How To Take Apart a Bunn Coffee Maker?

Bunn Coffee Maker

Bunn coffee makers are well-known as one of the best affordable coffee makers on the market.

They’re easy to use, affordable, and reliable. They’re great when they work, but getting them back up and running when they break can be a hassle. 

Fortunately, most Bunn coffee makers can easily take apart and put back together once you learn how.

The following step-by-step guide will show you how to take apart a Bunn coffee maker. 


How do you clean the inside of a Bunn coffee maker?

Find the right tools.

You’ll need a flat head screwdriver that is as thin as possible and a pair of needle-nose pliers. If you don’t have those two things, you’ll need to purchase them before starting this project.

Remove the top lid

Most Bunn coffee makers have a lid on top of the machine. This lid is held in place by several screws. These screws are usually flat head screws that you can remove with the flat head screwdriver. 

Once you remove the screws, lift the top lid to expose what's inside of your coffee maker. 

Remove the bottom lid

The bottom lid of the coffee maker is usually held in place by several screws. The side of the coffee maker may have a sticker labelled “open”.

If so, you will need to remove that sticker before removing any screws holding the bottom lid in place. 

Once you’ve removed the sticker, there should be one or two flat head screws holding down this part of your coffee maker. Remove these screws using your flat head screwdriver to expose the water reservoir.

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Remove the top component

The top component of your Bunn coffee maker is the part of the machine that will usually have a handle attached to it or a place where you can place your cup. 

Most Bunn coffee makers have a handle attached to the top component, so you'll need to unscrew the handle from the top component before lifting it out of your coffee maker. 

Remove the water out hose

The water out hose is usually attached to the bottom component of the Bunn coffee maker. In some cases, this hose can be connected to a fixture at the bottom of your coffee maker. 

But typically the hose will be connected directly to the base component of your Bunn coffee maker. Once you've removed the water out hose, place it out of your way. 

Remove the wires

A flange usually holds down the wires that run from the top to the bottom. In some cases, this flange is easily removable, but you will need to use your needle-nose pliers to remove it if it is not removable. 

Once the flange is removed, disconnect the wires from their respective parts. 

Clean the build-up in the machine

How do you drain water out of a commercial Bunn coffee maker?

Once you have disconnected the wires, use your flat head screwdriver to clean any build-up that may have accumulated inside the water reservoir. Generally, if there is build-up, it will be just about half an inch high. 

You must clean carefully to avoid clogging the filter area. If you're not sure where to clean, then start lifting the top component and cleaning the bottom component as well as the reservoir. 

Reattach the water out hose

Reattach all of your removed components to the coffee maker (including wires, if applicable). Then test your coffee maker to make sure it is working correctly by filling it with water and pressing down on the coffee maker’s push button.  

If there are any leaks or other problems, you'll need to refer to the manual for specific troubleshooting instructions. 

Enjoy your coffee maker!

If you’ve followed these instructions, then your Bunn coffee maker should be fixed and working great again. 

However, you should also take the time to give the instructions a test by loading coffee and water into your coffee maker and making a cup of coffee. It should fix any problems you may have had with your coffee maker.

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