What Is French Roast Coffee?

French Roast Coffee

So, like many others, you might also be curious if the French roast originated from France? Well, the answer is quite simple – no.

French roast coffee does not imply that the beans themselves come from France.
It means that they are roasted to a well-known color all over France: A regional-style French roast.

The next thing you need to know about French roast coffee is that it can be measured on a roast scale. This scale is the Agtron Gourmet Scale and goes from 25 (darkest roast) to 95 (lightest roast).

French roast coffee is circling between 28 and 35 on the Agtron Scale, Making it one of the darkest coffee we’ve got.

The taste of French roast is described as “chocolatey” by many.

This means that you will have your most flavorful cup of coffee after a concise brew time, as the beans are already quite dark.

This also means that your final cup will have a strong flavor, rich taste, and a solid aroma to compliment that.

So is French roast coffee a “bold” choice? Yes! French roast is the only coffee you will find with double-digit roast numbers on the Agtron Scale.

So What Does FRENCH ROAST COFFEE Really Mean?

French Roast is a dark coffee with a rich, slightly smoky taste originating from South America and Africa. On the same subject : What Makes Coffee Taste Smooth. This type of coffee is roasted very darkly, resulting in higher oils, which give it its characteristic flavor profile.

Because of its bold flavor, French Roast is often used in home-roasting machines to achieve a more flavorful brew.

This roasted coffee has a complex flavor, a complete,rich-bodied flavor with relatively little acidity. Roasting at lower temperatures results in a very smoky and lightly acidic flavor.

In French Roast coffees, the beans are rubbed with the inside of the bean before roasting. This process produces roasted unblended beans that contain beige and brown dots on the surface.

There are many different kinds of beans you can roast to the French roast level, and they don’t need to come from France.

Coffee beans can be grown anywhere in the world. The main difference is how dark the roast is and the origin. That depends on the coffee beans’ country of origin—and how dark roasters wish to roast them!

The French roast coffee bean is delicious, milder than espresso but more robust than most other dark roasted coffees. It can have a bold, nutty flavor to it that is not overpowering.

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How does It Taste?

Coffee Taste

A French Roast produces a very robust and thick flavored cup of coffee that is less acidic than other darker roasted coffees. This may interest you : How Hot Is The Water In A Coffee Maker?.

This makes it ideal for many coffee drinkers who want a bolder-tasting cup without a highly bitter aftertaste.

The French roast is often described as earthy, smoky, and sometimes even sweet tasting. The reason for this is that the beans are roasted darker using a lower temperature setting.

This creates a coffee with more oils and less acid, giving it its unique flavor profile.

If you want to get a good cup of French roast coffee, you have to use good beans and sound equipment. Roasting at high temperatures or using bad beans can cause the flavor profile to change drastically.

All French roasts are dark, but they can also feature lighter elements like citrus or berry aromas. Dark-roasted Indonesian coffee often has a mushroom-like flavor, which enhances its darker color.

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French Roast vs. Dark Roasts

Is French Roast stronger than dark roast?

French Roast: Darker in color and roasted longer, these coffees are often full-bodied, with low acidity and deep, rich flavor notes. To see also : Why Does My Bunn Coffee Maker Overflow?. The French roast has a slightly smoky taste that originates from South America and Africa.

This type of coffee has been roasted very darkly, resulting in higher oils, which give it its characteristic flavor profile. Because of its bold flavor, French Roast is often used in home-roasting machines to achieve a more flavorful brew.

If you want to get the most out of your French roast coffee beans, you have to use good beans and sound equipment. Roasting at high temperatures or using bad beans can cause the flavor profile to change drastically.

Dark Roasts: These coffees are given a longer roasting time with less heat and lesser beans because they are less flavorful. They are generally more acidic and have lower caffeine content or a milder taste.

Dark Roast is sometimes defined as a roast level between that of French Roast and Vienna Roast. It is most often used to prepare espresso blends and appear after the lightly roasted stage, between the French Roast stage and the dark roast stage.

