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Coffee lovers have many options for what kind of coffee to order. We have four main types of coffee: Espresso, Americano, Latte and Mocha.

The first two are similar – espresso is an espresso shot with less water. 

Americano is a larger cup that contains more water than the traditional espresso (but only as much as required to dissolve the powder). Latte is a creamy beverage made with two espresso shots and one hot water shot. 

The third option, the Mocha, is a dark coffee that has more sugar than other beans. As a result, it has more flavour than the Americano or Latte and contains chocolate.

Many people don’t know the difference between a Mocha and an Americano, so they order the wrong one.

In this post, we will compare the differences between an Americano and a Mocha so that you will know what to order when you go to your local coffee brand.

What is a Mocha?

Mocha is a brand name for a new coffee drink created in the 1960s. It is a blend of coffee and cocoa powder with added sugar. The logic behind adding cocoa to the drink is to make it more flavorful and chocolatey. 

What exactly is mocha?
Most Americanos with chocolate are dark but generally not as chocolatey as Mocha. It also gives the drink a darker colour, so most people think it is less watered down than an Americano. 

A mocha is distinguished from chocolate in the chocolate market by its high cocoa content or form. It is typically dark brown with a creamy consistency.

Mochas do not have any thermally processed sweeteners; they are entirely natural and taste like pure chocolate.

Ingredients in a Mocha:

  • Espresso shot: A shot of espresso is placed in a cup with sugar, cocoa, chocolate and milk.
  • Espresso sugar: Espresso sugar is a blend of sugar and espresso mixed into the drink for sweetness. It tastes less bitter than regular sugar.
  • Cocoa powder replaces confectioner’s sugar as the sweetener in a mocha, making it more flavorful and chocolatey since most Americans do not have much chocolate flavour due to the dark colour.
  • Milk replaces cream in a Mocha to give it a more creamy consistency.
  • Chocolate replaces the amount of cocoa powder that would otherwise be used if you did not want the drink to be too bitter since cocoa is bitter on its own in the absence of milk.

What is an Americano?

An Americano is a drink that contains one to two shots of espresso mixed with hot water. The water helps dissolve the sugar, making it a much less concentrated and more intense drink than the espresso. 

How is an Americano different from regular coffee?
The Americano contains a single shot of espresso, water, and sugar as its primary ingredients. It is traditionally served in a glass cup over ice. Most coffee shops also offer an Americano with milk or cream added instead of water. 

The Americano’s name may reflect that it was initially prepared with hot water from North America (e.g., “American coffee”).

Ingredients in an Americano: 

  • Espresso: Espresso is brewed as a hot drink and mixed with hot water to dissolve the sugar.
  • Hot water: This water helps dissolve the sugar in the drink to become more concentrated.
  • Sugar was initially added to Americanos to sweeten them up, but many baristas these days prepare it without any sugar and use a different ratio of coffee when preparing an Americano (1/6 espresso to 5/6 water).
  • Flavoured syrups are sometimes added to the Americano to give it a different taste.

How They are Similar 

A Mocha and an Americano are brewed with espresso, water and sugar. A mocha has more cocoa powder added to it while an americano has more water, but they both taste the same except that the Americano tastes less sweet.

They also both look the same, but the Mocha is even darker and more chocolaty looking.

How They are Different 

Preparation methods

An americano is prepared by adding water to the espresso shot and stirring to dissolve the sugar. A mocha is prepared by mixing cocoa powder with hot water.

The idea of combining a chocolate beverage with hot water was probably designed to make it easier for consumers to drink against the belief at that time that drinking dark, black coffee would dehydrate them.

Flavour and texture

The Mocha has a sweeter flavour than an americano, but they are still quite sweet. The Americano has less sweetness because it contains water that does not dissolve the sugar and hot chocolate. The Mocha also has more flavour because of the cocoa powder and sugar.


The Americano is light brown as its processing includes water, but the Mocha is darker than an Americano due to the amount of chocolate used in the drink. The colour difference is noticeable, but only if you mix them or look at them side by side. 


The Mocha has less water than an Americano, so it is not as diluted. The Mocha has more cocoa powder, but the Americano has more water.

Size and temperature of the drink

An Americano is more significant than a mocha because it contains more water. This is because they are both served hot, but the Americano has more water, so it is not as hot as a mocha.


Is mocha stronger than coffee?

According to their ingredients and preparation, an Americano is distinct from a Mocha, although they are pretty similar.

While they both look somewhat different when you compare them side by side, most people don’t notice the difference in taste because the sugar masks the taste of coffee and chocolate. 

I prefer a mocha because it has more chocolate than an Americano and tastes less bitter than its counterpart. 

So, this explains how the Mocha is not like an americano. A person may buy one instead of another mainly due to their preference in taste.

People prefer a mocha over an americano because it has more flavour, chocolate, and less sugar than an Americano. 

Also, people prefer a mocha to an americano because they think it tastes better and has higher quality ingredients than one made with water and less cocoa powder or espresso shots!

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