Nespresso Vertuo Vs Original-  Difference Between Vertuo And Original


 There is no denying the fact that espresso machines have taken place in many households. But which one of these machines is the best- nespresso vertuo vs original?

If you want to buy a new espresso machine, this article will help you. 

We will go through different categories of Nespresso machines, and compare their difference between vertuo and original and also similarities

What Is Nespresso Original? 

Single-serve coffee makers are great for people on the go. This may interest you : French Press Vs Drip Coffee. These machines produce a single serving of your favourite drink from a sealed capsule of pre-ground coffee beans.

Is VertuoLine better than original?

Pros And Cons Of Nespresso Original


  • Greater variety of machines
  • A more extensive selection of coffee capsules
  • Built-in milk frothing available
  • Less expensive than VertuoLine.
  • Simple operation
  • Flexible construction


  • Only makes espresso
  • The pump is louder than the Vertuo Machine
  • The pump must be primed (even after unplugging the unit)
  • Harder to clean than VertuoLine, especially getting rid of the coffee residue at the bottom of the container.

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What Is Nespresso Vertuo? 

One of the most famous lines for Nespresso machines is Nespresso Vertuo. To see also : Keurig k-duo Plus Review: Its Problems And Keurig k-duo Vs k-duo Plus. The VertuoLine machine uses two technologies not used in the Original Line. 

First, it uses "Centrifusion" technology. It is a term created by Nespresso to describe their coffee system. 

It’s a combination of the word “centrifugal” and “infusion,” whereby it spins the capsule around in the machine at up to 7,000 rpm to blend the ground coffee and hot water. 

Secondly, Each capsule has a barcode on the rim, which is scanned with a laser system. It reads five parameters: rotational speed, infusion time, volume, temperature, and water flow.

Nespresso created the VertuoLine system to expand its product line. In addition, they designed it to be a more significant type of coffee, which North American people prefer, thus making Nespresso’s market share in North America. 


  • Barcoded Nespresso coffee capsules make brewing simple
  • Thicker Crema
  • Can make more extensive coffee drinks
  • Quieter operation


  • Finer coffee grounds required
  • A smaller selection of machines
  • Capsules are expensive

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Nespresso Vertuo Vs Original Line

This section will compare the two lines of coffee:  See the article : Why Does My Bunn Coffee Maker Overflow?.

“Who will emerge victoriously? Keep reading to find out!”

Types Of Drinks

A notable distinction between nespresso original vs vertuo is the style of drinks they produce. 

If you only drink espresso or espresso-based drinks, it is appropriate to invest in the Original. The Original Machine has three brew sizes available: the ristretto, espresso, and lungo. 

Nespresso Vertuo machines are ideal for people who want a larger cup of coffee. grande.”

These Brewers offer five cup sizes: an espresso, a 2.7-ounce double espresso, a 5-ounce gran lungo, an 8-ounce mug of coffee, or a 14-ounce alto Xl.

Number Of Capsules

The Nespresso Original Line has a much wider variety of capsules. In addition, as the patent on these cup-shaped capsules has expired, they’re now available from various third-party sellers. 

Is the Nespresso Vertuo worth it?

Many reviewers think that the Original capsules come close to the authentic Espresso taste.

The only downside to Original Nespresso compatible capsules is that they come in a single size. It means that if you order something like a lungo, it will be diluted with water if you have ground coffee.

Nespresso’s VertuoLine capsules are only available through Nespresso because they require a barcode to be recognized by the machine.

It will mean a more limited selection, and you will have a more challenging time choosing what you want.

The VertuoLine capsules come in three different sizes, so more extensive drinks are as effective as smaller ones. Also, The Vertuo Nespresso capsules create a thicker layer of foam, even on more giant coffees, for a richer taste.

Milk Frothing

None of the Vertuo models has a built-in milk frother, but you can order one as an accessory for a discount.

The Nespresso line of products has a variety of machines. Some models include built-in milk frothers. Nevertheless, these are a lot more pricey.

