Miele CM 5310 Review

Miele is one of the most renowned German brands. This company has been in business for over 100 years, made available some of the best products money can buy and continues to create a myriad of products. 

In this article, we’ll take a deeper look into Miele’s CM5310, a coffee maker for people who would prefer a more full-bodied cup of coffee. 

We will take a look at the features, the appearance, the various settings and perhaps give you a better idea of whether or not this is something for you.

About the Miele CM 5310

The Miele CM 5310 coffee machine will deliver a cup of coffee that tastes just like the coffee you enjoy in a café.

Miele CM 5310
But without the need to go to a cafe, you'll be able to enjoy this coffee machine from the comfort of your own home.

With this machine, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. This coffee machine will make your favourite beverage at the touch of a button, whether it’s a simple cup of coffee or a latte macchiato. 

With the Miele CM 5310, you can prepare as many cups as you want and that too cafe type. You can even enjoy specialty drinks like espresso and latte macchiato. 

And if you have kids around the house, they’ll be able to enjoy these drinks, too, with their special buttons on them.

The Miele CM 5310 will do a great job at preparing your morning brew. The grinder has a removable bean container that makes grinding coffee beans easy. 

You’ll be able to grind as much as you want and as little as you want, depending on how many cups of coffee you plan to make. 


Miele CM 5310


The grinder has wear-resistant steel, and it has a removable bean container. The bean container will make grinding coffee beans easy to do, and you’ll be able to get as many or as few coffee grounds as you want, depending on how many cups you want to make.


The CM 5310 will look sleek and stylish in your kitchen. With its brushed stainless steel finish and its entire, rounded front, the CM 5310 has a modern feel. 

Creamy froth

The CM 5310 makes shakes, shakes, regular coffee, latte macchiato drinks and milkshakes. With its two front-mounted milk frothers (which are easy to clean), the CM 5310 will make all of these signature coffee drinks for you.

Several cups of coffee

With this machine, you can prepare up to eight cups of coffee in one session. And it also comes with a built-in “coffee pot” that you can use to brew extra cups before or after your original brew.

Comfortable cleaning

Several components are easy to clean. The drip tray, the water tank, and the leftover container are all dishwasher-safe, thanks to the ComfortClean system. 

Aromatic system

The CM 5310 has a dynamic brewing system that produces a rich, intense aroma, all thanks to its made. And the grinder is made of wear-resistant steel for intense coffee flavour and aroma.

Miele CM 5310


It is pretty expensive, but this is expected with Miele’s style of coffee makers. However, this is one of the most highly-rated models in the Miele CM5310 range. It is priced at $1,400.


  • It is very stylish.
  • The coffee machine is easy to clean. 
  • You can use the milk frother to make shakes, milkshakes, and regular coffee (with the use of additional machines available in the range). 
  • There are no limits to how much coffee you can make with this machine. Its eight-cup capacity is ideal for households with several people who like different types of coffees.


  • It can be a bit of a nuisance to change the selector that will control the type of coffee you want to make. 
  • The price is a bit steep compared to other types of coffee makers.

Customer reviews

An overall 4.8 out of 5-star customer rating awarded by satisfied customers on Amazon makes this product stand out from the rest. 

Miele CM 5310
This high rating is because this coffee maker has all the features you want; it's as simple as turning a dial to make as much as you like of whatever your favourite type of coffee is. 

The CM 5310 has a wide variety of uses and produces a wide variety of kinds of coffee. It also has plenty of other features that ensure convenience and easy service.


The Miele CM 5310 is well-designed, it looks good, and it makes delicious coffee. With its “coffee pot” feature, you can make eight cups in one session. 

In addition, the milk frothers produce creamy milk froth for various drinks, and you can make several cups at once with the touch of a button. 

This machine will be suitable for users of all ages, thanks to its easy-to-use features, high-quality materials, and the great look of the design. 


What is the difference between the coffee maker and the milk frother?

The main functions of these two coffee maker components are different. The coffee maker will make your favourite specialty coffee easily simply by cycling through the selections for as many cups as you want. 

With the " coffee pot " feature, you can also use this machine to make extra cups of your favourite coffee before or after making your original brew with the "coffee pot" feature. 

Is the coffee machine dishwasher-safe?

Yes, the main components of the coffee machines are dishwasher-safe. The water tank and drip tray can also be removed and cleaned in a dishwasher. 

Is the coffee maker loud?

The coffee machine is not loud. Instead, the grinding makes the noise of the beans, which you can adjust as needed. 

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