What Is Bone Dry Cappuccino? & Bone Dry Vs Wet Cappuccino

What Is Bone Dry Cappuccino? & Bone Dry Vs Wet cappuccino

A bone-dry Cappuccino? Have you ever heard of such a thing? I assure you, there are no skeletons involved in this process. The name “bone dry” refers to a coffee process that’s nothing short of spectacular.

The world of caffeinated beverages has opened up a plethora of new flavors, textures, and tastes to make your day even better.

But one drink, in particular, has taken the world by storm. That would be the Bone Dry Cappuccino. 

Soft, sweet notes combined with strong dry notes create a perfect drink for just about any occasion – from lunchtime with coworkers to happy hour after work to sleeping in on Saturday morning.

But What Is Bone Dry Cappuccino? & Bone Dry Vs Wet Cappuccino? The name bone dry cappuccino comes from a liquid that has almost no sugar or fat in it.  

The drink is more like coffee than you would expect. What does a bone dry cappuccino taste like? It’s strong and sweet, with a foam that’s not cream but more like foam for a cappuccino.

Love the smoothness of cappuccino but sometimes you really need that caffeine kick? Can you eat coffee beans to get it, read all about it in our post.

To know more about How do you make a bone dry cappuccino at home?, let us first start at the basics.

What Is Bone Dry Cappuccino? & Bone Dry Vs Wet Cappuccino

Before you drink a cappuccino, it’s important to know “What Is Bone Dry Cappuccino? & Bone Dry Vs Wet Cappuccino” these two terms actually mean. So, let’s break it down & know What does a bone dry cappuccino taste like.

What is a bone dry cappuccino?

Bone dry is exactly what it sounds like: we use only pure coffee beans without any milk or water added to them.  

The bone dry cappuccino is so popular because it produces a vibrant flavour that you cannot get from drinking just coffee alone.

You can also control the sweetness of your drink, and the “stronger” the coffee that you use, the more bitter your drink will be.

Because of the no foam and the pure coffee bean, a bone dry cappuccino is healthier than an ordinary cappuccino.

Now that you know what is a bone dry cappuccino. Let us know how do you make a bone dry cappuccino at home.

How do you make a bone dry cappuccino at home?

Here are the Steps on How do you make a bone dry cappuccino at home:

Step 1: Grind The Coffee Beans.

Ground coffee is often used in bone-dry cappuccinos. It is suggested that you grind only as much coffee as you need to make your drink so that your coffee does not get stale.

Also, grind it in a burr mill so that the coffee will not be ground into an excellent powder, resulting in a bitter taste of the drink.

You can also freeze your ground beans, so they stay fresh for longer but remember to let them thaw before using them.

Step 2: Place The Coffee In Your Coffee Maker.

Follow your instructions when using your coffee maker because they can all be different. The critical point is not to mix any water with the ground beans ‘.

Coffee goes into a cup with hot water; this is very important if you don't want a bitter taste in your drink.

Step 3: Pour Milk

Pour milk into a cup and steam it until you think it is good enough.

Step 4: Add Sugar

This is very important to make your bone dry cappuccino taste the way you want it to.

If you use too much, your cappuccino might taste very bitter, and if you use none at all, the coffee will be hot and bitter because of oversteaming. Add sugar sparingly, as with any drink.

Step 5: Add Espresso In A Cup Or Some Form.

The amount of espresso that you should add depends on how strong a drink you want. For example, if you want a strong bitter taste, use more espresso per cup. 

Step 6: Shake Your Cup Well Until Mixed Well, Or Stir It If It Is Not Too Hot.

This is the most important point in making a bone dry cappuccino because if your drink does not mix well, you will get coffee beans or foam floating on the top of your drink, which creates a very unattractive look in a cup. 

Step 7: Enjoy Your Cup Of Bone-Dry Cappuccino!

Remember not to let the cup of cappuccino sit for too long after you made it because the coffee will get bitter. The longer you leave it, the more bitter the taste will be.

This is How do you make a bone dry cappuccino at home. Now, let us know What does a bone dry cappuccino taste like?

What does a bone dry cappuccino taste like?

