DeLonghi EC885M Dedica Arte Espresso Machine Review: How To Use

DeLonghi EC885M Dedica Arte Espresso Machine - A Review

Are you looking to buy a high-end espresso machine and don’t want to spend a fortune? Read this DeLonghi EC885M Dedica Arte Espresso Machine Review! 

If so, the DeLonghi EC885M Dedica Arte is an option that may be for you.

The EC885M does not offer many of the fancy features that you would find in more expensive models, but it is still an excellent espresso maker.

If you want to learn more about the EC885M, continue reading this delonghi 820 review for information on  delonghi espresso machine how to use it. Let’s get started!

DeLonghi EC885M Dedica Arte Espresso Machine Review – About DeLonghi EC885M 

The DeLonghi EC885M Dedica Arte espresso machine is for those who want the best espresso experience possible.

Does DeLonghi make good espresso machines?

Its 15-bar pressure ensures the perfect extraction of the beans and gives you the freedom to choose the strength of your shots.

It also has a tamper for easy grinding and a large basket to accommodate large or frequent cups. 

This machine is ready to use right when you take it out of the box, making it easy to use even if you have little experience brewing espresso.

If you want to take advantage of the extra features, you’ll need an optional adapter. 

With the optional Keg Adapter, you can easily brew your beverages for guests at parties or get your favourite coffee at the office.

It can also be used with other beverage attachments, such as milk frothers, so that you can make hot chocolate, cappuccino, or latte in a straightforward step.

Delonghi 820 review: Features


Sleek stainless steel finish blends right into any kitchen countertop. It is 6 inches wide and comes with a stainless steel two-tier filter basket and a removable water reservoir.

The housing and drip tray are both detachable, and the filter tray is made of plastic.


The machine has a stainless steel finish and plastic parts, which means it is easy to wipe down after use and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

However, the plastic parts may be prone to cracking as they are not as durable as other materials such as glass.

Easy To Use

The machine does the work for you. The Automatic Flow Stop feature dispenses just the right amount of espresso, taking out the guesswork.

In addition, this machine has a steam wand, a tamper, and a large filter basket to easily brew hot beverages such as lattes and cappuccinos. 

This unit also has a timer for automatic off, allowing you to save energy and money by automatically avoiding unnecessary operation.

Using Taller Cups

The machine has a double drip tray for use with taller cups, such as latte glasses, allowing your guests to enjoy their beverages easily.

What is the difference between DeLonghi ec680 and EC685?

15-Bar Pressure

The machine has a 15-bar pressure pump to provide an intense flavour extraction, which creates espresso beverages.

Steam Wand

With its steam wand, you can easily create any milk-based beverage such as lattes and cappuccinos. 

Convenient Features

The de’longhi ec885m dedica arte has a 35-ounce removable water reservoir that is very easy to refill and clean.

It also has an automatic off feature allowing you to conveniently switch off after a certain amount of time without remembering to turn it off manually. 

You can also remove the water tank when refilling or cleaning it.


It is pretty expensive, best for those who love coffee and want to make it at home. Its priced at $400.


  • Easy to clean
  • Trendy design
  • Different brewing options
  • Easy to use
  • Has many strengths for its uses


  • May cracks if not taken care of
  • May rust with constant use

DeLonghi espresso machine: how to use it?

In this DeLonghi EC885M Dedica Arte Espresso Machine Review, we saw the best features of this machine. Now, let’s see the quick steps on how to use it! Follow these simple steps to get your espresso:

1. Fill the Water reservoir

2. Preheat the Machine

3. Grind the beans

4. Attach the Porta filter

5. Choose your preferred recipe

6. Pull out a shot’

7. Steam the Milk

8. Serve!

Delonghi 820 review: Customer Reviews

Most customers are happy after using the product, but some have been unsatisfied because of problems. One complaint is that the machine may crack if you don’t manage it properly, so this can be a problem for very particular enthusiasts about their equipment. The device also may become rusty with continuous usage.

Who makes DeLonghi espresso machines?
Reviewers have mentioned that this unit is easy to use and clean because it doesn't require much effort. In addition, the design of this machine makes it very compact, which permits you to store it anywhere in your kitchen.


With all the features and quality it offers, this machine is very similar to other devices such as the Breville BCG820XL.

However, the Breville BCG820XL has a built-in steam wand and can easily brew hot beverages such as lattes and cappuccinos.

This unit is very similar to the Brewlab Barista Express machine, which has similar features and abilities. The difference is that this unit contains a removable water tank, which makes it very convenient to refill water and clean the machine.

Conclusion: DeLonghi EC885M Dedica Arte Espresso Machine Review

 The de’longhi ec885m dedica arte is a very nice machine that can make various beverages, such as lattes and cappuccinos. The coffee from this unit is very flavorful and has a good consistency. 

This machine also has many convenient features, such as the automatic off function, which allows you to conveniently switch off the unit after a certain amount of time without remembering to do so. 

This machine is easy to use and has several strengths for its uses. I hope you followed delonghi espresso machine how to use and you had fun.

It is an excellent machine for casual use. Still, many delonghi 820 reviewers have complained about the durability of the plastic parts, so this unit is best for coffee lovers who are not very particular about their machines.


Is It Easy To Use?

The machine is straightforward to use and doesn’t require much effort because it works for you. The automatic off function makes it very convenient because you don’t have to remember to turn off the machine.

The machine also has a convenient filter basket that you can remove easily.

Is It Easy To Clean?

The machine has a stainless steel finish and plastic parts, making it easy to wash up afterwards. Its plastic parts are not as durable as other materials such as glass, but they can still last for years without problems. It also even has a removable water reservoir that can be quickly filled and taken out.

Can It Make Espresso For Lattes And Cappuccinos?

Yes, it can make espresso for lattes and cappuccinos with its steam wand.

Can Taller Cups Be Used?

You can use taller cups because the machine has a double drip tray to accommodate this cup.

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