Do All Keurig Coffee Makers Have Water Filters

Keurig Coffee Makers

The Keurig coffee maker has been one of the most successful inventions of our time, and for a good reason.

It’s the perfect coffee maker for people who hate making coffee because it has the option to brew coffee from pre-ground beans, and it does it perfectly every time. 

The best part is they are easy to use. However, some customers have questions about whether all Keurigs have a water filter or not. This article will answer this question and look at how the coffee maker works in general.

How Keurig works

The Keurig coffee maker is used in offices and homes worldwide, and it is designed to use K-cups, which are little pods of pre-ground or whole beans.

Do all Keurigs have a water filter cartridge?
The machine uses pressure to push hot water through the K-cup, which results in one cup of fresh coffee. 

The device even has a timer with a 24-hour program that lets you wake up to your favourite beverage every day.

One of the great things about this coffee maker is that it is compatible with the most popular pods on the market, which means you can choose to brew coffee from your favourite brand. In addition to coffee, there are several other types of drinks available. 

For example, your Keurig can brew hot chocolate or tea for a complete desirable beverage experience. Most machines come with a complimentary drink sample package from one of their sponsored brands.

The water filter is usually situated on the left-hand side of the water reservoir. However, it can be found on the opposite side in some models.

Knowing where to buy and how to replace a Keurig’s water filter is critical for ensuring consistent taste quality.

Do all Keurigs come with a water filter?

The majority of Keurig models include a filter section within the machine. More minor variants (such as the K-Mini, K-Mini Plus, K15, and Rivo) lack filters and need to be replaced.

If your model lacks a built-in filter, but you wish it did, Keurig sells a hand-held filter as an accessory.

It’s also worth noting that not all Keurig filters are universal. So, before you go shopping for a replacement, double-check your model to ensure it is the correct size.

What is the purpose of a Keurig Water Filter?

The filter’s primary function is to remove chlorine and other minerals from the water. The heating elements inside the machine are vulnerable to harm from mineral deposits accumulated.

Because these vital machine components are hidden from view, it isn't easy to discern if buildup has developed, hence the value of further filtration.

In addition, the cleaner the water, the better the brew. The Keurig filters remove any leftover chlorine or mineral particles from your pre-filtered water. It improves the taste and protects you from swallowing harmful pollutants. 

Remember that not all Keurig models are created equal. Compatible water filters are not universal, so you must check your model compatibility before purchasing.

Is it necessary to change the filter regularly?

Do Keurig machines have water filters?

Yes. Regular cleaning and maintenance of Keurig Coffee Makers guarantee that your coffee is excellent and safe to consume; this includes periodic filter replacements. In addition, the Keurig filters have a two-month warranty or 60 reservoir refills, whichever comes first. 

What Happens if the Keurig Filter Isn’t Changed?

Over time, the filter gets too contaminated to absorb any additional contaminants from the water, rendering it practically worthless.

In addition, an overused filter will cause your coffee to taste odd. Because the filter slowly gathers contaminants from the water, you may not notice a difference in flavour for some time. 

As a result, it’s better not to rely on the taste of your coffee to know whether it’s time for a change.

How Do I Remove the Keurig Water Filter?

When you need to change your Keurig’s water filter, the moment will come. When it happens, you must know precisely what to do.

The water filter on a Keurig is simple to replace. The first thing is to locate the water filter for your specific model.

After that, you must remove the water filter device. The filter is a clear tall tower; however, the unit is black for the Classic series.

Where does the water filter go in a Keurig?
Releasing the unit may be difficult because the grooves often lock it in at the bottom. Simply giving it a quick tug or rocking it till it loosens up would suffice. 

Open it up once you’ve appropriately removed the filter unit. Pinch the tabs at the bottom of the team with your index and thumb. These are the filters that are in use. Remove the used filters as soon as possible.

How to Replace a Keurig Water Filter

Installing a new water filter in a Keurig is a simple process. However, it is critical to perform it correctly to work correctly.

The first step in installing a new water filter on a Keurig is to soak the water filter for around 10 minutes. It must first absorb water. Next, place the filter in a bowl and fill it with water. 

When it is in the bottom of the bowl rather than floating, you will know it has soaked enough water. Next, rinse it with water for 60 seconds to achieve the most significant results. Also, rinse the filter unit. 

Finally, remove any pollutants and debris, paying specific attention to the small mesh section at the unit's bottom, where residues gather. 

You can now replace the filter in the housing unit. Slide it into the holder with the rounded top section facing up, close the unit, and replace it on the machine. When you return the filter, be sure you hear a click. 

If you don't, it suggests it wasn't properly reinstalled since it was misaligned. You can set the replacement dial before reinstalling it with a newer model. Set it for two months to notify you that your filter needs to be updated.

Does Filtered Water Taste Better in Keurig Machines?

There is a minor variation in taste, but it does not necessarily taste better. Because of the minerals infused to make it potable, most tap water has a distinct aftertaste. However, because filtered water is “filtered,” it is free of unpleasant aftertaste.

How do I know what Keurig model I have?
Aside from that, filtered water is preferable because it is healthier for you. It has fewer contaminants, and when the filter within the machine filters it further, the water quality improves even more. 

Where Can I Purchase Keurig Replacement Filters?

Keurig replacement filters are often sold by merchants who sell Keurig machines. These can be found in both online and physical locations.

If you buy from an internet merchant, ensure that the retailer is an accredited distributor of Keurig items to avoid fakes or subpar filters.


Filtering water is essential in maintaining your coffee’s safe and healthy drinking. In contrast, using unfiltered water may lead to serious health problems.

Unfortunately, not all machines have water filtration features when it comes to Keurig models. 

The water filters are there to keep your Keurig functioning at its best, so if your Keurig hasn’t been used for a long time, it is advisable to replace the water filter rather than ignore the issue. After all, you need to pay attention to how well your machine works for you to enjoy perfect coffee every day!

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