Lungo Vs Americano: Which is stronger? Can you make a latte with lungo?

Lungo coffee

Most coffee shops, cafes and coffee bars have an ever-expanding coffee menu.

However, other coffee beverages, such as the Lungo, have always existed, even if many coffee enthusiasts are unaware of it or confuse it with other forms of coffee. The Americano is another coffee beverage that is often mistaken for the Lungo. 

While some baristas may not be familiar with the correct way of making a Lungo, baristas who are familiar with it either love it or hate it, as they believe one way of making a Lungo is better than the other. 

The true origin of the Lungo, however, has been mysterious. Although many people have believed that it came from Italy, this appears to be false.

The Lungo is an effortless drink consisting of espresso that has been watered down, usually by half. But what is the difference between Lungo Vs Americano? Is Americano or lungo stronger? Is lungo stronger than coffee? Can you make latte with lungo? Can you make lungo Americano?

Today, many people do not know how to make a proper Lungo, but they do not understand what makes a good Americano. 

The Americano is widely believed to be similar to the Lungo, as they both consist of espresso with water added, but there are significant differences between them. So, let us find out in the below article.

Lungo Vs Americano: Differences

Before we discuss Lungo Vs Americano differences, let us know what they actually are.

What Is Lungo?

Lungo is an Italian term that translates to “long” in English, and it receives its name from the method through which it is created. The Lungo is very light in taste and texture compared to other coffee beverages and drinks. 

Is lungo stronger than coffee?

It is highly dependent on the amount of water used and whether it is served hot or cold. More water makes for a lighter taste with less bitterness; fewer water results in a more potent brew but with increased bitterness. 

The Lungo is an espresso that usually contains more water than a traditional espresso. What truly distinguishes it is that it is made with a slower and more voluminous extraction, often known as a long draw.

This beverage is created using the same quantity of finely ground coffee as a regular espresso, but with approximately double the amount of water, resulting in a brew size of at least 2 ounces, which is roughly the same as a double shot of espresso.

How Is A Lungo Made?

There are many ways of making a Lungo, and most coffee drinkers would have their ways of making it. However, the most common form of making it is by using an espresso that has been diluted with hot water/water in which there is also some sugar or other sweetener. 


  • An espresso machine
  • Finely ground coffee
  • Water
  • Tamper

How To Make It:

Step 1: Fill The Reservoir With Water

Begin by filling your espresso machine’s water reservoir with filtered water. A standard shot of espresso uses roughly 30 ml of water, a Lungo uses at least double that amount, which is 60 ml.

Step 2: Heat The Machine

Heating your espresso machine is a critical step that is frequently ignored. Some devices can take up to 45 minutes to warm up, so you should turn them on well ahead to save time.

Step 3: Add The Coffee Grounds

The next step is to add coffee grounds to the portafilter, and you will need to use finely ground coffee. Next, remove the portafilter from the machine and fill it with the grounds before tampering and reinstalling it.

Step 4: Brew

Most new espresso machines will feature a “Lungo” button, so you will only need to push it to make the brew once everything is set up.

The extraction time for the Lungo will be between 50 and 60 seconds, which is longer than the 20 to 30 seconds required to pull a typical shot of espresso.

Step 5: Serve And Enjoy

After the extraction, you may serve and enjoy your beverage immediately, or you may hold it until the machine is cooled.

If you wish to drink it immediately, place your portafilter in the appropriate portafilter holder on the device and pour. That is all there is to it!

Flavor Of Lungo

Because the additional hot water running through the ground coffee removes components that would otherwise stay undissolved, a lungo is less robust but more bitter.

The bitterness and wateriness of the shot increase as more water is pushed through the coffee grounds. 
What flavor is lungo?
For this reason, it is not uncommon to find a lungo more robust than the regular shot. Adding sugar or other sugars to the brew is also common, resulting in an equally bitter and rich taste.

Is lungo stronger than coffee? It is commonly believed that the Lungo has a balanced taste and is not very tasty by itself, some baristas prefer its taste with milk. 

Ways To Serve A Lungo

There are many ways to serve a lungo. However, it is essential to note that the regular shot of espresso is at least double the size of a lungo, and it must be served in espresso cups.

The Lungo can also be served as an Americano, containing 50% to 80% of an espresso shot by volume. 

So, now you know how to make lungo. Wanna know can you make lungo americano & Can you make latte with lungo, then read on…

Can you make lungo Americano?

Here’s how Can you make lungo Americano? You can create an Americano with your Lungo if you are a caffeine “freak” but prefer your coffee to be a little less robust. 