The cheaper and smaller Nespresso machines are only good for making espresso, but you can also bundle them with an Aeroccino.

Extraction Method

These two systems are very different. They might not be apparent to people from the outside.

The original model uses a pressure-based system. The capsule is filled with hot water at up to 19 bars of pressure until it explodes. And a steaming espresso emerges. 

The VertuoLine coffee makers use a spinning system they’ve termed “centrifugation.” Hot water pumps into the capsule, spins around at 7000 RPM, and then hot espresso comes out at the end. This further yields a thicker body and quieter operation

VertuoLine Nespresso capsules also use a unique barcode system. So that coffee is also coded with a barcode that dictates ideal brewing conditions. 

The espresso machine automatically adjusts its settings based on the type of coffee.

Variety Of Machines

Nespresso has a wide range of products and sizes. It has eight base models and 12 different products.

Can you use Nespresso original and Vertuo?

VertuoLine has three models, the Vertuo, the VertuoPlus, and the Evoluo. They are all similar in appearance and function.

The VertuoLine is relatively young, so more alternatives are likely forthcoming if the line proves successful.


All three Vertuoline Nespresso coffee machines have similar prices, but the Original models cover a wide range of budgets.

The Original models are cheaper than the Vertuo machines, whereas the most expensive, like the Creatista and Lattissima (bottle warmer and MilkMilk frother), are higher in price.

A low-end model with an Aeroccino is the best choice if you’re on a budget. However, if you like coffee AND espresso, a Vertuo espresso machine is a way to go.

Another factor is the cost of espresso pods.

You can get alternative Nespresso pods from other manufacturers for cheaper than the ones made by Nespresso. In contrast, you can not get the Nespresso brand Vertuo coffee capsules from anywhere else.

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What Is Centrifugation?

It’s a combination of the word “centrifugal” and “infusion,” whereby it spins the capsule around in the machine at up to 7,000 rpm to blend the ground coffee and hot water. 

To understand the working methodology for the Vertuo line of coffee machines, let us tell you about an innovation called "centrifugation" used in this machine.

The technology involved in making espresso drinks is that the coffee is brewed at a very high speed, creating a thick, foamy layer on the coffee.

Nespresso adopted this technology to create a thicker layer of foam than any brew, even when you consume the coffee in more significant amounts. 

This technology is said to make way for VertuoLine coffee capsules.

The Verdict:

nespresso vertuo vs original are both excellent coffee makers. They both make delicious cups of coffee, and they are both effortless to use. 

What makes up the best coffee maker ultimately depends on your own needs and preferences. 

The only difference between vertuo and original is that the Original Line is more traditional, while the VertuoLine is more innovative and delivers a better final product.

Go For Nespresso OriginalLine When.

If you are confused between nespresso original vs vertuo then opt for the Nespresso Original Line if you want a traditional, easy-to-use machine that will give you a great-tasting espresso with little work.

Go For Nespresso VertuoLine When..

You enjoy the varieties of coffee like those Americanos or filter coffee. However, you will be able to use Nespresso capsules only for these coffee machine models.

The VertuoLine is more practical for making more extensive coffee drinks or coffees with MilkMilk and other ingredients. 


Can I Reuse A Nespresso Capsule?

You can reuse the Nespresso capsules. First, you need to retrieve them from the discard bin and reinsert them into the machine. A second run will give a weaker tasting brew, but it is still drinkable.

What Is The Difference Between Vertuo And VertuoPlus?

Both of these devices are designed to make your coffee, but there are a few subtle differences. For example, Vertuo is larger and more powerful and expensive than VertuoPlus. The company’s centrifugation system is similar, but they’re not the same.

How Long Does A Nespresso VertuoLine Machine Last?

The lifespan of a coffee maker can be anywhere between 5 and 10 years, depending on the machine. Nespresso machines are typically made with high-quality parts and a reliable design. Therefore, they should be on the higher end of the price scale.

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