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Roasting Coffee Beans For French Roast Coffee At Home

Roasting Coffee Beans

French Roast Coffee is a famous coffee that is pretty easy to make at home. Roasting beans at home using an oven, a roaster, or a simple pan is easy!

You can also use a popcorn popper to make it, but you should be careful and not do it often because the popper could break.

Here are the steps for Roasting Coffee Beans For French Roast Coffee at the comfort of your home:

  1. Heat the green beans on a pot, a skillet, or in an oven.

  2. Initially, green beans turn yellow when they are exposed to heat.

  3. It can take a few minutes for the bean to expand and turn dark.

  4. After about two-four minutes, you will hear two cracking sounds. The first crack signals the bean is expanding, and the color is becoming darker.

  5. The sound of the second crack is a sign that the beans are ready to be roasted. By this stage, the internal temperature of the beans has risen as high as 464 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not heat to a temperature that will cause the light bulbs to burn out.

  6. After you hear the second crack, wait a few minutes before you cool the beans down. As soon as the beans have cooled, remove them from the heat source.

  7. Place the beans in a jar or other container and store them in an airtight container in a cool and dry place. French Roast will stay fresh for at least six months if properly stored.
As you can see from this recipe, roasting coffee beans is not rocket science. If you want to make French Roast Coffee, you don't need to buy expensive equipment or go to specialty stores anymore.

Homemade French Roast Coffee

Homemade French Roast Coffee
French roast coffee beans can be used to make a great cup of coffee at home. You can easily make a French roast coffee using a drip machine or your regular electric kettle. How?

Here are the steps to make French Roast coffee:

  • Now that you have the French Roast beans, the next step is to grind the beans. For drip machines, you can grind directly into the filter.

  • Use two tablespoons of ground French roast coffee. Use hot water for your coffee. You can also use cold water, but it won’t be as good as using hot water.

  • If possible, use a paper filter in the filter instead of a reusable metal or plastic filter because this will help your coffee beans last longer.

  • You can also use an electric kettle to make your French roast coffee. Choose a medium heat setting.

  • Turn the kettle or clock on and wait for the water to boil for two minutes.

  • Pour out half of the water if it’s a glass kettle, pour out one cup if it’s an electric kettle, and pour out three cups if it’s a drip machine.

  • Add the coffee to the pot and pour back the water.

  • Stir it up and let it sit for 30 seconds.

  • Pour enough water to fill the rest of your mug and stir it up again.

  • Top with cream, sugar, or even milk if you’re using a drip machine.

  • Enjoy French Roast Coffee at your home!


What should be included in FAQs?

Is French Roast The Same As Turkish Coffee?

No, French Roast coffee is different. French Roast is generally a lot darker in color than Turkish coffee and tends to have a more smokey taste and aroma. Turkish coffee is generally not as intense in flavor.

Although it is possible to use French Roast beans for Turkish coffee, French roast describes a roast level – very dark – while Turkish coffee describes a preparation method involving very finely ground coffee cooked in water, typically with sugar.

How Can I Tell If My Coffee Is French Roast?

If you have a dark roast coffee and you’re not sure if it’s French roast or not, the first thing to do is smell it. A typical French roast has a strong, pungent smell when you open the bag.

Other varieties of coffee can have similar aromas with very light roasts, so be aware.

What Type Of Coffee Is Called French Roast?

There is no specific coffee type called French roast, but there are different varieties of coffee beans used to make french roast coffee.

The most common type of coffee beans used for making french roast coffee is arabica beans.

What Do French Roast Coffee Beans Look Like?

French Roast Coffee
French roast coffee beans are dark brown to black and have a very smooth texture. They also have a smokey taste and smell, like they are roasted over the fire.

Final words

What are some good last words?

French roast coffee is a popular and highly sought-after type of coffee around the world. Roasting your beans at home is easy, but you should follow the basic guidelines outlined above so you can get the best out of your green beans and brew a great cup of French roast coffee!

The dark, rich flavor of French Roast coffee is not for everyone. It’s also quite expensive compared to other types of coffee, but that’s all the more reason to make it at home and have fun with the process.

We hope this guide has helped you understand what you need to make French Roast and how it could enhance your brewing.

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