Follow the below steps & learn how can you make lungo americano:

  •  Pour a small amount of water onto the coffee grounds 
  • Then add more water until you have reached your desired strength (usually around one litre). 
  • Wait for the water to brew, remove from the gas flame and add sugar if desired.

Can you make latte with lungo?

Let us find out Can you make latte with lungo: Latte is a coffee made with an espresso or two and hot milk.

Lungo is a stronger, less sweet coffee typically made with a french press, then distilled to make some of the most prized coffees in the world, such as Four Roses bourbon barrel-aged Kentucky dark roast and Geisha beans from Kyoto. 

But Can you make latte with lungo? The premise of this question is that you can’t make a latte with lungo because they are different types of coffees.

Create A “Shot In The Dark” Drink.

Try the “shot in the dark” version to amp up the caffeine in your Lungo beverage. This coffee will be made by combining your Lungo with drip coffee to produce a cup of coffee with a roasty backbone and a substantial caffeine spike.

Similar Drinks To Lungo

Now you gotta know can you make lungo americano & Can you make latte with lungo. So, let’s look at similar drinks to Lungo & know whether coffee is stronger than lungo or Is lungo stronger than coffee?:


This espresso has been prepared with less water than usual. As a result, it has a rich and bitter flavour. It is the standard espresso shot that is served in Italy.

Double Shot Of Espresso 

This espresso has been brewed with double the number of ingredients than usual. As a result, it has the same flavour as a regular espresso, but more of it. 

Black Coffee

Black coffee is an espresso that has been prepared using hot water only. It is the opposite of a Lungo in that it has minimal flavour and texture, but it contains much less caffeine.

Some people who like the taste of hot water really like the taste of this drink, so you should try ordering one on every visit to a coffee shop. But what about coffee? Is lungo stronger than coffee? Let's find out!...

Is lungo stronger than coffee?

Yes, lungo is stronger than coffee. Here how Is lungo stronger than coffee? It is made from espresso and hot water.

It is not a drip coffee or an Americano. The strength of lungo is 10 to 15 percent more than the strength of coffee.

Now, let’s talk about the Americano & find out Is Americano or lungo stronger by the end!

What Is An Americano?

The term “Americano” refers to the addition of hot water to the espresso at a ratio of four parts water to one part espresso. It tastes similar to black coffee, although it’s a tad sweeter. 

How is an Americano different from regular coffee?

Coffeehouse owners traditionally use espresso shot after espresso shot in the Americano, and the drink is best served with a short black. The Americano is not the same as a Long Black or a Flat White because they omit the espresso.

Americanos are popular in Europe and worldwide, but they originated in Italy. They’re named after the American soldiers who went to Italy during World War II and asked coffee shops to turn their espressos into something a little easier to drink. 

Americanos are sometimes referred to as “Amerikanos” in the United States, even by coffee shop workers. 

How Do You Make An Americano?

Making an Americano is incredibly easy. All you need is one shot of espresso, which is enough for a double espresso or a large coffee, and you will use three times as much water as you used for the espresso.

To do so, place the espresso shot into your cup and then add the hot water. Stir with a spoon or other utensil to mix the waters, although many prefer not to mix them because their coffee will be too watered down. Instead, many people choose to drink theirs like that.

Also, many people like to add some sugar or other forms of sweetener to the hot water to get a more pleasant taste. Sugar is not necessary, but it will make your taste buds happier. 

To make espresso, you will require an espresso machine. These machines are often costly, but they produce a rich flavour and consistency. Let’s take a look at the different devices on the market to make your Americano:

Manual Espresso Machines

These machines are simple to operate and do not use batteries. They do not accept a lot of water at one time, but your brew will be solid and full of flavour.

If you want to go with a manual machine, start with a Moka pot, the most popular manual machine on the market. It is one of the cheapest options available, and it works well.

Pod Machines

These machines are top-rated. They are effortless and can be used on the go so that you can make a quick espresso in a pinch. They are also very economical; some pod machines can cost as little as $100. 

Pod machines need batteries for power, so they do not operate on manual or dial settings. However, pod machines produce similar results to manual machines, so you can't go wrong with a pod machine. 

Automatic Espresso Machines

These types of appliances require electricity and do not use batteries. They are among the most popular espresso machines, especially in hotels and restaurants.

Although automatic machines may seem complicated, they produce excellent results and can be mastered in a concise amount of time.

Flavor Of Americano

Americano also provides a rich and intense flavour, but it is not bitter. They also produce a sweet, rich, and syrupy texture. The taste and texture stand up well to a lot of sugar or other sweeteners. 

