How To Flavor Coffee With Vanilla Extract?

Flavor Coffee With Vanilla Extract

Many people prefer a cup of coffee in the morning for the much-needed boost.

But, whether you enjoy it black or with cream and sugar, vanilla extract might be an option to add if you’re looking for a change from the norm.

Yes, you can use vanilla extract to flavour your coffee. The chemical compound vanillin, the main ingredient in vanilla extract, is a flavourless, colourless liquid that gives a natural flavouring to the coffee.

However, since this compound comes from plants harvested by hand instead of being produced synthetically, it can leave a bitter aftertaste.

To avoid this unpleasant sensation, you will need to dilute the extract with water to create a more palatable drink.

What is Vanilla Extract?

Vanilla extract is a liquid that is made by extracting vanilla beans from alcohol. This process causes the beans to lose their flavour. The extract is then preserved with additional alcohol or corn syrup to prevent spoilage.

It is a balsamic-coloured liquid that has a distinct aroma that contains the flavour compounds of vanilla beans. 

The ingredient most responsible for giving it its distinctive scent is vanillin, which may also be listed on labels as “natural vanilla flavour” or “pure vanilla.” 

Furthermore, it is allowed to be used in the United States without adding artificial flavours for food, beverage or cosmetic products.

Will it Sweeten My Coffee?

Yes, it depends on the quantity of water you use and the concentration of vanilla extract you use. For this reason, we don’t recommend using more than a tablespoon of extract for every six ounces of water. 

Taste your coffee after adding the vanilla extract. If it is still too bitter, continue diluting until you reach your desired sweetness. 

By adding vanilla extract to your coffee, you might be able to cut down on the amount of sugar or other sweeteners required to get a flavour you enjoy.

What to look for When Buying Vanilla Extract?

When purchasing vanilla extract, look at the ingredients to make sure you buy 100 percent pure vanilla extract, which contains only vanilla beans and alcohol. Look for a section that states it has no other additives. 

You should also check to make sure that all of the ingredients come from a trusted source. For example, vanilla extracts from Mexico and Madagascar are often considered top-quality extracts with a rich flavour profile. 

However, because the beans in this region are harvested by hand, you should pay close attention to where the extract is coming from.

Mexican vanilla can be an acceptable substitute in most cases. Still, Madagascar vanilla extract tends to be more expensive than other options.

Benefits of Vanilla Extract in Coffee:

As it is a great sweetener & flavour enhancer, you can use it to enhance the taste of the coffee. Besides, it has surprising health benefits:

Vanilla is Calming:

Vanilla is a natural source of vanilla extract. It can help relax your muscles, especially those tense from stress, anxiety, and nervousness.

Using the extract as morning arousal is also suitable for those who lead stressful or tedious lives. 

It might be a useful option for those who find it difficult to switch off from the day’s events as they sleep at night.

Vanilla is Naturally Sweet:

Vanilla has a sweet flavour, but it is not as sweet as sugar. Therefore you can use this vanilla extract as an alternative to sugar in sweets such as cakes and cookies. 

This way, you can reduce the sugar content without sacrificing the sweetness of your favourite treats, so they are less damaging to your teeth and your blood sugar level. 

If you have diabetes, vanilla extract can also be an essential part of a balanced diet so that your blood sugar levels do not fall too low or soar too high.

Vanilla Extract Contains Minerals:

Vanilla has high levels of minerals in it. These minerals help your body in many ways. 

For example, they are essential for good bones and teeth. They also help build up the immune system, protecting you against infections and other conditions like arthritis and colds. 

The minerals in vanilla can also prevent problems like diarrhoea caused by bacteria or parasitic infections.

How to Make Vanilla Flavored Coffee?

Making your vanilla extract

The way to make vanilla extract is quite simple. You only need the actual bean that you got from the supermarket, pure alcohol (the best one is vodka), and sugar. 

The first step of making vanilla extract is to remove the bean pods from the beans. After removing them:

  • Cut all of them into pieces of about 2-inch squares so that they are similar in size.
  • Place the beans in some glass jar, which must be airtight.
  • Fill the glass jar with vodka until it is 80 percent full.
  • Put a lid on the pot and let it sit for about two months.
  • During this time, shake the container regularly so that all of the beans are completely submerged in alcohol.