The taste of a bone dry cappuccino can be described as a sweet or bitter coffee with no milk. But What does a bone dry cappuccino taste like? Good or bad? It tastes good, depending on how much sugar and coffee you use to make your drink.

To top it off, you can add whipped cream to the cappuccino; others use syrup, and some prefer cinnamon and nutmeg.

Bone-Dry Vs Wet Cappuccino: What Is The Difference?

What makes a cappuccino bone dry?

Here are the two drinks: Bone-dry and wet cappuccino. Well, What Is Bone Dry Cappuccino? & Bone Dry Vs Wet Cappuccino

A bone-dry cappuccino is a coffee that contains just a small amount of water, or no water at all. It's brewed like espresso but with much more finely ground coffee and less water. The fine grind means the air bubbles in the coffee will be very small.

Wet cappuccino on the other hand uses between 50 and 100ml of water. The liquid is added gradually to a small amount of espresso, resulting in a much more diluted flavor. The average wet cappuccino contains around 70ml of water.

Given below is about What Is Bone Dry Cappuccino? & Bone Dry Vs Wet Cappuccino differences:


The bone-dry has a much more concentrated flavour, while wet cappuccinos have a milder flavor and tend to be used as more of an alternative to tea or coffee.

Amount & Strength:

Wet cappuccinos are designed to be served with fewer coffee beans per cup than a traditional cappuccino. This means the drink contains less caffeine than a traditional espresso by volume.

Bone-dry cappuccinos are brewed with a finer grind, meaning the amount of caffeine in each cup will be higher. This is because caffeine is more soluble in the coffee when it has been ground finer.

Coffee Beans:

Wet cappuccinos use around 70ml of water per cup. The coffee beans are generally diluted with approximately 30ml of water, making the amount of coffee you get per cup smaller.

Bone-dry cappuccinos use around 8-10g of coffee per cup – and only a small amount of water. This makes for a very strong, concentrated drink.


The difference between bone dry cappuccino and wet cappuccino really comes down to the amount of water used.

Less water means a more acidic drink, while more water dilutes the coffee further making it taste less acidic.


Bone-dry cappuccinos are made with a much finer ground coffee than traditional espresso, this makes them colder.

When it comes to wet cappuccinos, the amount of water is increased which increases the temperature of the beverage.

Is bone dry cappuccino a macchiato?

A macchiato is an espresso with a little bit of foam, bone dry cappuccino doesn’t have any foam.

Can you order a cappuccino without foam?

No, you cannot. A cappuccino is traditionally served with foam on top.

How much milk is in a dry cappuccino?

A dry cappuccino is served without milk. You can add other ingredients to it.

What’s in a dry cappuccino?

Dry cappuccino is an espresso served without any milk. It has foam on the top.

Is it a dry cappuccino or a flat white?

Dry cappuccino is brewed like an espresso but with much less water. So, it has higher caffeine content than a traditional espresso. So, can be called as a strong or concentrated coffee. On the other hand, flat white is made with an equal amount of steamed milk and froth as well as a single shot of espresso. So, both are different from each other.

Which is sweeter cappuccino or macchiato?

Cappuccino is sweeter than macchiato. Cappuccino has sugar added to it. Macchiato doesn’t have sugar added, and it is served without sugar or syrup.

What means bone dry?

Bone dry is used to describe dry foods, referring to bone more specifically. The term “bone-dry” can also be used figuratively in describing something that has been deprived of any moisture.

Final Verdict on What Is Bone Dry Cappuccino? & Bone Dry Vs Wet Cappuccino:

Now that you are familiar with the term “Bone dry”, What Is Bone Dry Cappuccino? & Bone Dry Vs Wet Cappuccino.

And, understood that it doesn't include dry bones and skeletons, you can try different variations of "Bone dry" cappuccino by adding other ingredients. 

But What does a bone dry cappuccino taste like? And How do you make a bone dry cappuccino at home? You can then experiment by following the above step by step guide and choose the best ingredients to go with your drink.

You can serve this to your guests, and you can experiment to see what they like best.

If you are not a big fan of milk, you can try the traditional cappuccino and save your bones for real bone dry cappuccinos!

Happy Brewing! 

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