What flavors are good in Americano?
Americanos are often considered the perfect way to start the morning, as they can help provoke your palate for the day ahead.

One way to get an americano if you don’t have the right equipment is to make a regular espresso and then add water to the espresso afterwards.

Ways To Serve Americano

Americano can be served in different ways, although the authentic way is to serve it in a cup. Some people like to top the espresso with a layer of foam, so it has a creamy layer on top. It is known as an Americano Lungo, and it is rich in taste and texture.

Another way to serve Americano is known as an Americano flat white. An Americano flat white is an americano in a mug and is popular due to its rich flavour. It is a potent coffee drink with many crema on the surface.

The Americano iced is also in demand due to its more unique flavour. The ice provides some sweetness and volume, but the taste and texture remain the same as a regular americano.

A lot of people like to serve americanos with milk. It is because they believe that adding milk to your Americano makes the coffee taste better and richer, although that is not exactly true.

The point is that, if you want to taste the espresso, or if you’re going to taste it with a little bit of milk and sugar, then you can do that, but if you want to drink it with a lot of water and sugar, then adding some milk won’t make a difference.

Similar Drinks To Americano

In addition to the Lungo, there are a variety of cocktails that are comparable to the Americano. The long black looks a lot like the Americano. Instead of adding hot water to espresso, it is made into hot water. But Is Americano or lungo stronger?

The crema is preserved by preparing the long black, giving the long black a slightly bitter flavor. The cappuccino iced is also comparable to an americano. 

Instead of adding water and sugar to espresso, you are simply drinking a cup of coffee with a little bit of ice in there.

The skinny latte is also similar to the Americano. However, instead of using espresso, it uses lattes as the base for your drink.

The latte has a more delicate flavor, and thus it is better suited for people that prefer to have more water and less crema.

Now that you know about Lungo & Americano in person. Let us look at the differences between Lungo Vs Americano.

The Main Differences Between Americano And Lungo

What is the difference between a lungo and an espresso?

Lungo Vs Americano main differences: Americano is a drink that has gained much popularity over the years due to its rich and thick taste.

However, you will need an espresso machine and a kettle to make it traditionally. Below are some of the differences between an americano and a lungo:

Lungo Vs Americano making process: Both, Americano and Lungo are served in cups, but whereas the Lungo is made with just one shot of espresso, the Americano is made with two shots of espresso. As a result, the Americano requires only a little hot water, but the Lungo requires more.

Lungo Vs Americano Ingredients: To make an americano, you will need some sugar or other sweetener (as well as whatever flavour you want) and some hot water.

To make a lungo, you will need espresso and hot water, but no sugar or sugar substitute is involved. The lungs are known for being stronger, so they require more crema.

Lungo Vs Americano how do they look: The Americano is made out of two layers: the first layer is the crema, which looks like foam/milk and this layer sits at the top of your drink; then there’s the second layer comprised of a rich body beneath the surface of your beverage.

The Lungo has only one layer of cream. The second layer consists of a rich body beneath the surface of your drink. 

So, these are some of the main differences between Lungo Vs Americano. But is americano or lungo stronger? Let us find out about “Is americano or lungo stronger and the reason behind why they are stronger. 

Is Americano or lungo stronger?

Here is a breakdown of the sizes, so you can decide for yourself “Is Americano or lungo stronger”:


The lungo is typically 15 to 18 grams and contains between 150 and 180 milligrams of caffeine. It is the largest of the two options and often contains double the amount of coffee as the espresso shot.

It is diluted with double or triple the amount of hot water than in an espresso shot. Lungos are usually preferred in the morning or later in the afternoon, because of their larger size. There is less caffeine per fluid ounce of lungo, compared to espresso.


The americano is typically 7 to 9 grams and contains between 75 and 100 milligrams of caffeine. It is smaller than a lungo and is complemented with hot water rather than being diluted (like the espresso shot). The americano is enjoyed any time.

Lungo Vs Americano- Conclusion:

Now you know the difference betweenLungo Vs Americano, you will be able to choose the best drink for you and your friends.

You also learn how Can you make lungo Americano? & found out Can you make latte with lungo and why.

The differences are not that big, so you can play around and experiment with them. If you like a more robust coffee, you can choose the Lungo.

If you want to try something different or if you prefer to drink more water, then select the Americano. Try different variations and see what is best for you. 

Is lungo stronger than coffee?You must enjoy your coffee, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

I hope you found the answer for Is Americano or lungo stronger useful. Please leave any other suggestions and tips in the comment section below if you have any other offers and tips.

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