How Much Creamer To Put In Coffee? How Many Teaspoons To Put In a Cup?

Creamer To Put In Coffee

Do you know how much creamer to put in coffee?

It’s a common question, and there isn’t a “right” or “wrong” answer. Some people find that adding heavy creamers to their coffee makes it taste better, while others think it is too sweet. The choice is up to you!

A lot of people add creamer to their coffee, but not everyone knows how much to add. This article will help you figure out how much creamer to put in your coffee and also How Do You Put Creamer In Coffee. 

We will also find out “How many teaspoons Creamer should I put in coffee? And How Much Creamer Is In A Single Serve Cup?”

How Much Creamer To Put In Coffee? The Definitive Guide To Coffee Creamer

For leaf or coffee shop style, you can use any good quality creamers. I use the coffee creamer in the packets at work. Water, milk, and coffee creamer are three separate parts of a beverage. 

You can mix them to make coffee, but you can't mix them the other way around. The coffee creamer will give your coffee a much richer flavour than anything you could mix with water.


Adding creamers or milk to your coffee isn’t going to ruin your diet. I know that just reading “creamer” and “milk” makes you shudder. 

But, if you look at the nutrition label, there isn't much difference between adding one or two splashes of milk to your cup compared with adding half a packet of coffee creamer.

You could even pour in some heavy cream or whole milk if you wanted! It will change the texture of your coffee, but it will give it a richer flavour.


Are you someone who doesn’t want the milk in your coffee because it will make it too sweet? Well, first of all, try adding heavy cream. I bet you won’t be able to tell the difference. 

If you must use skim milk, at least use it with a bit of sugar. The sugar will help balance out the sweetness you might get if you don't add any sweetener.


Here are the different types of milk you can use with your coffee:


It is the kind of milk you’ll use if you make freshly brewed coffee or want it already sweetened. You will get it in the grocery stores, but sometimes they will give away an extra bottle at the checkout counter.

How healthy is cow milk?


It is a little stronger than cow’s milk, and it has a rich and nutty flavour. I love to use this in my coffee, especially if the coffee is sweetened.

You can sometimes find goat’s milk in natural food stores, but it is a little more expensive.


It is a delicate flavour, and the two cups of coffee you use to make one cheese omelette will be enough for you to taste the difference. You can buy it in health food stores as well as most supermarkets.


I use almond milk to replace cow’s milk when I want to make a latte with almond milk. It has a sweet taste, so I usually use half almond milk and half cow’s milk.

How good is almond milk for you?


It’s a genuine alternative to regular milk flavoured or sweetened with a bit of dried buffalo grass. It has a vibrant and creamy flavour. You can find this in natural food stores, but it is a little more expensive.


The fat content in the milk will also affect the taste of the coffee. It probably isn’t a big difference, but it is still there. Whole milk will give you more flavour than skim milk, and soy milk doesn’t have any fat at all!


The fat content in whole milk will give your coffee a more prosperous, creamier flavour than skim milk. It will also make it creamier and smoother than using powdered milk.


It is the same thing as whole milk, but there is no fat in it. It also tastes very much like skim milk, but there is no difference in the taste.


What is skim milk called now?

The fat is taken apart in this kind of milk, and it is the least fatty of all the milk. It will still give your coffee a creamy flavour that you can’t get with powdered milk, though. Skim milk will also give your coffee a slightly sweeter taste than whole milk.


If you want to make your coffee thicker without adding too much cream, then you can add a little bit of powdered or evaporated milk.

The same thing goes for the other way around: It will be pretty thin if you make coffee with powdered milk and add nothing else. 

But if you add heavy cream and no additional ingredients, it will be thicker than usual but still pretty thin.

So, whatever your preference is, you can’t go wrong. How Do You Put Creamer In Coffee? You can just add a spoon on top of your coffee concoction!  But How Much Creamer To Put In Coffee? Read on to know more! 