After two months, your vanilla extract is ready to use, and it has already gained most of its flavour

The way to use vanilla extract in a coffee

You can add vanilla extract to your coffee before it is prepared. Just pour some hot water into your cup, add the hot coffee, and stir with an old spoon. It will increase the flavour of your coffee. 

After adding the vanilla extract, you will have to wait for 5 minutes so that the extract enters into its full flavour. You can drink it either cold or hot, but most people prefer it when it is freezing.

Do coffee and vanilla go together?

Coffee and vanilla are very delicious, especially when they are combined. The sweetness of the vanilla adds a unique flavour that goes well with the aroma of coffee. 

You can use it to make your favourite drink, but it is especially good with ice cream. Coffee beans are roasted to get their flavour, and so it tastes better when using them. 

How do you add vanilla extract to coffee?

You can buy vanilla extract, or you can make it yourself. It is something that you need to know if you want to include this flavour in your coffee. It is effortless to do. 

First, take some beans and put them in the water so that both the flavours combine. You can also buy vanilla beans, which are already soaked in alcohol extraction, but the price is higher than what you get from making it yourself. 

Next, put them in the alcohol jars to get the extract. If you like your coffee with vanilla, you should get organic beans or get them from someone who uses natural ingredients.

Best Vanilla Extracts in 2021

Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract, 8oz 

Nielsen-Massey is the most expensive vanilla extract for this list, but it is made from the best quality ingredients and has a rich, smooth flavour. 

The alcohol allows you to use the extract in any place that requires a more robust flavour. It has a sweet taste with hints of spice and caramel. 

Thrive Market Organic Vanilla Extract

Thrive Market uses Fair Trade vanilla in its extract. Fair Trade is designed to protect the environment and labourers in developing countries. Fair Trade sugar is also used, which supports sustainable farming. 

The flavour of this extract is strong enough to flavour coffee beans without being overwhelming. It has notes of fruit and coffee. The extract is delightful like sugar, but it is not as sweet as the other vanilla extract on this list.

Great Value Pure Vanilla Extract, 8 Ounce

Great Value is cheaper than the other extracts on this list, but it has a strong vanilla taste. It also has a strong, sweet fragrance that will make your coffee even more delicious. 

The sweet aroma is not as strong as it is with other extracts, but the flavour of the extract itself is very versatile. It has a strong vanilla flavour that will make your coffee even more delicious. 

There are no artificial ingredients or added sugars in this product because it uses pure vanilla extract.

McCormick All Natural Pure Vanilla Extract, two fl oz

McCormick is another potent vanilla extract made from real vanilla beans without added sugar or artificial ingredients. It has a pure, rich flavour that will make any food even more delicious. 

In addition, it has its distinctive vanilla aroma and taste. The flavour of this particular brand of vanilla is less sweet than other brands, so it is mixed with coffee beans before making the actual coffee to balance the smoothness and sweetness.

Nielsen-Massey for Williams Sonoma Madagascar Bourbon Tahitian Vanilla Extract, 8oz

Nielsen-Massey is the most expensive vanilla extract on this list. It is a rich and sweet vanilla extract that will make your coffee even tastier. 

The flavour is quite similar to sugar's, but it does not have an overbearing sweetness that can overwhelm your coffee. Instead, it has a subtle characteristic that will make your coffee taste better. 

Organic vanilla beans are also used in the product because it is safer for health. Since it is made from pure ingredients, there are no artificial ingredients in the product. 

It is best for making homemade cakes or cookies because it will make them even more delicious.

Sonoma Syrup Co Vanilla Bean Crush Extract, one fl. oz

Sonoma Syrup Co uses natural ingredients in its vanilla bean extract. They use pure vanilla beans without any added sugar or artificial flavours to make them. 

As a result, it has a smooth and sweet taste that is very strong and can be used to flavour your coffee beans. 

Even though it is not as sweet as other extracts, it still has a subtle flavour that will make your coffee even tastier.

The product also has no artificial ingredients or added sugar because they use real vanilla beans to produce the extract.

Alcohol-Free, Glycerine-Based Vanilla Bean Seeds

Organic Vanilla Bean Extract by Societe Provisions is a blend of organic vanilla bean concentrate, organic lavender oil and organic lemon oil. This vegan vanilla extract has a sweet flavour that will add a special touch to your coffee. 

