How To Clean & Descale DeLonghi Espresso Machine: How often To Descale

DeLonghi Espresso Machine

If you’re an avid coffee drinker, you know what it is to own a DeLonghi espresso machine.

The DeLonghi company has been designing and manufacturing industrial-grade products for over 75 years.

If you own one and have been using it for some time, then you need to know all its usability like its cleaning procedure. 

In case you’re facing issues in cleaning the machine, you don’t need to worry. The steps are quite easy; all you need to do is follow these specific instructions and your DeLonghi espresso machine is clean and shiny.

It is also called a pump espresso machine, and is a very ingenious invention. They are easy to maintain and combine both drip and espresso brewing technology in one.  

How To Clean & Descale DeLonghi Espresso Machine?

Cleaning Your DeLonghi Espresso Machine

To make the most of your machine and to ensure that you don’t face any problems in the future with your coffee maker, it is a good idea to clean your DeLonghi espresso machine on a regular basis.

After every brewing process, you need to descale the coffee maker. Read also : How to clean breville espresso machine: Clean using descale solution. Doing so will keep your machine running in tip-top shape and ensure that you enjoy the best quality of coffee ever made.

These steps will help you clean a DeLonghi espresso machine after your brewing cycles. 

Some cleaning agents you can use to clean the DeLonghi espresso machine are:

  • White Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Lemon Juice
  • Natural Oils
  • Citric Acid
  • Hydrogen Peroxide

You can also use different cleaners if you want.

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How do you deep clean a DeLonghi coffee machine?

Here are the simple steps on How do you deep clean a DeLonghi coffee machine: To see also : Is Your Bunn Nhbx Leaking From Bottom?.

Step 1 – Choose A Descaling Agent

Choose a descaling agent

If you know about the different types of cleaning agents, then pick the one that is best suited for your DeLonghi espresso machine.

You should choose a mild one because this will prevent the machine from getting damaged in any way. Lemon juice is a natural cleaning remedy that is mild on the machine and is also a good solution for the descaling process.

Step 2 – Pour It In

Pour in the descaling agent. Read also : Breville vs Delonghi – And The Winner IS!!!. If you want to use vinegar, fill it with equal parts of white vinegar and clean water.

For a cleaner machine, mix your vinegar and water mixture with hydrogen peroxide instead of plain water. Citric acid is also an old-age remedy that you can use to fix problems in your DeLonghi espresso machine.

Step 3 – Clean It Well

Turn the water tap for a cold water flow and do not allow the machine to stay for more than 15 minutes.

Step 4 – Thoroughly Rinse The Machine

Turn off the DeLonghi espresso machine and check for any signs of leakage. You can use paper towels to absorb any drips if there is any left in your machine after running your descaling solution through it.

You need to fill the pump chamber with warm water and add a little bit of liquid dish soap.

First, clean the machine thoroughly using a brush. Then, wash it well by rinsing everything with plenty of warm water.

Once you finish this, wipe it out or turn off the machine, and then turn the water back on. Let the machine sit for a few minutes before you use it again.You can also put vinegar in the drip tray or filter basket to help prevent spills.

Step 5 – Make Your Espresso

Step 5 - Make your espresso

Once you have cleaned the machine thoroughly, preheat the DeLonghi espresso machine with plain water, and then make your espresso.

You can also use hot water and soap to clean your DeLonghi espresso machine. What you need to do is just fill the pump chamber with warm water and add a little bit of liquid dish soap.

Clean the machine thoroughly using a brush. Then, wash it well by rinsing everything with plenty of warm water.

After cleaning, use a kitchen towel or cloth damped with vinegar to wipe out any remaining residue from the machine.

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How To Clean The Steam Wand? Can I use any descaler in my Delonghi coffee machine?

What do you soak a steam wand in?

The water wand is the part of the machine that will heat the water for your espresso. When it gets dirty, it can make your coffee taste like burnt vinyl or a bitter aftertaste.

Step 1 – Clean It With Vinegar

What should you not clean with vinegar?

First, clean this part by using a brush and some soft cloth-covered paper towels. Then, still using these paper towels, wipe everything off and cover it with distilled white vinegar.

Step 2 – Clean It With Hydrogen Peroxide And Vinegar Solution

After you finish the first step of cleaning,  mix vinegar and water solution with the hydrogen peroxide. And then, allow the machine to sit for at least 15 minutes.

You can also use a soft cloth covered in vinegar and a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. Then, wipe off the wand with a soft cloth and allow it to dry completely before using it again.

If you cannot find gentle cleanser remedies at your home, visit your nearest grocery stores and buy one that does not contain bleach.

Do not use any cleaning agents that contain bleach as they can also damage the machine.

To get rid of the vinegar smell, leave the machine for a few hours without using it or fill the water tank with cold water and run it for a few minutes after cleaning it.

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How To Clean The Coffee Filters?

How to clean the coffee filters?

The coffee filters are another part of the machine that you may need to clean periodically. When they get dirty, they can leave a bitter flavour in your coffee.

Step – 1 Clean The Filter Basket

First, make sure that you pour hot water into the filter basket. Then, wipe out the dirty coffee filter with a soft cloth and warm soapy water. Do not use harsh cleansers because they can damage your machine.

After washing, rinse it well with cold water and then let it dry completely before using it again.

Step – 2 Clean The Drip Tray

Dry out any residue left on your coffee maker by wiping it out with paper towels or swabs dipped in vinegar and water solution.

When properly cleaned, your DeLonghi espresso machine will be fit for use, and it will also bring a great taste to your coffee.

How often should you descale a Delonghi coffee machine?

Delonghi espresso machines need to be cleaned regularly and descaled once a year to produce the best coffee.

The time interval between cleaning and descaling can be different depending on your usage. 

The machine should be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed with odourless vinegar before every use. Put vinegar in the drip tray or filter basket to prevent coffee spills.

You need to wash it with vinegar, water, and soap after each use.

If you want to avoid calcium deposits on the machine that destroys the pump, descale it once every six months before using it for espresso making.

Final Thoughts

How To Clean & Descale DeLonghi Espresso Machine - Final Thoughts

Now you are an expert on how to descale your coffee machine!

If you follow the step-by-step guide on descaling your Delonghi espresso machine correctly, you won't face any problem with it in future.

Did you manage to clean your espresso machine properly? Let us know in the comments.


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