What Kind Of Filter Does Mr Coffee Use?

Filter Does Mr Coffee Use1

There are two types of filters that coffee makers use to help you make coffee: paper and permanent. They have different effects on the taste of your coffee. 

You can use Paper filters more than once, and they are inexpensive to replace. In addition, they produce a richer flavour of the coffee, and they require less cleaning between uses.

Permanent filters, however, do not need to be replaced; they may last up to one year. Then, unfortunately, they produce a solid and astringent flavour, requiring more cleaning between uses. 

But What kind of filter does Mr coffee use?

Perhaps if you look inside one of the older coffee makers, you will see what kind of filter Mr coffee uses.

The older Mr Coffee machines from the '80s and 90's all used paper filters. Some of them also had permanent filters that were sold separately.

The newer Mr Coffee machines from today use a permanent filter only. They use the Gold Tone Reusable coffee filters in all of their models to make coffee. They also sell the Gold Tone Reusable coffee filters separately. 

If you buy a new Mr Coffee machine, make sure you buy one with a reusable filter like the Mr Coffee TF5 4-Cup Switch Coffeemaker with Gold Tone Reusable Filter.

What are Gold Tone Coffee filters?

Gold-tone coffee filters are reusable filters you can use over and over again. Mr Coffee uses the Gold Tone Reusable Silicone Coffee Filter as their permanent filter on some of their models. 

Mr Coffee also sells Coffee Filters that are Gold Tone Reusable Silicone Coffee Filters. Gold-Tone Reusable Silicone Coffee Filters are made from 100% food-grade silicone. They do not absorb any odours, and they do not leak at all. 

From the longevity of the filters, you can imagine how expensive these filters are. Mr Coffee charges about $10 for one Gold Tone Reusable Silicone Coffee Filter, and they come in a package of 24 pieces with a retail value of $12.

So now you know what kind of filter Mr Coffee uses and why they charge about $10 for each Gold Tone Reusable Silicone Coffee Filter!

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