It is a very common creamer added to coffee and also an easy one to make yourself. You can use two tablespoons of milk plus one tablespoon of water for every cup of coffee that you are making. 

A half and half creamer is easier to make than a half coffee creamer because the water, milk, and sugar are already mixed.


It is a light and mild-tasting coffee creamer containing only half the fat of full and half creams. You can use it with regular or decaf coffee.

How do you make light cream?


This creamer has a refreshing, creamy taste that is very similar to the creamers that you get in a can at the store. You can get it at any supermarket, but it’s also sold in bulk at health food stores. 


It is a very rich and creamy coffee creamer, and it’s the same thing as whipping cream. While this may seem like a lot of milk to add to your coffee, it won’t make the drink greasy or heavy.


Heavy cream is used in many coffee houses because of its rich, creamy taste. It is fatter, so it will have a more thick and velvety texture to it. You can add a tablespoon or two to your cup to make it richer and creamier.

Is there a substitute for heavy cream?


Most people thicken up their coffee using Coffee Creamers. Coffee creamers are made from powdered milk and frequently contain a lot of fats and oils. 

They also have a lot of sugar added to them, so they can make your coffee taste VERY sweet! These are dairy-free coffee creamers that you can buy in stores.

The three significant components of creamer are sugar, oil, and thickener. Some creamers have a lot of sugar, others have no sugar, and some have a lot of fat; others have no oil. 

One will say that it is made from natural milk and cream, yet another will say they are non-dairy, and usually, they add in some fat such as milk powder or hydrogenated palm kernel oil. 

But How many teaspoons Creamer should I put in coffee? Just one! Don’t overdo the creamer in your coffee as it will be gross to drink! 


The main difference between a liquid coffee creamer & powdered coffee creamer is the way you store them. 

Powdered coffee creamer tends to be more stable because of its thicker consistency. Therefore, it's used in many canned coffee creamers (like Nescafe, Maxwell House or Taster's Choice) & also for use in instant coffee. 

In addition, you need to mix the powder with water. In contrast, with liquid coffee creamer, you’re usually able to use the smallest amount of cream necessary to achieve the desired consistency.



Nestle Coffee mate Coffee Creamer, French Vanilla, Concentrated Liquid Pump Bottle, Non Dairy, No Refrigeration, 50.7 Ounces

It is probably the best coffee creamer to use if you’ve got a Keurig and don’t mind the plastic container. It’s a non-dairy, cholesterol-free, gluten-free, 100% vegan creamer that is smooth and creamy. 

It is also available in several flavours, including oatmeal maple flavour, unsweetened vanilla flavour, and chocolate hazelnut flavour. 

Sadly, it is not available in shops anymore, but you can still buy online from the company website.


It is a highly rated non-dairy coffee creamer that comes in a glass container that is food-grade and BPA-free.

The manufacturer also fully discloses all ingredients, making it a good choice if you have sensitive skin or allergies. 

It comes in 5 different flavours, including unsweetened original, rich & creamy vanilla, sweet & creamy hazelnut, fresh & creamy coconut, and natural cinnamon. You can also purchase at Bulk foods.


Catching Ketones Keto Coffee Creamer with MCT Oil, French Vanilla Creamer with Powdered Erythritol Sweetener-Monkfruit Sweeteners-Himalayan Salt & Hydrolyzed Collagen-Sugar Free Coffee Creamer Pow…

It is a very popular coffee creamer that is full-fat and non-dairy. It comes in several flavours, including banana, chocolate chai, french vanilla latte, and vanilla cappuccino.

You can also use it to prepare coffee drinks as smoothies & protein shakes.


Preparing your coffee creamer at home is a lot cheaper and healthier than buying it from the store. All you need to do is mix all the ingredients in the right proportions, and voila! You now have your homemade coffee creamer.

Here are the steps to making your coffee creamer:


It is essential in making your coffee taste. In addition, you can use sugar or honey to sweeten your coffee.


