Here Are The Best Vietnamese Coffee, And Know How It Is Different

Best Vietnamese Coffee

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of Italian roast, French roast, Spanish roast, or Americano. These names are the most popular coffee styles in certain parts of the world. 

Coffee enthusiasts looking for Best Vietnamese Coffee?

Vietnamese coffee, on the other hand, is a whole different scenario.

So, what exactly is Vietnamese coffee? These coffee beans are (typically robusta beans); condensed milk and boiling water are required. Robusta beans are somewhat robust and have a unique smokey flavour. 

They are slightly bitter and have a reduced acidity, making them excellent for producing Vietnamese coffee. It has one of the highest caffeine levels of any coffee, typically containing more than 200 mg per serving. 

Let’s Look At The Most Famous and strongest Vietnamese coffee available In The Market Today.

Trung Nguyen Vietnamese Coffee – best Vietnamese coffee brands

Trung Nguyen is the most popular coffee brand in Vietnam. While it is most often ground beans, whole beans are also available. At first look, you may notice varied packaging, and it may be challenging to determine what’s what.

Trung Nguyen – Premium Blend – 15 Ounc

  • DEEP INTENSE FLAVOR: This Vietnamese coffee blend Robusta and Arabica coffeebeans with our unique proprietary blend to bring you flavorful, intense coffee that will keep you energized and refreshed
  • FLAVOR PROFILE: Our strong Vietnamese coffee is grown high altitude regions to bring you an Arabica (59.9%) and Robusta (40.0%) whole bean coffee blend with hints of Chocolate (0.1%) that delight your senses with each sip
  • ARTISAN ROASTED: The Vietnamese coffee beans are carefully farmed and professionally roasted by artisans at different temperatures and combined to bring you a flavorful coffee blend like no other
  • UNIQUE GIFT IDEA: Trung Nguyen coffee premium blend makes the perfect gift for friends or family that love coffee on every occasion including Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries and more
  • TREAT YOURSELF: With hints of chocolate accompanied by a fruity fragrance, this energizing and refreshing coffee blend is exactly what every coffee lover wants to wake up to every morning

The company divides into the original Trung Nguyen mixed blend coffee and the Trung Nguyen Legend coffee blends. There are five varieties, each with its flavour, roast, and Arabica/Robusta ratio.

Dalat Peaberry Robusta Coffee – best Vietnamese coffee brands

Peaberry beans are noticeably smaller than typical coffee beans. However, this does not imply that they are of lower quality.

It's precisely the contrary since they're widely sought after (particularly by espresso enthusiasts) for their intense flavour.

The Dalat Highlands is where these Vietnamese coffee beans are produced. Because of the soil and altitude, the beans cultivated there are delicious.

As a result, this peaberry is the epitome of Vietnam - Robusta beans with a robust flavour, high caffeine content, full-bodied, and little acidic. 

Nguyen Coffee Supply Loyalty- best Vietnamese coffee brands

The company is genuinely remarkable in that it is the first to import Vietnamese green coffee beans and roast them in their Brooklyn, New York facility.

Are Vietnamese coffee beans good?

As a result, Vietnamese coffee has grown in popularity in the United States because of Nguyen Coffee Supply.

The “Loyalty” blend combines the finest of both worlds with a 50/50 Arabica-Robusta taste explosion. It’s strong while being fruity and smooth.

In addition, we appreciate how their coffee blends are available in whole bean and ground form in 12 oz and 80 oz bags.

Chestbrew Strong Dark- best Vietnamese coffee brands

Moon Bear is another name for the Chestbrew Strong Dark mix. The other two mixes are “Big Bad Bear” and “Grizzly Bear.” T

The Moon Bear is a smooth, dark, and fulfilling Arabica, whereas the Big Bad Bear mix. They use Dark chocolate to coat Grizzly Bear, giving it a deep, smokey flavour.

Chestbrew promises to have the “strongest” and “smoothest” coffee. According to the evaluations, many agree that it’s smooth and kick, with particular praise for its flavour. 

Without question, this is one of the greatest Vietnamese coffee bean brands, and we're interested to see what more they have in store.

VN Roaster, Butter Roasted Coffee- best Vietnamese coffee brands

VN Roaster has been in operation since 2010. They get their coffee from the Central Highlands, especially the Dak Lak area, well-known for being Vietnam’s most crucial coffee-producing region.

What is the most popular coffee in Vietnam?

This 100% Robusta coffee is medium roasted, making it suitable for any brewing technique. And, because it’s Robusta, it can withstand whatever you throw at it, like milk, sugar, or ice. But, the taste will still be able to cut through all of the components.

