turkish coffee vs espresso

Turkish coffee and espresso are arguably one of the oldest styles of preparing coffee. Though they both hail from in and around Europe, there’s quite a fine difference between the two and Turkish coffee and espresso are both worth trying. So let’s dig deeper into Turkish coffee vs espresso.

The difference between Turkish coffee and espresso

Turkish coffee and espresso are both quite strong drinks, but they get their strength from different factors. Turkish coffee has a bold coffee flavor thanks to the fine grounds boiling over in water, but it has an added kick from the sugar and various spices added in to the drink.

Espresso on the other hand also has a bold coffee flavor but this flavor comes from the high-pressure brew. The flavor of espresso is more pure coffee.

The taste

Turkish coffee is a very strong and bold coffee. The strong flavor comes from the brewed coffee grounds mixed in with sugar, spices, and water. These all mixed together create a very distinctive blend of flavors in your mouth. This drink is usually served with small cubes of bread that you can soak up the liquid in your cup after you’ve finished drinking it.

Espresso is a stronger, bolder, and flavorful coffee drink. This drink is made by brewing high pressure water through concentrated ground coffee beans. Espresso also has a longer life span than Turkish coffee as the high-pressure brewing preserves the flavor of the coffee.

The preparation method

When it comes to making Turkish Coffee, you can either turn on your stove or boil some water in a pot (your choice).

You then need to add the finely ground coffee into your pot or cup and fill it with water.

After that, you need to stir and stir until the coffee grounds settle at the bottom.

Next, you need to add sugar and spices like cinnamon or cardamon. The sugar should be added a pinch at a time as you continue stirring until all the water is boiled off. It is only after that step that you want to remove the grounds from the top of your drink.

Espresso is quite a different process. To make an espresso you will need to combine finely ground coffee beans with hot water in a very special machine. The more water you give the coffee grounds, the stronger the brew will be, which is why most of the time only 10-15 grams of coffee are added to your cup. Espresso machines range from simple to fancy and come in a variety types and sizes.

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