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Clean Coffee Maker

It’s never good to have a smelly coffee maker! On the other hand, you may be a busy person and may not have the time to make your descaling solutions.

There are always different brands of descaling solutions out in the market, but is one better than the other? 

It isn't easy to find a solution that has just the right amount of simplicity and ease.

That’s why we have created this list for our readers with all their problems solved! Our article will give you different types of solutions with Pros and Cons so that you can pick the one most suitable for your lifestyle. 

So read on to find how you can always have coffee without any worries!

Let’s get started!

Best solutions to clean coffee maker 

BLUEOXY Natural Coffee Maker Cleaner/Descaling Solution

Blueoxy is a revolutionary appliance descaling solution that removes limescale and mineral build-up, restoring smooth operation for your coffee maker. It cleans out stuck-on residue to leave no trace of it ever being there. 

Its unique Ultra Concentrated formula makes the most of its power, so you don't have to dilute it to use it.

It also doesn’t harm the machine – their patented pH-neutral formula has no acid whatsoever. And since it doesn’t damage the device, you can use it every 1 to 3 months – unlike other descaling solutions on the market.


  • Very simple to use – add your water, wait for a few minutes, and there you have it!
  • Very affordable price, especially if you are buying this for more than one machine. 
  • Surprisingly effective at removing all sorts of calcium build-up on your coffee maker.
  • Good for all single-use machines


  • It’s a little thicker than we would like

Keurig Descaler – Universal Descaling Solution for Keurig, Nespresso, Delonghi, and All Single Use Coffee and Espresso Machines

The Keurig Descaler is an innovative product designed to clean your Keurig coffee maker. It is a simple, non-toxic solution that will remove all types of limescale, mineral deposits, and other hard water minerals from your machine. 

We all know that your coffee machine can be a real pain to clean, but this descaler is going to change that. 

It is an all-natural product, so you have nothing to worry about. It is going to work on all modern Keurig coffee makers and Nespresso machines.

All of this without using a solution that you have to dilute for it to work correctly. You can go ahead and pour the descaler into the brewing tank of your machine and wait for a few minutes.


  • The descaler is very effective, and it will remove all mineral deposits and other bad tastes from your machine
  • The descaler will work on any coffee machine, even the ones which are connected to the water supply
  • It is very affordable compared to what you can buy in stores
  • All you have to do is pour the descaler into your tank and wait for a few minutes for it to do its magic.


  • You can’t use it very often; once or twice in 6 months is enough to maintain your machine correctly.
  • Some people report that the descaling solution burns their coffee maker’s heating element. 

Urnex Coffee Maker and Espresso Machine Cleaner Cleancaf Powder

Urnex is proud to introduce their newest product in their Coffee Cleaner line, Cleancaf Powder. This powder is used to clean your machine like you would use a powder detergent for a dishwasher. 

The Cleancaf Powder works on all types of coffee makers and espresso machines. This powder will remove the build-up of coffee oils, limescale, and oil from your coffee maker. 

The Cleancaf Powder treats the device with a single-use, and the three-month supply ensures you’re always protected from the build-up.


  • Completely cleans the machine
  • Easy to use


  • Some customers complain it makes no difference to their machine

Affresh Coffee Maker Cleaner

Affresh’s coffee maker cleaner is designed to make cleaning your coffee maker or espresso machine quick and easy. Just pour a small amount of solution into the reservoir and start scrubbing. 

The cleaner dissolves in water to create a powerful yet odourless cleaning solution.  The unique, easy-to-use design allows for quick and thorough cleaning of your coffee maker, and it's DFE certified. 


  • Coffee maker is like new again
  • Odor-free


  • Ruined some customers coffee maker
  • Customer support is not good

Durgol Swiss Espresso, Descaler, and Decalcifier for All Brands of Espresso Machines and Coffee Makers

The Durgol Swiss Espresso, Descaler, and Decalcifier is the only way to clean machines and coffee makers. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your cleaning needs. 

This professional-grade cleaner will remove limescale and calcium build-up, and you can use it on all espresso machines and coffee makers. 

It also makes cleaning more accessible by removing any calcium build-up and limescale on the machine’s insides. 

In addition, the cleaner comes with a removable container that will fit over your espresso machine's water tank, making it easy to pour the cleaner into the water tank. 

Use this cleaner regularly to prevent your coffee maker from becoming a hard-to-clean mess.


  • Gentle on the machines
  • No need to dissolve it in water
  • Ready to use


  • It’s no good at removing hard water build-up

Espresso Machine Descaler Tablets by Impresa

The Espresso Machine Descaler Tablets by Impresa are the perfect way to decalcify and clean your coffee machine. 

With over 20 tablets, you'll be able to decalcify your device and keep it in top shape for years to come. Insert the descaling tablets into your machine, follow the manufacturer's instructions, and enjoy your coffee maker. 

These tablets are for Breville, Jura, and Miele espresso machines and are also compatible with Bosch Tassimo, Nespresso, Verismo, and many other espresso machines.


  • Keeps the machine clean
  • Easy to store 


  • Very expensive, especially when you buy them online. 
  • It does not dissolve 
  • Did not work for many customers
  • No instruction manual with it

Is descaling solution better than vinegar?

It all depends on how you are using it. If you are using it as a cleaning solution, then vinegar will do fine because it’s working to dissolve the build-up and whiten the machine. On the other hand, the descaling solution is used for removing scale and anything inside the machine.

Is vinegar or baking soda better for cleaning coffee maker?

Vinegar is better. Baking soda cleans up small amounts of calcium, but it also leaves residue.

Can you use Clorox to clean coffee maker?

Clorox has a bleaching effect, so it is not good to use on sensitive electronics. You can use that on the outside of your coffee maker before you put it in the dishwasher.


Many products on the market can help you clean your coffee maker, but it’s important to note that some of them don’t work as expected. Some products burn your coffee maker, and others don’t even work as advertised.

It is why we have created the list above. We have carefully selected the products which have been rated as effective by most users. So try these ready-to-use descalers, and save yourself from all the hassle!

Happy cleaning!

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