In addition, it has a strong vanilla aroma that will make your coffee even more delicious. The glycerine tastes the extract from being too sweet to a mellow sweetness that is perfect in your coffee.

What do you need to look at When Buying Vanilla Extract?

Vanilla Bean Origins

There are many different types of vanilla beans, each with its unique flavour. You can find extracts made with different kinds of vanilla beans, including Tahitian, Mexican, and Madagascar. Tahitian vanilla beans are the rarest because they grow in a tiny region in Madagascar. 

Madagascar vanilla contains the highest amount of antioxidants and the highest concentration of delicate flavour. 

Store-bought vanilla extract usually includes three to four different types of vanilla beans to improve the overall taste of the product. Y

You can also buy pure vanilla extract, which is made from all-natural vanilla seeds.


The size of a vanilla bean can determine the quality of a product. The bigger the bean, the longer it takes to extract the flavour from it. It also increases the price of a product because you have to use more beans. 

It also improves the overall taste because users will get a better flavour when using a vanilla bean instead of extracts with chocolate or coffee beans.

Key Ingredients

Vanilla extracts usually contain sugar, alcohol, and vanilla bean. But some products have several other ingredients in them because the manufacturer needs to produce a good product. 

For example, they use artificial flavourings or herbs to improve the taste of their products. 

But some other manufacturers are not so lucky, so they use cheaper ingredients to produce their products. Unfortunately, artificial ingredients can interfere with the taste of your coffee. 

So look at the critical components of the vanilla extract before you buy it. If it only has a few key ingredients, then chances are you will get a better product.


Vanilla extract comes in many different strengths, from light to extra-strength. You can determine the strength of vanilla extracts by the amount of alcohol in a product. If there is more alcohol, then there will be fewer vanilla beans used to produce it. 

Also, more potent extracts have a higher concentration of extracts, not sugar. So chances are, if you use a weaker extract on your coffee beans, it will add an unpleasant taste to your coffee. 

But you should never use a potent extract because it could ruin the flavour of your coffee beans and your coffee in general.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does vanilla extract make coffee sweeter?

If you like to add some extra sweetness to your coffee, use vanilla extract to sugar. A lot of people say that this is a healthier option since it will not harm your teeth. 

However, if you want a more robust vanilla flavour, then you can add more extract to the mix. 

Is vanilla extract good for you?

Vanilla extract has many benefits that make it very useful. Besides making your coffee sweeter, this flavour also helps to balance your sweet cravings. You can use it with other flavours like chocolate to make them even more delicious. 

The best thing is that you can get this flavour at any time of the year since it does not have a specific season in which it gets its authentic taste. Vanilla extract is also healthy since it has many vitamins and minerals.

How long is vanilla extract suitable for?

Vanilla extract contains alcohol and water. When it is in contact with water, it will evaporate out within a few months.

If you want to keep your extract longer, make sure that the lid seals tightly and store it in a dry and cool place. 

As long as it is there, you will be able to use the extract up to 3 years after it has been made. It is because of its strong flavour that it can last for quite some time.

Can you put vanilla extract in drinks?

Yes, you can put vanilla extract in drinks. It has a very distinct flavour that can fit into any drink. For example, you can use it in your coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

What happens if you overuse vanilla extract?

Using too much vanilla extract in your coffee where you have added it to each cup, the taste will change drastically.

You will need to clean up your equipment so that no dirt or solid particles are left inside it, and you can do it using hot water. 

However, it will cost you some money, so take your time to choose the correct way of cleaning up.

Can we put vanilla extract in an iced coffee?

Yes, you can put vanilla extract in an iced coffee, and it is effortless to do so. It will not only give the drink a more robust vanilla flavour but also cool down your coffee. If you are using milk, it will be better if you use half-and-half instead of just milk. 

You can mix these and then pour them into your cup or glass filled with ice cubes. Then, stir well so that the two are combined well before drinking it up.

Final thoughts:

As there are so many ways to make coffee, it is always best to know how to use vanilla extract. 

Specifically, when you want to make an innovative cup of coffee, you can use vanilla extract to make it unique. With that said, you also need to know how to make it taste better. 

Therefore, make sure that you include vanilla extract in your coffee before using it. Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract, 8oz

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