What Is White Coffee? Find Out Now

What Is White Coffee?

We have heard of black coffee and regular coffee, but white coffee? It is not a familiar concept for many of us. The fact is, white coffee has been around for as long as coffee itself.

But, what is white coffee? How do you drink it? What does white coffee taste like? These questions and more need to be answered for this drink to gain popularity. 

First of all, it’s essential to know that white coffee is not a new concept! It is a variation of Arabic coffee called “muwashshah.” It is not just for the colour called “white”, but also because of its taste. 

While the Arab world has been producing coffee for centuries, it is only in the last 40 years that it has started to make a particular version of coffee called “white coffee”.

White coffee is now becoming quite popular in many countries and has become an essential part of Yemeni culture. 

It is quite simply an Arab version of espresso, which includes small-sized beans from the Yemen region and a process that leaves no sediment at all. 

The United States of America has named white coffee "the espresso of the Americas".

This coffee has been around for centuries and is consumed by people in many countries. It is considered one of the most flavorful coffees globally and can be drunk plain or added to hot chocolate or used to make cappuccino. 

How white coffee is made

How white coffee is made

Arab Yemenis use small beans from the Yemeni region to produce white coffee, ground in a unique mill. This process is different from the one used to make regular coffee. 

It is roasted in lower temperatures at 325 degrees Fahrenheit instead of 480F for dark roasts or standard light roasts. 
As a consequence, they are complex and need to be ground using designed commercial grinders. Special grinders with smooth teeth, conical shape, and 3/32 of an inch blade are used to make the process. 
  • Once the concoction has been brewed, it is a pale golden colour.
  • In addition, the time needed to roast it is shorter than that required for regular coffee.
  • The result is a coffee beverage that is not too bitter, very aromatic and has a distinct flavour.
  • White coffee is served in a special cup called “Finca” of Yemen origin, decorated with a lot of gold. 
  • White coffee must be served hot, but chilled versions are also available for sale in Yemen.
  • The process of making this coffee is quite simple but still requires precision, carefulness, and consistency. 

Colour and taste of white coffee

Coffee Taste

It has a nutty taste with a hint of acidity. This is because the nutty flavour comes from the white coffee beans, while the acidity comes from the souring process of the coffee beans. 

The brewing process is also a bit different than that used for regular Yemen coffee.

Its body is watery, and its taste is sweet, with a more robust roasted flavour. 

Its aroma is similar to black coffee; however, it is less intense and more creamy. Chlorogenic acid is one of the reasons that white coffee tastes sweet. 

This coffee usually comes in black or dark brown colour but is not as strong as black coffee. It also contains a lot of sugar for people who like sweet beverages.

It is called “white” because of its foam or milk texture and colour, which turns white when mixed with water. You can drink the coffee either hot or cold.  

How do you drink white coffee?

How do you drink white coffee?

You can drink it just like it is (black), or you can add some sugar, milk, and water to enjoy a different flavour. 

It is made from small coffee beans; it is more robust than regular coffee and has a more substantial body. 

Some people have suggested adding almond milk to make it more creamy tasting. 

The taste is similar to Arabic coffee, but it is weaker, making it lighter and ideal for summers. 

However, this drink is not for people who have sensitive stomachs or are trying to lose weight.

What is the difference between regular coffee and white coffee?

What is the difference between regular coffee and white coffee?

Regular coffee is generally the more bitter of the two varieties. 

  • It is because it is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans grown at high altitudes. 
  • It is also highly roasted and has a strong body and acidity level. 

Compared to its cousin, white coffee is much lighter with a much stronger body. It contains less caffeine than regular coffee and has a very subtle taste and aroma, which people usually mistake for milk or cream. 

It has the same amount of caffeine as regular coffee but contains less than half black coffee. 

As it is lower in caffeine, people who are sensitive to caffeine should avoid this coffee. 

You can add White coffee to hot chocolate or cappuccino, especially in Arabia and Yemen, taken differently from its Western counterpart.

How to brew white coffee at home

How to brew white coffee at home
  • Step 1: Buy pre-grinded coffee beans
Your home grinder won't grind the coffee beans small enough so that you will need pre-grinded coffee beans. 
  • Step 2: Brew in your coffee machine
Brew it as you would in your regular coffee machine. 
  • Step 3: Spice Mix – Add Hawaij (Arabic Cinnamon)
To add some spice to the taste of your cup, try adding Hawaij.
  • Step 4: You can also add almond milk to create a creamy texture.
Almond milk is much lighter than regular milk made from dried almonds, water, nonfat milk powder, or soy and sugar.
After the ingredients are added to the pot, slowly add some hot water (100C) and brew for about 2-3 minutes. You can brew it longer if you want a more pungent taste.

Which brands make the best White coffee beans?

Choosing a high-quality white coffee can be pretty challenging. However, you will find these types of coffees at any number of places.

Is white coffee good for you?

White coffee is not considered good for you. White coffee contains no nutrients and it doesn’t contain any vitamins. That being said, white coffee does have some health benefits, but they are minimal. The health benefits of white coffee are:

White coffee can improve mental clarity and reduce stress levels.
It can also promote healthy cell growth, as well as fortify your immune system.

Why is it called white coffee?

The white coffee is called such because of its foam or milk texture and colour, which turns white when mixed with water. Coffee beans are roasted before they become white coffee. White coffee is served in a cup that has images of two mountains on it.

Why is white coffee expensive?

The white coffee is expensive for a couple of reasons. Coffee prices are high because of the high demand for coffee and the lack of supply. Unfortunately, the price of coffee is not controlled by mass production. The price of raw beans is even higher than the price that’s set for processed coffee.
There is also a lot of wastage in the processing and transportation process.

Which is healthier black or white coffee?

Black coffee is healthier than white coffee. Black coffee has a higher amount of caffeine than white coffee, which may help you to stay awake. White coffee doesn’t contain any caffeine and it’s also known as decaffeinated or semi-decaffeinated. So, if you are trying to reduce the amount of caffeine in your diet, try drinking black coffee instead of white.

Does Starbucks sell white coffee?

No, Starbucks doesn’t sell white coffee. However, you can choose to purchase Starbucks’ white coffee, if you want.

Can you brew white coffee in a regular coffee maker?

Yes, white coffee can be brewed in a regular coffee maker. However, the same precautions that you take when brewing any type of coffee should be followed to prevent over-exposed grounds and burnt elements.

What is the best brand of white coffee?

The best brand of white is a matter of personal preference. The White Coffee Moccona Original is a popular drink, as it’s organic and it tastes great. You can purchase this from most supermarkets as well as online retailers, such as Amazon.

Does white coffee stain teeth?

Yes, white coffee can stain your teeth. However, this is just a temporary effect. The coffee stains are easily removed by brushing your teeth.

Is white coffee sweeter?

No, white coffee is not sweeter than black coffee, but it’s a lot less bitter and much lighter. White coffee may also have a slight milky taste and aroma, which some people mistake for milk or cream.

Final thoughts

Final thoughts - What Is White Coffee?
Like any beverage, you can enjoy a tasty and flavourful drink from white coffee. If you are a beginner, go ahead and make a cup for yourself.

Try mixing it with other ingredients such as hawaij or almond milk to make it more relishing. Nonetheless, white coffee is a good option for those who want to enjoy the taste of coffee without bitterness. 

Now that your questions are answered, I hope you're ready to enjoy your first cup of white coffee! 

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