Black Decker Cm1160W Coffee Maker Review

Are you looking for Black Decker Cm1160W Coffee Maker Review?

Black and Decker is a name that you would know from the popular products they have made in the past.

Blending over 75 years of experience in manufacturing, Black and Decker have created a product that combines power with ease of use. 

This article will discuss the Black & Decker White Coffee Maker 12 Cup,  its features, and why it’s worth checking out.

About Black & Decker White Coffee Maker 12 Cup

The Black & Decker 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker Brew Time and Auto Shut Off delivers on many features from its predecessors including new ones like an easy-view water window and a hot carafe plate. 

About the black Decker cm1160W

The most notable change is the introduction of an LCD touchscreen control panel, which makes managing the coffeemaker much more accessible than ever before. 

Topping it off is the ability to customize brew times through the app or the machine itself, and the auto-shutoff feature is an absolute must-have for any coffee enthusiast.

The Black Decker has two main advantages over other single-cup brewers on the market: it brews at the optimal temperature for espresso.

In addition, it allows you to program the brew time, so you can make coffee without worrying about waking up your family.

Features – Black & Decker White Coffee Maker 12 Cup


It features a programmable clock with a large, easy-view LCD. The Digital Clock allows you to set the Time and Program for your coffeemaker before going to bed or if it needs to brew on its own.

The sleek design includes a new control panel that looks great on any countertop.


It is a 12-cup coffee maker that brews at the optimal temperature for espresso and delivers an aromatic, flavorful cup of coffee every time.


Easy-to-use digital controls with rubberized buttons let you select your brew strength and program the coffeemaker to turn on or off automatically during a specific time. The one-touch “on” button makes it easy to start brewing immediately.


Brew directly into one or more travel mugs, regular mugs or a small glass using the optional permanent filter basket (one filter included) and the Sneak-A-Cup feature.

Brew a single 4 oz. Cup using the Sneak-A-Cup feature without interrupting the flow of coffee to your mug.

Care & Maintenance

The coffeemaker is designed to be user-friendly, so clean-up is a snap with dishwasher-safe parts. In addition, the Carafe Plate and the Brew Bowl can be stored within the coffeemaker to ensure years of brewing enjoyment.

Auto Shut Off Feature

A 2-hour automatic shutoff allows you to program your coffeemaker to shut off after it has been idle.


The Black & Decker CM1160W has a limited 2-year manufacturer warranty.


The Black & Decker CM1160W is a 12-cup programmable coffeemaker that has a retail price of $35. 

Pros – Black & Decker White Coffee Maker 12 Cup

  • LCD makes it easy to program and use
  • Auto shutoff feature is a life-saver with kids and forgetful adults
  • Sneak-a-cup feature allows you to sneak that cup of coffee before the whole pot is brewed. 
  • Affordable

Cons – Black & Decker White Coffee Maker 12 Cup

  • The carafe doesn’t hold as much as competitors with 12 cups like the Keurig. 
  • It has a slow warm-up time 

Alternatives – Black & Decker 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Other similar products may be a better deal for you. 

For example, the Hamilton Beach 40880 Coffee Maker is between $30 and $35, depending on the retailer. Though it only has one-cup brew options, it boasts a stainless steel design and a thermal carafe. 

In terms of performance, however, both have very similar controls and functions. 

Customer Reviews – Black & Decker 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

The Black & Decker CM1160W has an average 4.5 out of 5-star rating on Amazon with over 1,300 reviews. It also holds a 4+ star rating on Home Depot’s website. Here are some of the great things consumers had to say about it:

"…I love the Sneak-A-Cup feature because I can get a cup while it's still brewing without having to wait for it to be done."

“Highly recommend! It’s fast, easy to use, and the coffee is delicious. I have been using this for a couple of weeks now- I have not used any other coffee maker since I got this one.”

The only negative comments found were actually due to shipping issues, which had nothing to do with the actual product. This machine overall seems like an overall good buy.


Many people have great things to say about the Black & Decker 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, and it may be worth looking into.

It's a fantastic machine for those who don't want to do all the work of getting their coffee ready – turn it on and walk away. 

The Sneak-a-Cup feature is a great way to enjoy a single cup of coffee without having to wait for the whole pot to brew.

The ability to program it and set it before you go to bed is another great feature since it will be ready when you wake up. 

While other products like this are on the market, this one seems like a good deal with its affordable price and great reviews.

Hope the Black Decker Cm1160W Coffee Maker Review is helpful to you.

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