Saeco PicoBaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine HD8927/37 Review

Saeco PicoBaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine HD892737 Review

This model offers an impressive selection of coffee drinks and an extensive customization feature set with an intuitive touchscreen interface. It brews an all-day cup of coffee with the best flavour and freshest taste. 

Brewing 11 different coffee varieties give you the flexibility to choose the coffee drink that suits your mood and lifestyle.

In addition, the internal grinder can be adjusted from fine to coarse, giving you the option to extract maximum flavour from your beans.

The large water reservoir holds up to 80 ounces, and the dual boilers ensure your beverages are always piping hot. 

A handy storage drawer keeps your coffee grounds and accessories out of sight and reach. The large 100% ceramic grinders ensure that your coffee will be as flavorful as possible. 

In contrast, the stainless steel material boiler ensures that the machine will deliver a consistent temperature no matter what type of coffee you are using.

Let’s look at the features we can expect from this machine.


Saeco PicoBaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine HD8927/37 Review

Picobaristo has a sleek, modern appearance that complements a wide range of interior design styles. The front and top panels are stainless steel, but some elements are heavy-duty plastic. 

It results in a sturdy and straightforward cover to clean, reducing the weight and expense of the espresso machine.

Picobaristo is neither the smallest nor the giant super-automatic espresso machine on the market. To put the coffee maker on your countertop, you’ll need to clear an area of 8.5 by 16.75 inches. 

You won't find a touchscreen control panel at this price level, but the buttons are no less user-friendly. You can explore the drink customization choices, build one-touch drinks, and change default settings with twelve of them. E

ven if you don’t have time to read the user manual, the text and symbols on the screen will guide you through the brewing process.

11 Different Beverages 

Latte, macchiato, ristretto, americano, and flat white are just a few of the drinks you can make with a Saeco coffee maker. In addition, there are two sizes of cappuccino and espresso available and hot water for tea or ramen.

It technically offers eight different beverages, which makes it stand out. The majority of automated espresso machines, on the other hand, lack this useful function.

Brew Strength

You may pick from five different settings to make your favourite brew with this model. In addition, you can change the drink size. It also has three temperature settings and ten distinct granularity levels.

It's relatively simple to make your cup of coffee with these. In addition, its memo function allows you to create your favourite drink regularly. So reserve your usual beverage and savour it.

Ceramic Grinder

Ceramic and stainless steel grinders are there, and they can heat up quickly and reliably. In addition, ceramic grinders are significantly superior to stainless steel grinders. It is, however, also a problem with stainless steel.

Because ceramic grinders are cold at all times, they can remove the burnt coffee flavour. The most noticeable feature is that ceramic grinders can grind up to 20,000 cups, much more than steel grinders.

You can produce the finest grind for a full-bodied espresso using the grinder settings, and you can also use your ground coffee through this machine. 

However, dark coffee roast levels of grounds are required for superior espresso, and to get the freshest cup of coffee, roast the beans using your best home coffee roaster before grinding via this machine.

Milk Carafe and Milk Frother

Picobaristo includes an integrated Saeco Picobaristo milk carafe with a one-touch button. It offers a constant supply of heated milk. It also consists of a fast cleaning mechanism, which lets you properly rinse the carafe after each use.

The machine fits on the side of the device and taking up no extra space. In addition, the carafe is ergonomically constructed. The apparent advantages of the automated frother are that it can produce good taste and foam in the milk.

Many people complain that their automated espresso machine does not provide hot enough beverages. However, with the Saeco Picobaristo, you will obtain the correct temperature thanks to the three consistent temperature settings.


Saeco PicoBaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine HD8927/37 Review

The PicoBaristo includes:

  • An automated rinse cycle.
  • Automatic carafe cleaning.
  • A hygiesteam function that uses steam to clean the whole milk circuit.
The milk handling is the portion of an automatic espresso machine that deteriorates the most quickly. Therefore, you must clean it regularly.

The dishwasher-safe detachable pieces include a removable brewing group.

Taste of coffee

The machine offers a high-quality espresso experience. Its automatic shot is accurate and consistent.

This machine, however, cannot serve the perfect drip coffee. It does not produce a hot enough beverage to help with a long shot. However, you can adjust the settings in it and choose a drink from eleven different options.

It is essential to clean this machine regularly to keep its performance optimal.

Pros & Cons


  • The small size is suitable for any counter.
  • At the press of a button, you may choose from 11 different drinks.
  • You may adjust the strength and size of the beverages.
  • Stunning stainless steel design
  • You must consume a minimum of 5000 cups of coffee between descaling.
  • The water reservoir is on the top, which means you may fill it without removing the water tank entirely.
  • Simple to clean and maintain


  • Conical-shaped bean hopper incapable of delivering beans to grinders.
  • A more oversized mug that may not fit properly under the spouts.
  • It is expensive.


Saeco PicoBaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine HD8927/37 Review

Is there a boiler on the Saeco PicoBaristo?

The Saeco PicoBaristo is, indeed, a single boiler system. It is better than some; however, there are complete stainless boiler and double boiler alternatives for this price.

Is the Saeco PicoBaristo capable of producing lattes?

No, not at all. It makes Latte Macchiatos and Cappuccinos, but not regular lattes.

How Many Saeco Picobaristo Boilers Are There? Is it possible to brew coffee and frost it at the same time?

The PicoBaristo features a single boiler that warms up before pumping boiling water. The same pump and heater are used for brewing coffee and foaming milk. The best method, though, is to brew and froth separately.

Is there a built-in coffee bean grinder on the Saeco Picobarist?

It does. This machine has an inbuilt conical burr grinder, whose functions are nearly identical to those of other finest burr coffee grinders on the market. 

It has ten distinct settings that range from fine grinding to your preferred espresso. It is the best coffee maker with a grinder in this regard.

Customer reviews

Most of the customer reviews are very good. If you are looking at buying an automatic espresso machine, this one is worth looking at. There are many good things to be said about this machine, but there are some problems too.

The only significant drawback is its price. However, suppose you spend your money on quality coffee and consider it an investment. 

In that case, this machine will most definitely not disappoint you with the taste of your coffee in the morning. 


Delonghi Magnifica

It has the same self-cleaning and drinks personalization features, but it misses a few high-end features that decrease the price. 

For example, the grinder is stainless steel rather than ceramic, and the frothing is done with a steam wand rather than entirely automated. Finally, the cover is high-quality plastic with no visible external metal components.

Jura Z6 

The equipment has an aluminium top and a transparent, brilliantly illuminated water tank. Additional features, such as the pulse extraction process and intelligent water system, set Jura apart from comparable models, as does the absence of a milk carafe among the supplied accessories. 

On the other hand, cleaning and maintenance might be a chore, consuming up to 30 minutes each week, not including descaling time.

Rancilio Silvia

While an automatic machine has many advantages over a manually operated one, the flip side is that it requires more attention and regular cleaning. In comparison to other top-notch appliances, the Rancilio Silvia is easier to manage. 

It has a simple interface and programming buttons for adjusting the dosage of ground coffee. You may use its removable brewing group separately for manual brewing.


The Saeco PicoBaristo is an expensive machine that offers a great taste of coffee. If you like espresso, this machine is for you.

The positive thing about it is that it produces good-tasting coffee without the need for manual grinding and brewing. In addition, it has a stylish design, which makes it fit in with any decor.

Overall, the Saeco PicoBaristo is an excellent product. With a variety of drink settings, it has the potential to be a market game changer!

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