Is Your Bunn Nhbx Leaking From Bottom?



Frustrated with Bunn NHBX leaking from bottom.

Tried everything and still can’t figure out why Bunn coffee maker leaking from bottom.

Some people say it’s a problem with the handle, others think it’s caused by improper handling of the machine, and some even think that there’s an internal mineral deposit buildup.

The problem can be easily fixed if you know the main reason why is my coffee pot leaking from the bottom. This article will help you diagnose the problem and suggest solutions on bunn coffee maker leaking fix.

Bunn nhbx leaking from bottom: Why is my coffee pot leaking from the bottom?

Bunn nhbx leaking from bottom can be due to one Or more of The Following Causes:

Why is my Bunn coffee maker leaking water from the bottom?

1.Damage Of The Silicone Seal On Bunn Coffee Maker.

This is the first and most common reason why a bunn nhbx leaking from bottom.

DUE to constant use and ongoing exposure to heat, The seal between the water tank and reservoir starts to melt and diminish.

This unsealed area is then in direct contact with the water stored in the tank and thus, causes leakage of water.

We would recommend that you replace the silicone seal immediately.

2.Improper Handling Of The Machine

When picking up your machine, make sure you don’t exert too much pressure on the handle (especially when it is hot) with the exception of when stacking or moving in and out of your cabinet to place it elsewhere in your home.

When brewing coffee, make sure you remove the handle before pouring the hot water from the carafe.

This often results in a loosening or damage to the internal circuitry.

This causes water to not go inside the water tank properly and instead come out from the bottom and from the sides of the coffee maker.

3.Internal Mineral Deposit Buildup.

This is also one of the most important reasons which cause water from bun coffee maker leaking from bottom and from the sides.

Due to hard water consumption and heavy usage of your Bunn coffee maker, deposits are bound to build up inside it.

Minerals like calcium and magnesium build up inside the water reservoir in our Bunn coffee maker. This could damage the parts of the machine during usage causing leakage as well as other problems.

For immediate solution you need to clean the coffee maker thoroughly inside with water and vinegar solution before brewing your first cup of coffee. You can also try to other methods of descaling and cleaning mineral deposits.

If small amount of water is leaking from your machine, you can use a toothpick to remove the mineral deposit and re-seal it.

Note: The best way to get rid of these minerals is by installing a water softener. You can purchase a water softener from your local hardware store.

4.The Filter Holder.

This part of your coffee maker is a plastic part that holds the filter in position. This filter holder can be easily broken causing leakage of water from the bottom of your coffee maker.

Note: You can purchase a new filter holder from your local Bunn coffee machine parts supplier or directly from Bunn themselves.

Bunn coffee maker leaking fix: How to fix coffee maker leaking from bottom?

Why is my Bunn coffee maker leaking underneath?

why is my coffee pot leaking from the bottom- If the water leak is due to a damaged seal, the company will not replace it.

In this case, you will have to replace it manually. Don’t worry. It’s not that hard. You can easily do it yourself at home if you know the right method to do it.

Here is the actual troubleshooting method to fix the damaged silicon seal of your Bunn NHBX coffee maker.

Things You will need:

  • Magnetic Screwdriver
  • Plastic scraper for soft silicon seal (available in the market)
  • Glue
  • Buna rubber cement for soft silicon seal (available in the market)

You also need some patience and time to do all these things. Keep following this step by step guide, and fix bunn coffee maker leaking from bottom :

  1. The first thing you will need to do is open the top cover of your Bunn NHBX coffee machine. There are few screws on the top that you’ll have to unscrew first with your magnetic screwdriver set.
  2. Remove the top plastic cover, then carefully take out the plastic plunger inside which controls the water flow. If it is difficult for you to remove the plunger, make sure that you don’t break it because that will affect the performance of your coffee machine.
  3. Once you take out the plunger, you will see a silicone seal which often gets damaged or meltdown due to exposure to constant heat. Take out the old brittle silicone gasket or seal carefully, and fit this replacement silicone gasket or seal in the same way.
  4. Make sure you have fit it properly in its place so that water will not leak again.
  5. Once you apply this sealant to the new silicone gasket, then allow few minutes to create a strong bond between the two.
  6. Now pour some water and test whether the water leaks from the bottom or from the sides of your coffee maker.

If you’ve followed all the steps to fix bunn coffee maker leaking form bottom problem and dont see any water leakage, then congratulations!

If you see some leaking, then you need to repeat step 3 up until step 6 again.

Bunn coffee maker leaking fix- You can also use the following alternative methods to fix the problem if your silicon seal has not been damaged:

  1. Try installing a new cold water fill valve at the right side of your coffee machine and connect it to the hot water tank.
  2. Use a soft cup brush to clean the inside of your coffee maker as well as the grounds inside and around the filter holder.
  3. Clean the water tank and the water reservoir with some dish soap and vinegar.
  4. Prepare some demineralized water for your coffee machine for good results after fixing this leaking problem.
  5. The above steps will help you from bunn coffee maker leaking fix from the top or bottom but if still, you see some water leaks from the sides or reservoir, then you should get a new water tank.

Bunn nhbx leaking from bottom- Final Words

The above steps should help you in fixing the leaking problem. Now you can enjoy your coffee again without worrying about bunn nhbx leaking from bottom problem.

If you have any other suggestions or methods regarding bunn coffee maker leaking fix, then feel free to share them with us. We will appreciate it if you do so.

We hope that we were able to solve your problem of bunn coffee maker leaking from bottom. You just need to follow the correct guidelines if you find any trouble with your Bunn coffee maker.

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