How To Make Iced Tea With Mr Coffee Maker?

Iced Tea coffee maker

Iced tea is a refreshing drink that is easy and quick to make.

It has been a favourite beverage of millions for centuries. It is believed that the Chinese introduced iced tea to the world 2,500 years ago. 

In the United States alone, more than 60 billion cups of iced tea are consumed every year. There are many different types of iced tea. Some are sweetened, some are not. Some are spiced, some are not. The choices are nearly endless. 

However, there are a few things all iced teas have in common. They all contain tea leaves, they all contain sugar or artificial sweeteners, and they all contain water. That’s it! 

That's the basic formula for making iced tea. Now, let's talk about how to make the best-iced tea possible using only the items found in your kitchen.

Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker

There are many different ways to make iced tea using various types of equipment. Your essential kitchen items include pots, bowls, filters, cups, pitchers, and other assorted paraphernalia that you can use to create the perfect glass of ice-cold iced tea. 

In addition, however, there is a specifically designed iced coffee machine called "The Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker". 

This handy little device does all of the work for you. It doesn’t get any easier than that! This iced coffee machine is a glass pot that has a metal basket inside.

You just put loose tea leaves in the basket, fill the pot with water, place it on the stove, and bring it to a boil. 

After boiling:

  • Remove it from heat and let it sit for about five minutes to allow the tea leaves to be steep.
  • Once the tea has steeped to your liking, place a regular size ice cube in the bottom of the metal basket and screw it into the top of the glass pot.
  • Place this on top of your favourite cup, turn it upside down over your cup, and voila!
You have fresh iced tea. You can then add sugar or artificial sweetener to suit your taste. The Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker is not just for iced tea. You can use it for preparing coffee as well as hot tea. 

For those who don’t want to brew a pot of iced or hot tea, place a small amount of freshly brewed coffee into the glass pot and turn the maker upside down over your favourite cup.  The brewing cycle takes about four minutes. 

What Is An Iced Tea Maker?

An Ice Tea Maker is a kitchen appliance specifically designed to brew large amounts of iced tea. It is typically round in shape with a lid that you can tightly fasten. 

It is traditionally made from glass or plastic and is used for brewing teas, like green or white, but you can also use it for brewing coffee, hot chocolate or other drinks. The lid is usually made of glass, which enables you to see the contents inside the pitcher.

Most iced tea makers come with a capacity of one gallon. It allows you to make enough ice tea for your entire family at one time. The nice thing about using an iced tea maker is that you don’t have to worry about how much sugar or ice you put into the finished product. 

The iced tea maker takes care of this for you. In addition, many models come with different-sized infusers for brewing loose tea or tea bags. This feature is handy if you like experimenting with different varieties of teas.

Using an iced tea maker is surprisingly simple. All you have to do is fill the pitcher with the desired amount of freshwater, put the Infuser inside and then place it on top of a cup or pitcher. Then, pour the hot water over the tea infuser. 

There's no need to worry about over-brewing or under-brewing your tea. Iced tea makers prevent this by letting you pick the ideal amount of time for steeping your tea. All it takes is a few minutes of steeping, and then you're ready to enjoy your glass of iced tea!

How To Choose The Best Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker?

Consider the following factors when you are choosing an iced tea maker.

Electric Iced Tea Maker vs Manual Iced Tea Maker:

These days, you can purchase electric iced tea makers like the Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker, or you can buy a manual iced tea maker.

The manual ice tea maker is great for those who like camping or occasionally need to make a pitcher of tea and don't want to invest in a new appliance for their kitchen. 

The electric ice tea maker, on the other hand, is better suited for those who drink a lot of iced tea and would like to use one appliance regularly. They are also suitable for those who want to experiment with different types of tea and flavours. 

Both models, however, offer the same basic features like a pitcher that can hold up to one gallon of water and can be removed for easy filling and pouring.


When you choose an iced tea maker, you need to consider the size of the pitcher. Some models have a capacity of 1 litre, while others have a total of 1.4 litres. 

The best way to select the right size for your needs is to measure how much-iced tea you drink daily and then choose a model that will perfectly match your needs.

Shape and Aesthetics:

The shape of an iced tea maker also plays a significant role in the selection process. For example, if you are looking for a more stylish beverage glass, Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker offers models with glass lids. 

