Nitro Cold Brew

What Is Nitro Cold Brew?

Curious about what is this latest Coffee Craze called Nitro Cold Brew?

In today’s society, coffee has become such a part of life that most people can’t imagine coffee getting any better. That is until the invention of nitro cold brew.

Nitro cold-brewed coffee uses nitrogen gas, which is infused in a cold brew that has been steeped for 12-16 hours before you drink it.

Nitro cold brew coffee is gaining popularity. It’s a new way to serve up coffee and is loved by hardcore coffee drinkers and casual fans alike. 

Thus, find out all you need to know about this truly enjoyable and delicious flavor of coffee.

What Is Nitro Cold Brew?

Nitro Cold Brew coffee is a popular drink that’s charged with nitrogen, making it smoother and creamier than regular iced coffee. It is also known as simply Nitro or NCB

Nitro cold brew is made with coffee grounds that have been steeped for at least 16 hours in cold water. 

The process of soaking the coffee beans in room temperature water, then filtering them out using a mesh bag, results in a different flavor than espresso or drip coffee.

Nitro cold brew is not bitter like an espresso shot and not syrupy like some iced coffees can be. It’s soothing and creamy with a hint of sweetness.

Cold brew coffee with nitro is an unusual, but tasty, way to drink your morning coffee. Users have found this coffee very smooth and since it’s very light and frothy, it’s like a coffee beer without any alcohol of course.

How Is Nitro Cold Brew Made and Served?

How Is Nitro Cold Brew Made and Served?

There are two components required to make nitro cold brew. One is the equipment that creates the nitro effect and the other is coffee.

The nitrogen cold brew equipment consists of a keg, nitrogen tank, regulator, refrigerator, and tap.

Before brewing the nitro, keep the following in mind:

  1. Nitrogen should only be mixed with pure nitrogen, not carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide can spoil the taste of coffee.

  2. A Nitro stout tap should be used. A stout tap has a larger opening than a beer tap and allows more gas to infuse.

  3. The temperature of the coffee and the cold brew equipment should be around 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

  4. Fill the keg with nitrogen for at least 2 minutes before adding coffee to ensure that there is no oxygen left on the surface of the keg or coffee tank. This step is very important as it will prevent oxygen from spoiling your brew. It also allows for better cold brewing.
Technically, Nitro can be brewed with any type of coffee. The best method is to brew it with cold brew. 
How do you serve Nitro cold brew?

When the coffee is ready, it can either be nitrogenated, bottled, or consumed as a classic cold brew. Add water to coffee according to your taste.

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Then place the chilled coffee in the chamber of the cold brew keg. A nitrogen tap, commonly referred to as a stout tap, goes into the bottom of the Chamber.

The nitrogen gas is introduced into the chamber through a small hose and fills it completely. Stouts are made for this reason and because they are made with stainless steel instead of plastic, they don’t rust over time.

The nitrogen gas is then released from the tap to fill the chamber. This will get the liquid in a foamy state that resembles a cold foam or beer.

It’s a really fun experience to watch, so if you can’t wait, get ready for an explosion of color when you serve your coffee.

After filling, carefully pour your nitro cold brew into a dispensing cup or some other insulated container that will keep its temperature.

You can serve it directly from the cold brew keg, but we recommend that you pour the coffee in a dispensing cup before pouring it into a glass.

What’s special about the brew?

What’s special about the brew?

Nitro cold brew is difficult to make and expensive. Despite this, the popularity of Nitro iced coffee has grown internationally, especially among younger people.

The new method of enjoying coffee is cold brew.

Some individuals view the drink as a healthier alternative to energy drinks and soda, This is why some gyms even offer iced drinks to their customers as a boost of energy.

Cold brew coffee is made using cold water to extract the flavor of the grounds, instead of hot water. It takes around 24 hours to make this type of coffee and some stores have begun introducing nitro cold brew promptly after it has been made as an instant solution.

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Now that you know more about nitro cold brew coffee, here are some reasons why you should try it out for yourself.

Lighter Taste

Lighter Taste

When compared to some other brews, like espresso, nitro cold brew coffee usually has a lighter taste. This means that you will be able to drink it any time of the day without having to worry about its strength.

You can also try it without putting in any added sugar or milk. The only downside is that you cannot enjoy it as hot as other types of coffee since the process for making this type of coffee does not involve heat.

Unique Look

Nitro Cold Brew Look
Nitro coffee looks cool. The way it is prepared in kegs rather than traditional coffee makers and served straight from a tap like a beer gives it a unique and visually appealing presentation.

Healthier Option

Which is healthier food options?

Nitro cold brew coffee has a lot of health benefits. Unlike other types of coffees that are made from ground beans and have a tendency to produce acidity levels after consumption, this type of coffee is produced using crushed beans.

These grounds are steeped in cold water for around 12-16 hours before they are filtered out using a mesh bag.

This process results in a concoction that produces less acid, which reduces your risk of suffering from heartburn or acid reflux.

This is a boon for those with sensitive stomachs who suffer from heartburn or acid reflux, as these drinks don’t cause these conditions to flare up.

Caffeine content


A lot of experts claim that drinking cold brew coffee helps to reduce the risk of experiencing diseases like cancer and diabetes.

According to these experts, cold brew coffee results in caffeine that has lower content than that in regular coffee. They claim that this makes it less addictive as well but more effective.

If you like cold coffee, the good news is NCB adds a few more options for you. Nitro is becoming more prevalent and should be in every coffee shop soon.

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Nitro vs Traditional Cold Brew Coffee

Is Nitro cold brew better than regular coffee?

What is the difference between cold-brewed coffee and nitro? And does it matter to you? Here is the thing: they are both brew cold over a few hours, but the only separate element in their variation is texture.

Due to charging by nitrogen, NCB has a smoother, less bitter texture to the coffee as compared to a cold brew.

Final Words

What are some good last words?
If you enjoy coffee with foam or you don't mind a light frothy beer-like beverage, then nitro is what you should drink. If you want a simpler and more traditional coffee taste, retain your cold brew.

Did you try an NCB? What was your reaction? Let me know in the comments below

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