Aeroccino 3 Vs 4 – A Comparison And Review: Is it worth buying?

Aeroccino 3 vs 4

The Aeroccino 3 and 4 milk frothers are two of the most popular ones on the market today.

If you want to prepare excellent cappuccinos, lattes, or other sorts of coffee drinks at home, either of these gadgets will help you accomplish your aim. 

But, if you have to choose between both, which is better? That might be difficult because they both have perks and cons. So, let's look at Aeroccino 3 Vs 4 – A Comparison And Review & know what each model has to offer. 

Also, see how does the Aeroccino 3 make cold foam? & how do you make a latte in a Aeroccino 3?. Find out Is the Aeroccino 4 worth buying.

Aeroccino 3 Vs 4 – A Comparison And Review

Let’s get started by taking a quick look at what Aeroccino is.

What Is Aeroccino?

Aeroccino is a type of electric device used to whip hot or cold milk. You may also use it to make sauces and beat eggs.

What does an Aeroccino do?

This equipment does not necessitate the use of any specific tools required when using a standard blender or mixer. 

It is effortless to use, requiring only the press of a single button. Pour the milk in, click the button for the drink you want, and you’ll have your beverage ready in less than two minutes. 

The Aeroccino is ideal if you’re going to make cappuccinos, lattes, or mochas quickly and easily. Because it provides high-quality drinks at reasonable costs, this machine saves users both money and time.

You can also use Aeroccino to make hot chocolate and other warm beverages that do not require a spoon. You won’t have to clean it because it has its cleansing cycle after brewing each drink. 

In addition, this machine can generate 112 cups of milk in less than two minutes, so you won't have to wait for hours to enjoy your favorite beverage. 

If you enjoy cappuccinos or lattes as much as I do, you should try this fantastic equipment and see what all the fuss is about. It’s a must-have for everyone who likes flavored coffee!

Now, let us look at the ultimate Aeroccino 3 Vs 4 – A Comparison And Review, & :

About Nespresso Aeroccino 3 Milk Frother

The Nespresso Aeroccino 3 is a tiny, oval, or round automatic milk frother with a black plastic shell. It has a detachable base and is available in three colours: red, white, and titanium. 

The Aeroccino3 also boasts handy indicator lights that tell you when the device is ready to use or when additional water is needed. 

In addition, it does not get too hot because the Aeroccino 3 employs induction heating technology rather than heat coils like other automatic milk frothers. As a result, it will not burn your hands when operating it. 

The Aeroccino 3 makes foaming milk extremely simple, takes very little time, and delivers excellent functionality and ease of use. 

It can hold up to 150 milliliters (5 fluid ounces) of hot froth and 120 milliliters (4 fluid ounces) of cold foam at a time.

It means that this automatic milk frother will consistently produce enough creamy steamed or cold foam for 2-4 servings. 

In addition, the Aeroccino 3 is extremely user-friendly, featuring a simple on/off switch and indicator lights indicating whether the device is running or you need to refill with water.


  • Can brew hot or cold froth with a single touch.
  • A single whisk may generate a dense foam or change to make less frothy milk by removing the outside spring.
  • The maximum milk froth volume is 120 ml.
  • Hot milk has a maximum capacity of 240 ml.
  • Teflon coating on the inside.
  • Plastic on the outside.
  • Dishwasher is not recommended. Only use water to rinse.

About Nespresso Aeroccino 4 Milk Frother

Aeroccino 4 Milk Frother is a high-quality, high-efficiency electric milk frother. It has become a popular option for many individuals who want to have a tasty and creamy cappuccino, latte, or hot chocolate without having to leave their house. 

However, suppose you are one of those who is always on the go and regret that they cannot have a tasty beverage in this manner even during their hectic schedule. 

In that case, it is time to change your mind and allow yourself to use Aeroccino milk frother to make rich and thick milk foam in seconds and at any location you want.

Aeroccino 4 was released as an upgraded version of its predecessor, Nespresso Aeroccino 3. It is noted for its ease of use and ability to make high-quality milk froth in seconds. 

In addition, it uses induction heating technology to make hot or cold frothed milk very quick and straightforward, so you don’t have to waste time going through multiple instructions before making your first cup of excellent cappuccino latte etc.


  • Stainless steel construction with a plastic handle for ease of pouring
  • Each type of foam has its button on the detachable base.
  • It is possible to make hot or cold foam.
  • Choose from three styles of hot foam: dense, light, or hot milk. And one icy froth.
  • Interior ceramic coating.
  • The pitcher and attachments are dishwasher safe.

How Are They Different?

Let’s take a quick look Aeroccino 3 Vs 4 – A Comparison And Review of the two machines:

Machine Dimensions & Button Position

Aeroccino 3 Vs 4 – A Comparison And Review on the individual machine dimensions and button position- One of the most noticeable differences between the two machines is that the Aeroccino4 has an additional hot milk button on top, while the three does not. It also has a sleeker design if that matters to you (it does not affect performance). 

The size is another design distinction. The 3 model weighs 1.85 pounds, while the previous 4 models weigh 2.65 pounds.