However, it is worth noting that many people prefer iced tea made in pitchers because they enjoy the aesthetics of having their ice tea made in something that resembles a glass or pitcher.


Finally, you should consider the materials used to make the pitcher and lid of your iced tea maker. There are plastic models like Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker that are lightweight and perfect for travel, but generally speaking, glass models are considered superior to plastic. 

This is because they are not as fragile as their plastic counterparts, and they do not impart any strange flavours onto the tea.

How To Make Iced Tea In A Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker?

Follow the below steps to make iced tea in a Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker:

Can you make iced tea in the Mr coffee Iced coffee maker?

Step 1: Water Measurement

The first step of making iced tea in a Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker is to measure the desired amount of water into the pitcher.

Fill the pitcher with water until it reaches the 1-litre mark. It will ensure that you get the maximum flavour out of your tea. 

Some people like weak, and some like strong, so you need to measure the water and adjust accordingly.

Step 2: Pour Water into the Reservoir 

After you have measured the water, place it in the reservoir. Many people try to pour cold water into hot water to cool the tea, but this is not true.

When you fill the pitcher with cold water, this causes the pitcher to become warm because your body heat transfers into it. 

The hot water releases its heat through permeability, and even if you are prepared for it, allowing cold water to cool warm tea will cause it to become ice cold. Therefore, it is ideal for filling your Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker with cold water.

Step 3: Put Your Tea Leaves/ Tea Bags 

in the Infuser

Now, you are ready to brew your tea. If you buy loose tea leaves, you can use the large Infuser provided with your Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker. If you like bags, use the smaller Infuser equipped with most Mr Coffee Iced Tea Makers.

Step 4: Close the Lid and Choose Your Ideal Tea Strength

When it comes to iced tea, many people prefer a light or light-medium taste. If you follow this method, then you will have light-medium tea. 

If you prefer a medium strength tea, then use your Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker Infuser with loose tea leaves or tea bags and brew for a longer time.

Step 5: Fill Your Pitcher with Ice 

Once the tea is brewed, you are ready to fill your pitcher with ice. If you have a 1-gallon pitcher, then you can fill it with ice. If you have a minor pitcher, you need to divide the ice into two portions to fit inside the pitcher. 

Remember not to leave any gaps between the ice cubes so that they do not melt during brewing.

Step 6: Plug-In the Tea Maker and Start Brewing

Plug the Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker into an outlet and allow it to get warmed up for about ten minutes or so. Then, press the brew button on your iced tea maker and watch the magic happen. 

When you notice that the ice cubes have melted and the tea is ready, press the brew button one more time to stop it from brewing. Your Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker will automatically shut off after a few minutes of brewing.

Step 7: Remove the Infuser

After you have brewed your tea, it is best to remove the Infuser as soon as possible because otherwise, it will start to impart a plastic-y taste onto your tea.

Step 8: Serve Your Delicious Iced Tea 

Pour your freshly brewed iced tea into a glass and enjoy sipping on a cool and refreshing glass of iced tea.

The longer you let your Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker brew, the more flavorful and bold the taste of your iced tea will become.

How To Make Infused Iced Tea – With A Fruit

Follow the below steps to make Infused Iced Tea with a fruit:

Step 1: Decide On The Type Of Fruit 

You want to infuse your iced tea with. Below you will find the different types of fruits that would work best in an iced tea infusion. You can experiment with different kinds of iced tea/fruit combinations. 

Remember that citrus fruits are not recommended for infusions because they don't taste perfect in this beverage.

Step 2: Wash and Prepare Your Fruit 

The next step in your iced tea infusion is to wash and prepare your fruit for infusion. To do this, you can use a vegetable brush to remove any dirt, compost and other materials from the fruit. Then cut it into small pieces or slices depending on what type of fruit you are using. 

For example, if it is a pulpier fruit like mango, then you only need to cut it into thin slices so that the flavour will infuse wholly and quickly into your iced tea.

Step 3: Blanch the Fruit 

Once you have cut your fruit into small pieces or slices, it is time to blanch it. To do this, place the fruit into a pot of boiling water for about 30 seconds. 

Again, take care not to touch the fruit with your hands because contact with any bacteria on your skin will make it difficult for the infused liquid to taste good.

Step 4: Drain the Fruit from the Boiling Water 

After blanched your fruit for about 30 seconds, take it out of the water and allow it to drain. If you don’t drain it well enough, you will have a very bitter iced tea.

