Best Ethiopian Coffee Beans

Ethiopian Coffee Beans

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee; thus, it is no surprise that the country produces some of the world’s best coffee. 

However, coffee isn’t just a product of Ethiopia – it’s an integral part of the people and their culture. Everywhere you go in this nation, you can see people drinking coffee or selling it.

Ethiopian coffee beans are the best in the world due to their unique characteristics and flavour.  It produces a unique flavour when brewed. 

The coffee beans are known to be larger than other species of coffee, which is why they are perfect for making espresso and Turkish coffee. 

Each region of Ethiopia offers a different perspective of Ethiopian Coffee's unique flavour profile. So let's wait no longer and find out the best coffees made of areas of Ethiopia!

The Best Ethiopian coffee beans

Volcanica Coffee: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe 

Volcanica obtains its coffee beans from native coffee plants that grow in the wild. The taste of this medium roast is sweet and refined.

What are the top Volcanica Coffee products available on Desertcart?
There are additional notes of pineapple, guava, dark chocolate, and strawberry. It has a medium body and a lively acidity that is difficult to resist.

Their beans are organically produced and fair trade certified. So you can feel good about sipping this coffee.

Cooper’s Cask Coffee: Ethiopian Light Roast

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Cooper’s is a family-owned and operated company with a history of 50 years in the retail coffee market. They provide top-quality coffee beans from the land of origin.

Their Ethiopian premium light roast has a sweet taste of cocoa and an aroma that is buttery, earthy, nutty, and caramel-like. 

The body is moderate with a smooth texture. It has acidity that is balanced nicely by its entire body. 

The taste notes are floral fragrance, citrus, and wild berries. Cooper's Cask Coffee is made using grade 1 beans, which are the finest beans available.

The beans are grown at 6,500 feet and roasted in tiny quantities to ensure that every bean has a taste influence when brewed.

Fresh Roasted Coffee: Organic Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee, Light Roast

This coffee from Sidamo has an earthy flavour with a hint of blueberry. Fresh Roasted has everyone beat when it comes to sourcing and ethical/social responsibility.

Is Ethiopian coffee a light roast?
They are not just interested in making a profit; they also ensure that the farmers from whom they purchase are paid fairly.

Green coffee beans from Ethiopian Sidamo are light, delicious, and fruity. Beans grown in this region are grown at high altitudes, organically dried, and roasted in a unique roaster that reduces CO2 emissions.

Fresh Roasted Coffee: Ethiopian Natural Sidamo

Ethiopian Sidamo Guji Coffee, Organic Ethiopian Sidamo Swiss Water Decaf Coffee, and Dark Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kochere Coffee are all roasted.

This selection of the best Ethiopian coffee beans caters to a wide range of coffee consumers. You have light roasts that have a rich flavour and fragrance. 

There’s also dark roast and decaf — for those who want their coffee particularly intense, and the other for caffeine-deprived grumps who have quit caffeine but still enjoy coffee.

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Rainier Coffee: Ethiopia Gotiti Natural

In this roast, Ethiopian beans’ typical floral and fruity flavours are substituted by undertones of currant, blackberry, chocolate, and spice.

Rainier Coffee: Ethiopia Gotiti Natural
It is one of the most robust Ethiopian coffee choices available, and it produces an excellent espresso. To counter the bitterness and bring out the chocolate taste, add some milk to it. 

Bekama Solinté Organic Coffee

This organic coffee is from Southern Ethiopia, especially the area of Amaro and Bekama Solinté. Bekama’s single-origin, organic, GMO-free coffee has a blueberry, banana, and chocolate taste profile. A pleasant, balanced, fruity acidity balances out the flavour nicely. 

Wild Coffee: Sidamo Coffee

You will find blueberry hints in the overall fruity, fragrant flavour of this roast. It has a creamy texture that is simply divine.

Their beans are fair trade, organic, and processed naturally. If you're searching for a low-acid Ethiopian coffee, this is the one for you!


If you like espresso but haven’t tried this type of caffeine, these beans are a great place to start: they have a rich, distinctive flavour that varies from winey to fruity, as well as an enticing coffee fragrance.

With the aid of the most excellent Ethiopian coffee beans, you may enjoy your coffee like never before! 

Did you try some of these coffees yet? How do they compare to others? Let us know in the comments!

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