Frappuccino Vs Cappuccino


Imagine going on your lunch break to a coffee shop to buy a cup of the coffee you’ve been craving all day, only to make a mistake since the orders sound similar. 

Learn the distinctions between Frappuccino and Cappuccino if you ever find yourself in a position like this, and you’ll always receive exactly what you want! 

So, let’s not waste any time and look at the differences between these two coffee beverages!

What is a Frappuccino?

If you’re not familiar with frappuccinos, they are a new concoction of coffee drinks that recently appeared in coffee shops across the country.

Do all frappuccinos have coffee in them?
They use different milk, syrup and ice (compared to cappuccinos), and it usually comes in a smaller cup. 

The shorter version of the name “Frappuccino” is correct since it describes “frappe,” which means to freeze in French.

 A Frappuccino is made up of the following:

  • Iced Coffee or Espresso – to start the frappe process, you need coffee to mix with your milk and ice cubes
  • Milk – the ratio of milk is different in a frappe than a cappuccino because it is more about taste than foam/froth. You need some dairy in the coffee to make it taste good. Too much, and you’ll get the dreaded “coffee taste.”
  • Syrup – they use vanilla and chocolate syrup in their frappuccinos, but their cappuccinos are not allowed to have these since it is not a traditional ingredient. But if you’re craving it by now, go ahead and add one!
  • Ice – The use of ice is optional in this drink. You’re allowed to add more ice than usual, too, if you’d like.
  • Top it with whipped cream – It’s optional to add on this, but it’s looked at differently if you don’t, then if you do.

How to make a Frappuccino?

To make a frappe, you need to:

  • Take a shot of espresso, froth your milk, add the espresso and milk foam to a cup filled with ice.
  • Add vanilla or chocolate syrup to taste
  • Sprinkle cinnamon on top
  • Pour whipped cream over the whip for an added touch.

The taste of Frappuccino

How would you describe a Frappuccino?

The taste of Frappuccino (espresso + milk + ice) is sweet, somewhat bitter and fruity. The most prevalent flavour is the drink’s namesake frothed milk and espresso.

Type of Frappuccinos

Many different types of frappuccinos include:

  • Espresso Frappuccino: An espresso mixed with ice, milk, or chocolate or vanilla syrup.
  • Coffee Frappuccino: A shot of espresso mixed with ice, milk, and vanilla or chocolate syrup.
  • Mocha Frappuccino: An espresso mixed with chocolate syrup and ice, milk and either chocolate or vanilla syrup.
  • Spiced Latte Frappuccino: A shot of espresso mixed with a touch of cinnamon and a dash of cardamom.
  • Tall Frappuccino is a shot of espresso mixed with ice, milk, and vanilla or chocolate syrup.
  • Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino: A shot of espresso mixed with chocolate syrup and ice, milk and either chocolate or vanilla syrup.
  • Coconut Mocha Frappuccino: A shot of espresso mixed with coconut syrup and ice, milk and either chocolate or vanilla syrup.

Now, let’s look at cappuccinos.

What is a cappuccino?

A cappuccino is simply a latte, but it has an espresso or cappuccino base. The word comes from the Italian word “cappuccino, ” which brews with ground-roasted coffee beans. 

What exactly is a cappuccino?
The separate order of milk and foam is one of the most defining characteristics between a cappuccino and a Frappuccino. 

A cappuccino is made up of the following:

  • Espresso – The espresso is put into the cup first to create its layer, topped with either steamed milk or coffee foam. Some people like it one way, and some like it another.
  • Steamed milk – Milk poured over the espresso in your cup creates a white foam layer over the powdery espresso. It is what gives the Cappuccino its characteristic taste and texture.
  • Coffee foam – The foaming process of a cappuccino differs from that of a frappuccino since the words “frappe” and “foam” come from the name. Although a cappuccino, by definition, does not include foam, some people like to add cream on top to increase the level of froth.
  • Top it with some whipped cream – This item is optional, but it increases the amount of froth and adds to the drink’s texture.
  • Sprinkle cinnamon on top – A little touch that makes a big difference!

How to make a cappuccino?

To create this coffee drink, you need to:

  • Take a shot of espresso, froth your milk, and brew your espresso in a cup.
  • Pour the foamed milk into the espresso (or vice versa)
  • Sprinkle cinnamon on top
  • Pour whipped cream over the whip for an added touch.

There are different ways to make these two drinks, but for the most part, you can prepare them in about the same way. The most significant difference is probably the taste since there are various combinations that you can use for Cappuccino and Frappuccino. 

Some people like their cappuccinos stronger than others do, so perhaps the best way to prepare these will be to experiment with different ratios of ingredients and different frothing methods.

The taste of Cappuccino

The taste of Cappuccino (espresso + frothed milk) is solid and creamy, with a bit of bitterness to it. The drink is added sweetness with steamed milk and chocolate or vanilla syrup.

Types of Cappuccino

The types of Cappuccino include:

  • Wet or dry cappuccinos: Wet cappuccinos have a faint, diluted coffee flavour and have extra hot milk instead of foam. The appearance and flavour are similar to that of a latte.

There is relatively little hot milk in dry cappuccinos, but there is a lot of froth. As a result, they have a strong coffee flavour and a darkening hue. In addition, the foam acts as insulation, allowing the drink to stay hotter for longer.

  • Iced Cappuccino: Iced Cappuccino is a hot drink cooled down and served over ice. 

Frappuccino vs cappuccino: The differences

Which is better cappuccino or frappuccino?


Frappuccino is an iced drink, whereas cappuccinos are served warm. 

Milk Ratio

Frappuccino uses a more excellent ratio of milk to espresso, whereas cappuccinos use more espresso to milk.


There are many different flavours for Frappe, but the basic is vanilla and chocolate, whereas Cappuccino has no real options in terms of flavours; it is just espresso with steamed milk on top (unless you choose to put something else on top). 


Frappe has the frothed milk and the foam, whereas Cappuccino is just espresso and steamed milk on top.


Frappe is sweeter than Cappuccino. 


Frappe can be modified to include ice cream and whipped cream, whereas Cappuccino cannot have any modifications.


The drinks frappuccino and Cappuccino are entirely different, but they’re both excellent. One is a less complex and decorative latte, while the other is more elaborate and adorned. 

Now you know the distinctions between a frappuccino and a cappuccino, so you know which one is ideal for you. 

Both drinks are different, but you can choose to try and make one or the other. If you have been to Starbucks before and have tried both, what is your opinion?

I hope this article was helpful for you and cleared up the confusion between a frappe and a cappuccino. So many people have gotten this mixed up before, but hopefully, now you know the difference!

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