Step 5: Strain the Fruit 

Once you have drained your fruit, place it into a colander or sieve to allow any liquids to drip through. Make sure that you leave no chunks of fruit behind.

Step 6: Add the Scented Oil to the Fruit 

The next component in making infused iced teas is to add a scented oil. You can use a blend of oils for this recipe, or you can use one oil, but either way, you want to use an oil that will not overpower the flavour of your fruit. 

To do this, place the infused fruit into the bottle with your preferred oil.

Step 7: Seal the Bottle 

Once you have added your fruit to the oil, then it is time to seal the bottle. You want to keep the oil and fruit separate so that your tea will have a good taste when it is ready. Take care not to overtighten the cap because you will hurt yourself when you loosen it to get your iced tea.

Step 8: Let the Flavored Oil Infuse for a Few Hours

Once you have added your fruit to the boil, then let it sit in a dark, cool place for a few hours. It is called maceration, and you want to do this because it will infuse the oil into your fruit. You can also use this time to get other household tasks done.

Step 9: Taste Your Tea 

The last step before brewing your tea is to taste it. It is called aromatization and only tastes of the leaves. Before the tea is considered to be finished, you should smell it and smell it again. 

You will know it is done once you sense that wonderful fruity scent coming through the tea channels.

Step 10: Brew Your Tea 

Brewing your tea is the most fun step in making infused iced tea. You can use loose-leaf or bagged tea; follow the directions on your Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker. 

Remember that if you are using a whole, fresh fruit infuser, you will have to brew your tea longer than you would if you were using a capsule-based infuser.

How To Clean Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker?

How do you clean the inside of a Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker?

To clean your Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker, follow these simple steps:

Remove the Pitcher Base

To remove the pitcher, unscrew the base of your Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker and remove it. You will find that it has a clip or something similar that holds the pitcher in place. 

Remove this piece and then rinse it thoroughly under running water to remove any debris or contaminants from your tea maker system.

Clean the Pitcher Base

To clean the pitcher base, use a paper towel or washcloth to wipe it down. Make sure that you clean it well and do not leave any debris behind. 

To clean the lid of your Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker, use a washcloth dipped in warm water to wipe down all parts of it until it is thoroughly cleaned.

Clean the Infuser/Lid

It is essential to remove any leftover tea from your Infuser after you have finished making your tea. To do this, remove the Infuser by pulling it out of your Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker.

You can then use a paper towel to wipe down the Infuser because it will have tea residue on it at this point. Take care not to damage the mesh while you are doing this.

Clean The Base/Lid

You can clean the rest of the Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker by simply rinsing it under warm water until all of the debris is removed from its parts.

Dry the Iced Tea Maker

When you have finished cleaning your Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker, take care to dry it thoroughly. If you don’t do this, then mould will grow on it, and your tea maker will not look or taste good when you use it again. 

The best way to dry the parts of the Iced Tea Maker is to place them in a warm spot in your home that doesn't get any sunlight and leave them there until they are completely dry and ready for storage.

Store Your Iced Tea Maker

Your Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker will last a long time once you have taken care of it properly. You can use it for many years without problems because it is made with high-quality materials that are easy to clean and take care of.

Disassemble Your Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker

Once you have taken care of your Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker and it is completely dry, then you can take it apart and store it in a dry, low humidity place where it will be safe. 

This way, if any mould grows on the tea maker system, then you can remove it and clean that area before making more tea or iced tea.

You will find that this is a straightforward process, and the result is iced tea that tastes good.

How To Remove Stains From Mr Ice Tea Maker?

How do you remove tea stains from a tea maker?

As we know, by using tap water, there will be mineral deposit spots on the pitcher after each infusion. To remove the stains, first, soak the pitcher in warm water with detergent. Then wash it with warm, soapy water; rub off any stubborn stains. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

If your Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker is stained or discoloured, then you can use white vinegar or bleach to clean it. 

Just dilute the vinegar or bleach with cleaning water and then use a sponge to remove the stains from your Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker. Don’t forget to rinse thoroughly before using it again.


Making your iced tea is a fun and simple process that you can do at home with the Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker.

This nifty tool makes it easy to make iced tea and helps you save money because it is a reusable system that makes delicious iced tea each time you use it.

So, not only do you save money by making your iced tea, but you will also save a lot of time.

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