Milk Warming And Frothing

Aeroccino 3 Vs 4 – A Comparison And Review on milk warming & forthing- The Aeroccino 4 can heat milk to make a hot or cold foam; however, the Aeroccino 3 can only heat steamed milk.

Aeroccino 4 carafe allows you to froth hot milk for cappuccinos and other milk-based beverages. 

Place your milk jug under the nozzle and click a button—in less than 10 seconds, your milk will be wonderfully textured!


Another distinction is that they have different preset temperatures for foaming milk. If it matters to any consumers, the Aeroccino3 has a minimum temperature of 125 degrees Fahrenheit while the latter has 130. 

The main difference here is that 4 has a maximum temperature of 145 degrees, whereas the other only reaches 135.

Capacity Of A Carafe

The number 3 can contain 0.8 liters of liquid, whereas the number 4 can only store 0.6 liters.


Using just one built-in whisk, the Aeroccino 4 can prepare milk in a variety of ways. The Aeroccino 3, on the other hand, comes with two different whisks, and you must insert the one you wish to use.

The wire coil whisk produces hot or cold foam, but the ring whisk without the coil heats milk.


You can wash only the whisks of the Aeroccino 3 in the dishwasher. Because the interior of the frother is nonstick, you must clean it by hand after each use with a gentle cloth. 

In contrast, all pieces of the Aeroccino 4 are dishwasher safe, except for the base. However, you may wish to disable your dishwasher's heat-drying option.


The Aeroccino 4 has a sleek chrome finish instead of the third, primarily black plastic. The Aeroccino 4 also has a handle and a spout to make pouring easier.

These are a few of the differences between the two machines. Now, let us find out Is the Aeroccino 4 worth it? Or else which one should you buy, Aeroccino 4 or Aeroccino 3.

Is the Aeroccino 4 worth it?: Which One Should You Buy?

These products can make hot and cold foams to produce creamy and rich beverages such as cappuccinos, lattes, hot chocolate, etc. These machines can cause a variety of drinks that deliver incredible taste and texture. 

However, they also have several differences, including their weight and design. When Is the Aeroccino 4 worth it? The top model of this machine, Aeroccino4, is more advanced than the 3rd version. It can also create hot foams and has various temperature settings for better texture control. 

In addition, it works on induction heating technology which is much faster than that of the previous technology. However, it has a higher price than the earlier version.

By understanding these differences between Nespresso Aeroccino 3 vs 4 will help to easily find out Is the Aeroccino 4 worth it or not.

If you are looking for something that offers high-quality foam, then you would want to go with the 4. It will also provide you with the flexibility of using hot or cold froth, depending on your beverage. 

So, it is good to choose the 4, even if you only want to make lattes. On the other hand, the 3 might not make hot foam because it doesn't have an induction heating system like the 4.

All in all, the answer to the question: is an Aeroccino 4 worth it? This machine is designed to make it very user-friendly and easy to use.

Now let us talk about Does the Aeroccino 3 make cold foam? If not, then why?

Does the Aeroccino 3 make cold foam?

If you’ve been trying to make cold foam with your Aeroccino 3, then you might have noticed that the milk is not turning into foam. Does the Aeroccino 3 make cold foam? No, because such an appliance is not intended for making cold foam.

The Aeroccino 3 was only designed to make hot milk and other hot liquid such as soup or tea. The Aeroccino 4 however, can also be used to make cold foam for your iced latte or other iced drinks.

Now that you know does the Aeroccino 3 make cold foam or not! Have you finally gotten off the caffeine kick? Or are you just looking for a different way to enjoy your java without those messy grounds at the bottom of your mug.

If so, then maybe the Aeroccino 3 is a good fit for you. Because it can make latte, cappuccino and hot chocolate, you could use it with your own coffee grounds.  But how do you make a latte in a aeroccino 3?

So, now you might be wondering how do you make a latte in a Aeroccino 3. Well, to make a latte in an Aeroccino 3 follow the below steps.

How do you make a latte in a Aeroccino 3?

Here how do you make a latte in a Aeroccino 3:

1. Place your milk in the cup and flip the lever on the Aeroccino so that it is parallel to the ground.

2. Push and hold down for about 30 seconds until steam starts coming out of both sides of the device. Once you release it, you will be able to see a froth on top of your milk.

3. Now switch to latte mode and heat for about 30 seconds.

4. Pour it into your cup and add sugar or some syrup and enjoy!

The Bottom Line on 

Aeroccino 3 Vs 4 – A Comparison And Review:

In conclusion, Aeroccino 3 Vs 4 – A Comparison And Review- Both the Aeroccino 3 and the Aeroccino 4 have their advantages. The most noticeable difference is in the frother’s mechanism, which changed from a tilt-head design to a rotating design.  

The Nespresso Aeroccino 4 Milk Frother is an excellent machine that anyone can use to make cappuccinos, hot chocolates, etc. The device is effortless to use, which is perfect for both novice and experienced coffee lovers. 

But, Is the Aeroccino 4 worth it to buy? If you are a light coffee drinker and do not want to spend a lot of time in the morning, buying this product would be a great idea.

If you want an affordable machine with good quality, buy an Aeroccino 3. 

I hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful& able to find out How do you make a latte in a Aeroccino 3 & Does the Aeroccino 3 make cold foam at the end!..

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