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Caffeine – O – Holic? Then You Would Love Knowing These People

Are you a coffeeholic? Do you love coffee and the people who make it? Does coffee is your instant energy booster?  If so, then stick with us till the end of the article! 

Today, I am going to take a look at the 20 most influential bloggers about coffee. Of course, these bloggers are not the most popular or the most read, but their contents are exciting and original.

"Coffee Bloggers" are magicians who show you the tricks to make your coffee taste better. This article is about the coffee bloggers who have influenced many people. 

They have spread the art of making various kinds of coffee to many people across the globe. With the increase in technology, there have been advancements in the coffee-making process and with coffee. 

So, I have tried to bring in a list of the best coffee bloggers. So, make a fresh batch of your favourite coffee and start reading.


Sprudge is a food blog that concentrates on the best in coffee culture. They have professional photographers who visit various cities to capture unique images and even some magic.

Most Influential Coffee Bloggers
The blog has won numerous awards from industry insiders and readers of this blog. The writer here tries to talk about the best coffees, all the time. 

Zachary Carlsen and Jordan Michelman are the founding editors of the website.

World Coffee Club

Perhaps the popular blogs in Europe and North America contain the best coffee ideas from around the world.

The writers of this blog are professional coffee lovers, and their goal is to spread their passion for coffee through this blog. They explore different types of coffee from all over the world in their blog.

On Point Coffee Bloggers

It is a community for writers who are coffee lovers with an obsession that can make you feel jealous. 

They focus on the different tools and stories that have to do with fantastic coffee. This community has received numerous awards for its excellent work.

Coffee Detective

Created by Nick Usborne, you’ll discover all that you need to know about making espresso. 

Not exclusively would you be able to find out the different advantages of espresso, but you can likewise track down some fascinating recipes, honest reviews, and information about other grinders and espresso machines.

Dear Coffee, I Love You

A coffee-loving friend or family member might find the perfect gift idea in Dear Coffee; I Love You (DCILY).

Brian W. Jones's coffee shop, La Colombe, is well-known for its quality of coffee and its emphasis on culture and design.

Coffee Nate

Nate Smith has been blogging for more than a decade about brewing and roasting methods.

This blog is a must-follow if you are enthusiastic about your morning cup of coffee and want to learn about reasonable ways to make that accurate one.

The Coffeetographer

Chermelle Edwards, the founder of The Coffeetographer, wanted to create a blog for coffee drinkers that wasn’t just about drinks. Instead, she tried to capture their culture. 

What makes this blog distinctive is that photographs come from both professional and amateur photographers. This site's about section says it's not a blog or a typical listicle.

It is instead a highly curated space. It is an image of people and coffee and consists primarily of photographs of culture.  In short, it’s a must-follow blog.

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The Coffee Concierge

Benji is the founder of The Coffee Concierge. This blog has excellent coffee content, and you can easily find what you’re looking for on their homepage itself.

The moment you log in to the site, you can find a link that suits your needs. For example, find assistance to find a new type of coffee, brewing it better at home, or choosing a new coffee machine.

Coffee Cup News

Jason is the proprietor and founder of Coffee Cup News. It’s not just the latest information on the coffee industry, unlike what the name depicts.

You can find everything here – from brewing guides, coffee accessory and gear reviews, roasting tips to the latest news and everything in between.

I Need Coffee

Most Influential Coffee Bloggers

“I Need Coffee is a project started by coffee fanatic Michael Allen Smith.

This blog is about more than coffee. It's about empowering people to make better coffee at home. The site is home to many tutorials about coffee brewing and home coffee roasting.

Brewing Coffee Manually

John, the founder of Brewing Coffee, Manually created this site because they noticed that many blogs with tutorials and how-to articles were too complicated, and people had difficulty following them.

His blog offers tips and tricks for beginners to follow. Coffee drinkers of any level of expertise will find something to enjoy on this coffee blog.

The Coffee Compass

Mitch Butterworth runs the blog in conjunction with Darren Jennings and Stephen Lee.

Three people are connoisseurs of coffee with their particular passion for the beverage.

It is a coffee blog that covers many different methods of brewing coffee and has interviews and reviews. 

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Make Good Coffee

Marc Wortman began writing about coffee almost ten years ago. In a short time, he gained popularity among coffee enthusiasts. That’s why he opened his coffee shop in San Diego.

Apart from coffee, his coffee shop offers tips on storing, grinding, and brewing coffee and maintaining coffee machines.

Coffee Brew Guides

It is a blog by Garrett Oden, who initially was not a fan of coffee. However, he developed a passion for coffee through an exhausting and lengthy process to create fine coffee.

The blog talks about how to brew coffee and reviews various grinders and other equipment. 

The Coffee Whim

Matt started with a simple blog post about how to make a cup of coffee. Over time, his blog expanded. 

As he continued to write about coffee, he became one of the most read and respected in the United States and globally. He publishes an article every week from his blog.

The Art of Coffee

A small number of people know that they can make their espresso at home using various methods, including French Press, Chemex, V60, Percolator, and others. This blog talks about multiple ways of making espresso at home.

The Perfect Daily Grind

This blog started life as a conversation between two friends and has grown as a popular blog in the coffee industry.

Andrea and Daniela are passionate about coffee and write about coffee, equipment reviews, interviews, and more.

Pure Coffee Blog

Bill, the founder of Pure Coffee Blog, is a self-professed coffee fanatic. The site is full of detailed reviews on various coffee and tea establishments. 

Reviews for coffee beans and blends are also included. Also, there is a ranking system for reviews.

Coffee Cantata – Coffee: Music in a cup!

Most Influential Coffee Bloggers

Music and coffee lovers will both enjoy this blog. However, Margaret, the author of this blog, expresses her opinion that she is not a coffee professional.

But she is fond of spending time with her friends, drinking coffee. Margaret's blog offers reviews of various types of coffee and her take on the coffee scene.

Aside from that, you will also find some relevant posts from guest writers. But the knowledge you will surely get from this website is a good understanding of coffee.

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Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club’s passion for coffee and travel has led to its success. If you’re a fanatic about coffee and food, Atlas Coffee Club is the place to go since they are an expert in matching food with coffee!  

One can easily assume that you can add coffee beans to most foods by just looking at the recipes they write about.  Coffee is an addiction for some and a morning ritual for others. 

They’re not just a coffee blog; they share their knowledge on all things related to coffee.  If you are as much of a coffee lover (as a food lover), then you are in luck.

Final Thoughts

If you have an interest in coffee and enjoy reading about the process of getting your favourite beverage from bean to cup, then these blogs are a must-read. 

If you have the coffee expertise already but are looking for something new and exciting to learn about, these blogs would be an excellent way to find hobby information.

No matter which coffee blog you choose to read, they’re all entertaining and valuable in their way. So if you want to gain more information about coffee, these blogs are an excellent place to check out.

Have you read any of the above coffee blogs? Let us know your favourite blogs in the comments section below. 

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