups of coffee.

This oil will eventually drip down from top and burn off leaving a nasty burnt taste in your mouth. You may have thought magic was real but it’s not.

Reason #2 – Cream Cheese Is Full Of Sugar

Cream Cheese is Full of Sugar

Now the main problem here is that when cream cheese melts in your coffee, it mixes with all sorts of preservatives and sugars. It can make your coffee-drink soggy and you may have a hard time digesting it.

What makes cream cheese taste good is the creamy dairy fat inside of it. If you put that in your coffee, what else is there left to make it taste good?

Some people may say that the taste of coffee will still cover up the cream cheese, but that just seems like a waste of cream cheese.

It’s a sin and a crime against humanity. If you’re going to put something on top of your coffee, at least don’t make it something that tastes horrible. So, drinking cheese with coffee is definitely not a good idea here!

Reason #3 – It Will Not Mix

It will not mix
Cream cheese will not mix with coffee and will show as lumps of cream cheese left in the cup. Do you want to drink such a cup of cheese with coffee?

What Else Can I Use If I Am On Keto?

What else can I use if I am on Keto?

If you are on a Keto diet, try adding butter or coconut oil to your coffee instead of Cream cheese in coffee keto and make a variation of the Bullet Proof Coffee.

The idea of this is that you have already incorporated fat into your diet so why not put it into your coffee.

This is actually a great idea and I will blog about it soon! [Author’s note: I tried butter in coffee and it was delicious- don’t try this, but I highly recommend trying coconut oil instead!]

Well, these are the reasons for cream cheese inside of coffee not working out.

Does cream cheese go with coffee?

Some people love to put cream cheese on top of their coffee when they drink sugar-free coffee.

Why do people put cheese in their coffee?

The reason why some people put cream cheese in their coffee is to make the taste of their coffee creamier and more delicious.

Do Spanish people put cheese in their coffee?

Spanish people are known to make their coffee with cream, which means that they put cream cheese in their coffee.

What can I put in coffee besides creamer?

As I mentioned above, there is no need to put cream cheese in your coffee. However, you can try adding some sugar-free hot cocoa mix to make your coffee even tastier.

Who drinks cheese in coffee?

It is a northern Scandinavian tradition to drink coffee with cheese or cream.

What is cheese latte?

Cheese Latte is a combination of hot milk, coffee and cheese. The difference between cheese latte and cappuccino is that this drink doesn’t use steamed milk.

Final Words on can i put cream cheese in coffee

What are the most common final words?

So, Is putting cheese in coffee a good idea? Can you put cream cheese in coffee keto? 

Yes, you can put cream cheese in coffee. But it will get gross after a while because of the oil it is made from, it will not mix and will be lumpy.

If you have creamer, try adding some of that to your coffee and see how it goes. Or go with butter or coconut oil if you are on keto.

Btw, coffee with cream cheese makes a really good snack to go. So keep your coffee and cream cheese separate and enjoy them separately.

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