Best Japanese Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is made from the instant coffee ground that became popular in the USA due to its convenience.

It's an excellent way for people on the go to get their morning caffeine fix without waiting for a pot of brewed coffee to finish brewing.

In the last few years, Japanese instant coffees have been making waves in America and Europe because they are some of the best instant coffees you can find. In this post, we’ll look at 5 of the best Japanese Instant Coffees.

AGF Maxim Black Assortment

It is a premium collection of four distinct AGF black coffees, perfect for people who like variety and quality. 

AGF Maxim Black Assortment

It is available in

  • Columbian blend with a rich scent and mellow flavour, 
  • Kilimanjaro mix with a powerful body and refreshing aftertaste
  • Brazilian blend with good bitterness and deep body, and a
  • Mocha blend with a sweet aroma and a gentle taste are all available. 

Because they are all unique, you will want to appreciate and compare them all.

Blendy Stick Original – Black

Blendy Stick Original includes no milk or sugar, making it ideal for black coffee enthusiasts and those who want to add milk and sugar to their liking. 

It dissolves well in cold water or milk. Blendy Stick Original comes in a big tin and is made with 100% Arabica beans.

Blendy Stick Café au Lait

This coffee stick, the creator of the renowned Blendy Café au Lait line, has been a hit since its release in 2002, with the creamy and sweet taste being the key to its lasting popularity. 

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How do you make a blendy stick iced coffee?
Blendy Stick Café au Lait is made with deep-roasted coffee beans and powdered cream, giving it a deeper, more creamy taste and texture. Many consider it to be on par with the quality of café au laits from specialist cafés.

Blendy Stick Luxury Coffee Shop Blend

It is one of the highest-quality instants available, made from the highest-grade coffee beans sent from Brazil, locally inspected in Japan, and checked for any residual pesticides. As a result, it is an everlasting favourite with the Japanese market. 

Nescafe Excella Black

Excella Black has no sugar or milk, making it ideal for people who like their coffee black or want to add their milk and sugar to taste.

Slightly burnt, the taste has a depth that is unique for instant coffee. It dissolves well in cold water or milk. 

Excella Black comes in a tin and is made with 100% Arabica beans.

Astoria Stick Milk Coffee

Astoria Stick Milk Coffee is a mix of powdered milk, sugar, and selected coffee beans. This coffee stick is highly competitive due to the freshness of its scent. 

Because the company is one of the pioneers of the Japanese coffee-making business, it ensures a high-quality product in a single stick. 

Key Coffee Cappucino

This instant coffee comes in a tall tin and is made with “bean-to-cup” quality coffee beans. It is packaged in a plastic bag, which makes it ideal for uses such as making milkshakes. 

Key Coffee Cappucino
If you like cappuccinos, you will enjoy the smooth taste of this instant coffee mixed with milk and sugar.

It has a strong coffee flavour with a not-so-foamy milk finish like the one pictured on the packaging, yet it tastes very refreshing! 

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UCC Beans & Roasters Caffe Latte Stick

The Caffe Latte by UCC Beans & Roasters adds to Japan’s instant coffee history. UCC is a company that makes coffee and tea and instant coffee such as this one. 

This cappuccino is 100% Arabica beans that go through a roasting process done by hand.

The flavour of instant coffee stays smooth and does not lose its flavour. UCC Beans & Roasters Caffe Latte Stick can be enjoyed without milk and sugar and can be served hot or cold, depending on your choice! 

If you want a latte that tastes virtually identical to the world-famous Ueshima Coffee, look no further! 

How to use the instant coffee sticks

The instant coffee sticks come in a package that you can open and close. Once you open the box, keep it in a clean, dry place so that the coffee sticks do not absorb moisture.  

Pour the contents of one stick into an empty coffee cup for a hot cup of coffee. Pour in around 180 mL of boiling water, mix well, and serve!

Pour the contents of one stick into an empty cup to make ice coffee. Pour half the quantity of hot water used for hot coffee (about 90 ml of hot water for ice coffee), mix, then add 5-6 pieces of ice, stirring well until cold.


There are many Japanese instant coffee makers and brands that offer incredible coffee taste and quality. They offer a higher quality instant coffee experience than their American counterparts due to the difference in roasting and brewing techniques. 

While Japanese coffee sticks can be more expensive than their American counterparts, the Japanese instant coffee's finely-ground beans make them worth the extra cost. 

These acceptable grounds create a smoother, richer taste in instant coffee, which may be why many consumers prefer them in Japan and other Asian countries.

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