You can use different flavourings to make your coffee creamer taste different. For example, by adding different flavours of sugar, you can make it taste like chocolate, vanilla or maple. 


The most popular flavours to add to your coffee creamer are:

  • Chocolate: add cocoa powder and chopped chocolate pieces.
  • Vanilla: add vanilla essence and vanilla bean.
  • Hazelnut: add hazelnut or hazelnut cream or a hazelnut chocolate spread.
  • Cinnamon: add cinnamon powder and a little bit of cinnamon oil.
  • Spicey: cayenne, ginger, cardamom, cloves, star anise & paprika powder all work well.
  • Banana: add banana extract.
  • Coconut: add coconut cream, shredded coconut or coconut coffee creamer.
  • Coffee: add instant coffee granules or freeze-dried instant coffee.
  • Mint: You can use mint extract or peppermint essence, or you can also use peppermint tea bags.
  • Chai Latte: add a chai tea bag & a cinnamon stick.
  • Salted Caramel: add a drop of vanilla extract and a pinch of salt.


To make an individual coffee creamer, follow the below steps:

  • Start with 1 cup of milk or cream that you want to use as a basis for the creamer.
  • Add sugar and any other flavourings to suit your taste (if using).
  • Mix thoroughly and place in a covered container & refrigerate overnight.
  • You can then use the creamer as per your preference (gradually adding more milk to your cup), or you can also use it straight away.
  • The different flavours of coffee creamer will last for up to 1 week in the fridge.


If you are lactose intolerant, you might be looking for non-dairy creamers. Several brands don’t have any dairy in them, including Coffee Mate’s creamers. 

These usually contain oil or a powder base & is not recommended because the artificial ingredients can cause allergic reactions to sensitive individuals.


You can buy store-bought coffee creamers in most grocery stores. The most popular brands include 

  • Nestle Nescafe, 
  • Carnation, 
  • Coffee-Mate, 
  • International Delight (this is not dairy-free), 
  • International Delight French Vanilla (not dairy-free), 
  • Land O’Lakes (this is not dairy-free), 
  • Lactaid (also not dairy-free) Favorite Cafe Latte with Splenda, 
  • Sugar in the Raw with Splenda (these are not dairy-free), and 
  • Cholula, which has superb packaging!

These non-dairy creamers are usually prepared with an oil or a powder base. They include flavours like Caramel, Chocolate, Sugar-Free Vanilla, Sugar-Free Chocolate, French Vanilla, Hazelnut & Coconut.


Coffee creamer is not the only non-dairy option available. You can use soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk or cashew milk to make the perfect cup of coffee.


It is another excellent non-dairy coffee creamer. It doesn’t contain any dairy products, and it’s low in fat and calories. 

It comes in several flavours, including Irish Crème (the original & the best), Coffee (creamy & smooth taste), Double Chocolate (mellow chocolate flavour), Hazelnut (creamy, slightly nutty flavour) and Vanilla French Vanilla (smooth & creamy).


How many teaspoons Creamer should I put in coffee? 

One teaspoon of creamer should be enough. Overdoing it may turn your coffee into a weird shade of brownish-yellow.

How Do You Put Creamer In Coffee? 

Just pour the creamer right on top of the coffee, before you stir it. This will help prevent any lumps from forming in your mug.

How Much Creamer Is In A Single Serve Cup?

About 11ml to 20ml. It depends on which brand you buy.

Conclusion: How Much Creamer To Put In Coffee?

There are so many types of coffee creamers available, so the best thing to do is try them all. Be aware of what goes into your creamer and how many calories it contains. 

If you're watching your weight, then it might be a good idea to try substituting your coffee creamer for skim milk. That way, you'll be getting the creaminess without having too much fat in it. 

I hope now you know the answer to your questions like – “How many teaspoons Creamer should I put in coffee?”, “How Do You Put Creamer In Coffee?” and “How Much Creamer Is In A Single Serve Cup?”

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