Best Coffee Beans For Moccamaster

Coffee Beans For Moccamaster

If you are a coffee lover, you might have invested in the Moccamaster Coffee Maker.

This popular device can produce up to 10 cups of coffee at once and comes with glass carafes for serving. 

But, if you're not familiar with the different types of beans to use in this device—or even which beans may provide the best flavour—it's possible to settle for subpar alternatives. 

As is the case with most coffee makers, you’ll want to stick with coffee that’s intended for use in coffee makers. 

These beans are generally medium roasted to ensure optimal freshness. Using fresh coffee beans is essential because you genuinely want to enjoy your morning cup of joe.

It’s also worth noting that different bean types are for other purposes, so it may be best to opt for a specific kind of bean depending on your desired use or taste preferences. 

About the Moccamaster Coffee Machine

The Moccamaster filter machine is a unique brewer with several characteristics that make it the most excellent drip coffee maker on the market. First, it’s a drip coffee machine with a glass carafe. 

The carafe is composed of dishwasher-safe, heat-resistant glass. The Moccamaster boasts a wide showerhead that sprays hot water uniformly over the coffee grounds, enhancing flavour extraction.

Gerald Clement Smit of the Netherlands created the first Moccamaster in 1968. The original design and concept are still used today; however, they have been upgraded to match current brewing regulations. The device is guaranteed high-quality materials for long-lasting performance and reliability.

How does the Moccamaster work?

The MoccaMaster is a coffee brewing system that uses a single hot water dispenser to make multiple varieties of coffee.

What is so special about Moccamaster?
It's worth noting that the MoccaMaster brewer employs a one-of-a-kind brewing method that distinguishes the equipment. How does it function? It's easy; divide the water and coffee grounds in half. 

Using this ratio will allow you to brew a rich cup of coffee without worrying about using too much ground coffee.

The water will be poured over the ground coffee by the machine. In minutes, you'll have a rich-tasting, aromatic cup of coffee! Any coffee, including decaffeinated mixes, can be used in the MoccaMaster.

The Best Coffee Beans for Moccamaster

Today’s highly demanding coffee drinkers are familiar with the characteristics of different types of coffee beans.

The choice will depend on your personal preferences, whether you prefer different roasts or like your coffee sweetened, lightly or heavily. 

Wink Coffee Colombian

Wink Coffee’s Colombian is an excellent daily coffee that starts the day right with a robust flavour. This blend of Colombian coffee has a gentle floral aroma, and its subtle sweetness complements the bold flavours found in this coffee.

It's a great way to enjoy coffee at home or on the go and is also a perfect pick for drip coffee makers.

Cooper’s Coffee Company Ethiopian Bright Light Roast

Cooper’s Coffee Company Ethiopian Bright Light Roast has long been one of the world’s most popular blends, with its citrusy, floral character perfectly complimenting rich chocolate notes.

Now, Cooper's brings its best to the next level with this new Ethiopian Bright Light Roast. 

Bright and lively, with bold, intense, citrus notes, Cooper’s Ethiopian Bright Light Roast is an incredibly vibrant blend of citrus, honey and fresh flowers.

Kauai Estate Roast

Kauai coffee beans are hand-picked from the top farms on the island of Kauai. These are not your average, plump, faux beans. They’re the real deal, with a distinctive pear shape that gives them a rounded profile and perfectly even roast. 

They hand-sort every one of our coffees to ensure the beans are free of imperfections. But if you want to take it up a notch, you can. 

Their Roastmaster team will take over and turn this coffee into a completely different experience. Their knowledge and expertise will take your coffee from ordinary to extraordinary.

Make sure you use freshly roasted coffee beans. It is preferable to grind entire beans yourself to ensure that you use the freshest coffee possible. 

We recommend using single-origin coffee because the MoccaMaster brings out all of the brilliant characteristics of any coffee. 

However, if you wish to experiment with a combination, it is still flawless. To brew, use light or medium roasted coffee beans. It ensures that the delicate taste nuances do not burn away during the dark roasting process.


It is always best to check out the suggested coffee for your machine on to see what has been tested and rated best by other people who’ve already purchased this coffee maker.

However, you can also purchase these beans from any local or online store that sells these coffee beans, which means you'll get the freshest coffee possible. 

For example, coffee stores at Costco usually carry fresh coffee beans in bulk that are roasted fresh each day. So if you buy them in bulk, you’ll get an excellent deal for the price.

What kind of coffee do you use for Moccamaster?

You can use any coffee beans that roast at the same time as your machine to ensure that your coffee will be flavorful.

The most common type of coffee beans for these machines is “medium roasted”, as long as they meet the recommended brewing water temperature, such as 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Moccamaster also makes a great espresso machine; however, it requires a higher temperature of pressure and thus more expensive beans.
Other types of coffee beans work in most other Moccamaster models.

What is the best grind for Moccamaster?

The best way to ensure that your coffee is as flavorful as possible is to start with a freshly ground coffee. Moccamaster machines are designed to use coffee beans that have been ground just enough for brewing, but not so much that they become burnt and bitter.
To ensure the best taste out of your coffee, we recommend using a “medium-coarse” grind.

How do you make strong coffee with Moccamaster?

If you prefer more concentrated, full-bodied coffee, you may want to invest in an espresso machine, which has the ability to create a higher pressure. This is important because it enables the perfect extraction of the caffeine that gives your coffee its flavor.

You may also try increasing your water quantity by 1 or 2 cups and then simply adding more water in stages to get through your full pot.
Some users like adding milk for a creamier taste, but most people just enjoy their drink black.

Does Moccamaster Bloom coffee?

This is a common problem for many machines and all of the different parts that are in between the basket, filter, and water port. Bloom does not have to be a problem because you can always adjust the temperature, grind size, and extraction time.

If you do not want your coffee to bloom, always use freshly ground coffee and adjust the temperature to be at 205 degrees Fahrenheit. For an extra kick of flavor, add 1-2 teaspoons of sugar or 1 tablespoon of honey to the coffee while brewing.

How much coffee do I need for a full Moccamaster?

Most Moccamasters are labeled with a 12-16 oz. capacity, which should be enough to fill your machine, but if you find that you need more coffee you can always add more ground coffee, just be sure not to overload the filter.

However, the number of cups depends on what type of brew you have chosen and how strong you like your coffee.
The standard size of Moccamaster is 12 oz., which is fine for 2-4 regular cups or one large cup for the lazy people out there.


How long does the coffee prepared by Moccamaster stay fresh?

The coffee brewed in Moccamaster brews at 176 degrees, which is optimum for the best flavour. However, if the coffee stays for more than an hour after brewing, it loses its genuine taste and freshness. So it is better to prepare just what is for your needs, and no more. 

What is the duration of the warranty period?

If any manufacturing defect occurs in the machine within two years of its purchase from Amazon, then you can return it.

However, you should note that it will not include defects due to misuse or mishandling of the product after taking delivery. 

Is Moccamaster durable and reliable?

Moccamaster machines have gained a positive reputation for their high-quality performance and durability.

Their long-lasting effectiveness is attributed to their innovative and unique design and manufacturing process.

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