Step By Step Guide On Keeping French Press Coffee Hot

How to keep french press coffee hot?

This question comes up from time to time, and for a good reason. French press coffee can be delicious, but it’s not always the freshest if you let it sit too long.

Even if you've kept it in the fridge, it will eventually lose flavour. So how long can you wait before you leave with a pot of stale coffee? 

This article will address this issue and provide a step-by-step guide on keeping french press coffee hot.

What is a French press?

A French press is a device used for brewing coffee. First, the grounds are put in the bottom, and then hot water is added and stirred. 

What is the difference between a coffee press and a French press?
Next, the plunger is pushed down, which forces the ground to the bottom and separates them from any coffee coming out while stirring. 

The coffee sits in the bottom of the pot until the user pulls the plunger back and is ready to drink. 

What is the best way to keep french press coffee hot?

How can you keep it hot if you brew your coffee in a French press and don’t drink it right away? This question is difficult to answer. The best way to do this depends on the person. 

Therefore, I will provide you with several methods that have worked for other people and then give you my recommendation at the end.

Step 1: Using a microwave:

The most obvious method for keeping French press coffee hot is to use a microwave. Just like a cup of coffee, it wouldn’t be as hot if you just put it in the microwave right away. However, this will warm it up and make it acceptable. The key here is to use a microwave.

If you heat your coffee in the French press, then there is a chance that the glass carafe will break from the heat. 

A microwave heats more evenly and will keep your coffee hot for much longer than an oven or stovetop would. 

Step 2: Choose an insulated mug  

Sound insulation is critical in keeping your french press coffee warm for a few minutes after brewing. A well-insulated cup should ideally have at least 2 inches of insulation. That being said, I would recommend buying a thermos to use with your french press. 

How do I choose a thermal cup?
If you feel it would be too much of a hassle to keep refilling the thermos, use a regular glass mug for drinking your coffee.

Step 3: Choose a thermal carafe 

.If you don’t want to use a microwave to warm it up, I recommend using a thermal carafe. It is a new type of coffee pot that keeps your cup of coffee hot for long periods. With this device, your coffee will stay hot for hours. 

The one downside is the price, but if you're serious about keeping your french press coffee hot, then it's worth the price. 

Step 4: Put it in a thermos.

If you want to keep your french press coffee hot for an extended period, then you can use a thermos. It is an insulated container that keeps liquids hot for hours.

With this device, you can put your french press coffee in the morning, and it will still be nice and warm when you drink it in the evening.

Step 5: Use a USB mug warmer

If you don’t mind paying for a mug warmer, this is the best way to keep your coffee hot. These devices use USB power from your computer to heat the cup. 

How do you use a USB cup warmer?
You simply plug the cup into the wall and put it next to your computer, and it will stay warm for hours. They are easy to use and highly recommended if you want to keep your coffee hot for long periods. 

Step 6: Double-walled carafe

If there is a way to keep your french press coffee hot for an extended period, I recommend using a double-walled carafe. This device consists of two chambers with a top and bottom. 

The top is called the "stirring chamber," where you put the coffee grounds before brewing begins. The bottom chamber is called the "absorption chamber," and it's where all of the coffee will go after brewing is complete. 

The main benefit of this device is that it will keep your coffee hot for a long time because the coffee grounds are insulated from the coffee in the bottom chamber. It is because there is space between them.

Step 7: Invest in an intelligent mug (Ember)

If you don’t want to use a thermal carafe, and your goal is to keep your coffee hot for an extended period, I recommend using the Ember.

It is an intelligent mug that has a built-in water heater. The device will heat your coffee before it even starts brewing.

The only downside of this device is the price; however, if you are serious about keeping your coffee hot for long periods, this could be the right choice.

Don’t leave your coffee in the French Press for too long.

The first guideline for making French Press coffee is not to leave the coffee in the French Press after brewing.

Instead, pour your finished coffee into a thermos, a double-walled carafe (Zojirushi), or a thermal mug to keep your extra cups warm while you work on the first one.

A huge double-walled or thermal cup (a favourite here is the Yeti) can be a lifesaver, keeping your coffee hot for hours after it is brewed.

The large mug holds 30oz of coffee, a regular French press size. Make sure you preheat the mug before pouring in your French press coffee!

If you need to keep your coffee hot for longer than 15-20 minutes at a time, try using a French press pot with a built-in thermometer. 

By mixing in the ground coffee with boiling water before brewing or simply adding hot water afterwards, it will keep your coffee at an optimum temperature for hours. It creates the "perfect cup of coffee" no matter how long you wait to drink it.

Invest in High-End Coffee Accessories

While you’ve already spent a lot of money on your French Press to make the perfect cup of coffee, it can be challenging to think about investing more money in technology to keep the coffee hot.

A USB cup warmer or a hot plate to keep your coffee hot is a cheap idea for your desk or side table. While it does not provide precise temperature control, it will keep your cup of tea hot and ready to drink long after you've forgotten about it.

Is it possible to reheat French press coffee?

It is possible to reheat French Press coffee, although we don’t recommend it. Reheating is not good if you make too much coffee earlier because heat takes minerals and oils from coffee, and the flavour profile changes.

How do you reheat coffee in a coffee press?
When coffee is made, the extraction occurs during the brewing step. Reheating coffee is essentially a second extraction that removes more nutrients and oils. 

As a result, it turns coffee bitter or sour. You should only make enough coffee for your needs to avoid reheating and suffering from coffee that tastes wrong. 

If you wish to brew more than one cup, use a French metal press, which retains heat better. On the other hand, Metal French Press coffee machines necessitate water preheating.

How long do you leave hot water in a French press?

Let’s get one thing straight. You do not leave water in a French press because it will affect the taste of your coffee. It is essential that you always remove the used water after using it to brew your coffee. The old saying goes: “out with the old, in with the new”.

Why is my coffee not hot enough?

It could be that you are using a pot without a built-in thermometer. The easiest way to determine the temperature of your water is by using a thermometer. The French press thermal carafe will hold nearly six cups of coffee. It is recommended that the coffee should be close to 90 °F for optimal flavour extraction.

How do you keep coffee warm for hours?

First of all, you will need to find a pot that is able to keep your coffee warm. I recommend a French Press Thermal Carafe. This carafe will retain heat better than steel thermal carafes and can also double as a French thermal press.

How do you keep coffee warm after brewing?

If you want to keep your coffee warm for a couple hours, the best way to do this is by pouring it into a thermal carafe.
An ideal product would be the Zojirushi coffee thermal carafe. This coffee press can store up to six cups of coffee and keeps it hot for hours.
Either ways, your goal with keeping coffee warm should be cold brew coffee or maintaining heat all day.

Can I use a candle warmer to keep my coffee warm?

The problem with using a candle warmer is that the coffee can easily become too hot. You also have to be very careful not to leave the candle on all day. It could cause a fire in your home.

Does Yeti keep coffee hot?

Yes, the Yeti can keep coffee very hot, although it is not a French Press with a thermal carafe. If you put your coffee in the Yeti and don’t open it for hours, it will stay hot.


With the tips in this article, you should be able to keep your French press coffee hot for hours. Of course, there is no guarantee that it will turn out that way, but at least you know how to keep it toasty. Bon Appétit!

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