How To Use Coffee Mate Powder

Coffee Mate Powder

Coffee Mates is a line of powdered creamers made to be used with coffee.

These creamers have different flavours that are usually associated with certain types of coffee beans. 

It is one of the leading coffee roasters in the UK, but its customers are often left wondering how to use its products.

This blog post will look into how to use these Coffee-Mate Powders for the best taste possible!

How to use the coffee mate powder

Nestlé Coffee-mate, a non-dairy powdered or liquid coffee creamer, is used in hot tea, coffee, and chocolate to substitute for milk and a half and a half. 

How do you use coffee mate powder?
You can get it in powder and liquid form and various flavours such as hazelnut, French vanilla, and gingerbread. Whisk one teaspoon of Coffee-mate powder into your drink to add it. 

Because Coffee-mate powder does not dissolve well in cold beverages, prepare the liquefied version for iced tea and coffee.

Coffee-mate powders come in very tiny packets. To save money, you should get a few packs of each flavour. Keep them in a safe place and open one once every day. 

The taste may vary greatly depending on what you use it with, but that doesn’t mean they are bad! You can mix it with milk, but the taste will lose its richness.

Steps on how to use it

  • Boil a pot of water 
  • Fill half the cup of coffee with hot water.
  • Mix with 1/2 cup Coffee-mate powder. Stir vigorously till the powder dissolves. To make more liquid creamer, combine one part Coffee-mate powder and two parts hot water.
  • As a milk or half-and-half substitute, add the liquid creamer to iced tea or coffee.
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Follow the steps carefully to get the most out of this product!

Where to use coffee mate powder?

Many people think that Coffee-mate powder is for children, but that is not the case. You can use the coffee-mate powder for cocktails, as well as adult beverages. The possibilities are endless!


How much coffee mate powder should I use?

Using Coffee-Mate non-dairy creamer powder with hot tea, coffee or cocoa is not only an ingenious idea, but it also gives you a new experience on what to use on your cups of hot beverages.

With these hacks on using coffee mate powder, you can make your custom drink to fit your specific needs.

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