One notable feature is how the beans are roasted – in French butter. It not only adds another layer of flavour to the beans but also gives them a caramelized coating. 

As a result, you’ll get a velvety-smooth, rich, and flavour-packed cup of coffee after grinding them up and brewing them. This method of roasting is unique to Vietnam.

Lang Thang, Saigon Phin Daklak- best Vietnamese coffee brands

Their Saigon Phin Daklak blend produces dark-roast coffee with a distinctive flavour. The beans are subjected to intense heat to bring out their full potential, but they aren’t burnt or bitter.

They are then covered in the cocoa powder that adds another dimension of flavour to your cup of coffee.

It is a trendy brand with coffee drinkers and, as such, it’s easy to find it in Vietnam. 

How is Vietnamese coffee different from others?

Vietnamese coffee differs significantly from American coffee. The richness of the flavour is one of the peculiarities, and they are made from dark roasted beans. 

In addition, other additives, such as sweetened condensed milk, sugar, or brown sugar, are added to give the coffee a sweeter taste, unlike American coffee.

Another distinction is the method through which Vietnamese coffee is produced. First, you’ll use a tiny Vietnamese coffee filter (also known as a phin) and fill it with ground coffee. Then, slowly pour hot water over the ground coffee and let it drip, resulting in a rich, fragrant cup of coffee.

What coffee do I buy for Vietnamese coffee?

The Vietnamese coffee bean products are available in many health food stores and other places. However, if you want to buy the best Vietnam coffee, you should go to a special coffee shop in a supermarket. These special places have professional experience producing the best Vietnamese coffee beans. You can also find some Vietnamese coffee bean products in grocery stores, but it will be difficult for you to select the best quality of Vietnamese coffee beans.

Some coffees are produced by using a single processing method that provides robust flavour with little acidity.

Which coffee is famous in Vietnam?

There is no doubt that Vietnamese coffee has a lot of qualities. The quality and taste of coffee bean products from Vietnam are not inferior to any other coffee. The popularity of Vietnamese coffee is constantly increasing because it is available in many countries.
The price of Vietnamese coffee is also reasonable, which makes it more popular among customers around the world. Today, there are a lot of Vietnamese coffee beans products on the market, so customers can easily find the best coffee which meets their requirements.

Why Vietnam coffee is the best?

Vietnamese coffee has a stronger flavour compared to other coffees. You will know why Vietnamese coffee is the best when you taste it for yourself.
This black, full-bodied beverage is created by mixing robusta beans with state-of-the-art machines from Korea.
The strength of the flavour of this drink depends on how dark it is roasted. The darker the roast, the stronger the taste of the drink will be.

What is the best ground coffee for Vietnamese coffee?

The best ground coffee for Vietnamese coffee is one that is strong. You should grind the beans yourself at home. If you grind too finely, the ground coffee will take a long time to filter, and the beans will be stuck in a strainer and may clog it.
If you want to find the best ground coffee for Vietnamese coffee, you should go to special stores because they sell ground coffee specifically for the production of this drink.

Is Vietnamese coffee very strong?

Yes, Vietnamese coffee is very strong. It is strong enough to satisfy a half-hour to full hour of thirst.
Vietnamese coffee is not too dark, but it has a taste that cannot be described in words. You really have to try it yourself to know the strength of its flavour.

What is different about Vietnamese coffee?

Vietnamese coffee is different from other coffee because it can grow well in Asian countries. The toughness of Vietnamese beans will not make the drink disintegrate over time.
In addition, Vietnamese coffee does not require a lot of energy to make it very strong, unlike other types of coffee that need high temperatures to be brewed properly.
Because the caffeine content of Vietnamese coffee is higher than other types of coffee, many people like it and consider it the best.


So here we present to you Best Vietnamese Coffee and how is Vietnamese coffee different.  The truth is that many Vietnamese coffee bean brands can be similar. We could not help but include the most significant ones in this article, as each deserves a spot. 

So, if you're planning to buy Vietnamese coffee or already have some, be sure to try them all. You'll most likely notice the distinct taste of the beans. 

Many people are accustomed to their morning cup of coffee and are shocked by how Vietnamese solid coffee is. While it may be too intense for some, others are pleasantly surprised by its unique flavour.

There is no denying that Vietnamese coffee differs from American coffees and other coffees around the world.

Be sure you try these products for a coffee experience you’ll never forget. If you travel to Vietnam, you’ll be able to experience the best Vietnamese coffee brands in a cafe setting.

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