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When you get a new product, we usually get stuck with the basics.

Usually, it is easy to get along with the guide, but the cleaning process becomes more difficult.  

Have you recently got the Mr Coffee and getting confused with its using procedure and cleaning techniques? Our article will give you tips on how to use it, the best cleaning options, and the function of the cycle.

What is Mr. Coffee’s clean cycle?

It is a product cleaning cycle that is programmed into the coffee maker. On this program, clean water flows through the machine regularly, which helps eliminate mould, limescale, and other impurities in or on your appliance.

How long does the Mr Coffee cleaning cycle take?
The water flow will also help to remove any unintentional deposits that may have accumulated over time.

There are two options when it comes to the clean cycle on Mr Coffee machines. The initial clean mode does not utilize any other products than the machine itself and should be run once before each use.

The other option is to use one of Mr. Coffee's products to help clean your device.

Cleaning the Mr coffee machine

You must regularly clean your machine with vinegar or lime descaling solution. If you do not, you will damage the coffeemaker’s internal components, and they will need to be repaired or replaced. Cleaning your machine will ensure that it continues to make great-tasting coffee for years. 

Cleaning the machine after daily use: Regular cleaning

Clean the carafe

You must clean the carafe after every use. It is where more buildup of deposits can occur; you can use a dishcloth to clean it.

Sprinkle some baking powder and vinegar onto a wet dishcloth, clean inside outside of the carafe to remove any unwanted residue.

Clean the exterior of the coffeemaker

To clean the outside of your coffeemaker, use a damp cloth dipped in vinegar. The vinegar will wipe away stains and leave your machine looking shiny. 

Empty and clean the filter basket

Make sure you empty the used coffee grounds of the filter basket every day after use. Then, when you finish, just run water through the empty filter to remove any excess coffee grounds that may have remained in there at the end of the day.

Clean the lid

Each time you use your coffeemaker, make sure you wipe the lid with a damp cloth. It will prevent stains from forming on the plastic surface.

Wipe off the spout

After every use, make sure you wipe the spout of the coffee maker with a damp cloth to prevent buildup on the plastic surface.

Use this method only every three months: Deep cleaning

How often do you need deep cleaning?

It is a more intense cleaning that you should only do every three months. You may require a descaling solution to use during this cleaning.

When doing this cleaning cycle, make sure you entirely wipe out the inside and outside of your machine with a damp sponge, remove the filter basket, and clean it. 

Unplug the machine

You must unplug the machine when you are cleaning it. It will prevent water from flowing when there is no coffee in the machine. It will also avoid any risk of electrocution if you are not careful when cleaning. 

Empty the carafe

Before you start cleaning the carafe, make sure that it is empty. It would prevent any spills if the carafe were to be tipped over while you are cleaning it.

Mix equal parts of vinegar and water

Mix equal parts vinegar and water in a bowl. You can add more vinegar or water, depending on how dirty your machine is. You can use a descaling solution as well.

Use the cleaning function

Turn the cleaning function of your machine on. It is located underneath the coffee maker when you open it. Press the ‘Select’ Button and scroll to the ‘Cleaning’ section. Next, press the ‘Select’ Button again and select the cycle type. 

You will see a timer showing how much time your machine will take in this cleaning phase. It may take about an hour. 

Rinse the machine

At the end of the cycle, you must rinse your machine with just water. Then, select the ‘Brew’ Button again and push the button on the top of the device to turn it back on. Do this cycle to rinse out the vinegar from the machine. 

Rinse and dry the carafe

When your machine is back on and the coffee maker is brewing again, you must rinse and dry the carafe to get rid of any remaining cleaning agent left behind.

There you go! That is how to clean your coffeemaker. 


There you have the basics on how to clean your Mr coffee coffeemaker. It is a straightforward process, and you should be able to do it without complications. 

You must follow proper cleaning procedures when using any appliance. However, your machine will continue to work correctly and provide you with great-tasting coffee if you take the time and energy into proper cleaning. Now you can run the clean cycle on your machine, and it will be clean and ready to use! 

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