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Is coffee-Mate Healthy, Is Coffee Creamer Good For You, Side Effects Of Coffee Creamer

Coffee creamer-  a sweet, creamy, sugary topping for your coffee that helps you get through those busy morning hours, right?

Many of us like to put some creamer in your cup of coffee.

But, if you examine the label on your coffee-mate container, you'll notice that it contains about as much sugar as a can of coke and has just as many calories. 

Sure, it provides some calcium and vitamin D, but the sugar content heavily outweighs those benefits. So what’s a java-junkie to do? 

In this article, we'll find out why most coffee creamers are bad for you and find some healthier alternatives that don't taste like cardboard, taste almost as good as the original, and will make you feel like a million bucks! So let's get to it!

First, let’s look at what coffee creamer is. Coffee creamer is a sweet, thick liquid used to add flavour to your coffee. It usually comes in many different flavours, including french vanilla, hazelnut, and caramel macchiato. 

You can pick up a box for as little as $1.49 for a 12oz box at your local supermarket. It's usually clear in colour and has a semi-thick consistency, so it sinks well when you add it to your mug.

So what is in coffee creamer? 

What is the main ingredient in coffee creamer?

Coffee creamer consists mainly of water, oils, and sugar. The amount of sugar and how much water varies, but in general, most coffee creamers contain between 90-110 calories per tablespoon. 

Its main ingredients are water and either sugar or corn syrup. They're usually free of cream or lactose, but they include milk-derived proteins, so they're not necessarily dairy-free.

Coffee-mate, one of the most popular coffee creamer brands, contains partly hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, toxic preservatives, and other processed carbohydrates. 

Because coffee mate contains no vitamins, minerals, or antioxidants, drinking it has no nutritional benefits. 

While it may appear that a small amount of coffee creamer will not cause any harm, the chemicals built up over time are just dangerous to consume daily.

Is coffee mate healthy?

Coffee-mate has little to no health benefits. It does not provide any vitamins, minerals, or antioxidants, so it is not vital. 

In addition, Coffee-mate contains partly hydrogenated oils, which are very bad for your health because they are trans fatty acids that have been linked to heart disease. 

Coffee-mate also contains corn syrup which is also not healthy for you. These two ingredients are extremely bad for your health and are linked to heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, and cancer.

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Is coffee creamer good for you?

No, coffee creamer is not suitable for you. It contains no vitamins, minerals, or antioxidants and does not provide beneficial nutrients to your body. 

The ingredients in most coffee creamer brands are nothing more than sugar and unhealthy oils that will clog your arteries and give no energy to your body after consumption. 

If you want something creamy and sweet to put in your coffee, consider using raw honey or agave syrup instead.

Side effects of Coffee creamers

There are many health risks associated with consuming coffee creamer daily. Some of the most common side effects include:


People with diabetes are often told to stop consuming sugary foods because it can spike their blood sugar levels, damage their organs and be fatal in some cases. 

While you may not be diagnosed with diabetes, consuming too much sugar can put you at risk for developing diabetes or other diseases related to blood sugar.


Calcium is an essential nutrient for maintaining strong bones and preventing osteoporosis. While coffee creamer does contain calcium, it does not have enough to impact your body significantly. Over time, your bones will weaken due to the lack of calcium in your diet.

Heart disease-

Trans fatty acids are some of the most dangerous chemicals you can consume because they vigorously promote heart disease and other cardiovascular issues. 

Research has shown that trans fatty acids deter the production of HDL cholesterol, which clears excess LDL cholesterol from your arteries.

Weight gain- 

Just one tablespoon of the coffee creamer has about as much sugar as a can of coke. Because it contains so much sugar, your body will not respond to it immediately, so you will feel a rush after a few minutes, which leads to cravings for more sweets or caffeine. Eventually, your body will develop a sugar addiction that will lead to weight gain.

Liver damage-

Drinking too much coffee creamer will increase bile production in your liver, which is necessary for absorbing fats. Over time, the excessive production of bile causes deterioration in your liver cells.

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Coffee creamer contains mainly chemical compounds that are used to preserve food and give it flavour. Over time, your body will begin to ignore these chemical compounds and interpret them as foreign objects. 

It triggers your immune system to produce an inflammatory response that can lead to different diseases if not treated.

Cardiovascular disease-

Trans fatty acids contribute to cardiovascular disease. When you consume trans fatty acids, your arteries become clogged with fat and cholesterol. As a result, it forces your heart to work harder than it should, which can eventually lead to heart failure.


As you drink your coffee, the caffeine will stimulate your brain and cause you to have a dry mouth. After a while, the lack of saliva in your mouth can lead to nausea or vomiting.


Coffee creamer contains a large amount of sugar that will disrupt your average blood sugar levels and cause headaches, irritability, and insomnia because it temporarily depresses the nervous system.

Ingredients in coffee mate creamer

Here is a list of the Original Coffee mate’s ingredients for your convenience:

  • corn syrup solids
  • hydrogenated vegetable oil
  • sodium caseinate
  • 2% or less dipotassium phosphate
  • sodium aluminosilicate
  • mono and diglycerides
  • artificial flavour
  • annatto colour
These are not considered healthy ingredients. On the contrary, they are all highly processed, toxin-filled chemicals that will not help you feel or look your best! Not to mention they are loaded with calories and carbohydrates!

So if the original stuff isn’t good for you, what is? Here are a few healthier alternatives that will keep your body running in tip-top shape while adding a little extra flavour to your morning cup o’ joe!

Healthier coffee creamer alternatives:

Coconut milk creamer.

Coconut milk creamer is an excellent alternative to corn syrup-filled coffee, mate! It’s made with all-natural ingredients to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to keep you fit and healthy. 

Is coconut milk creamer good for you?
It contains no chemicals, GMOs, or any other toxins. It has about 50 calories per tablespoon and only 2 grams of carbohydrates. 

It may be a little more expensive than your original old coffee- mate, but it’s worth it.

Almond milk creamer.

Almond milk creamer is another dairy-free alternative to your old coffee creamer, but it’s even more nutritious. It contains about 50 calories per tablespoon, 5 grams of carbohydrates, and 2 grams of protein. 

It's low in sugar too! It doesn't contain any artificial sweeteners either.

Half and half.

The term “half and half” has been used to refer to creamers combined with heavy cream and whole milk since the early 1900s. 

Half-and-half is also one of the more popular coffee creamer alternatives on the rise because it contains fewer calories than heavy cream (due to the lower fat content) but still contains vitamins like A, B12, D, E, K2 - all essential for good health.

Nut milk creamer.

Need a good coffee creamer that’s free of milk-derived proteins? Nut milk creamer is an all-natural alternative to coffee creamers, but it’s even better because it’s lactose-free! 

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Is almond milk creamer healthy?
Unfortunately, it contains about 60 calories per tablespoon or 10 grams of carbohydrates. Here are some other healthy options you might want to consider.

Original skim milk.

It is an excellent alternative if you can’t consume lactose or if you like to eat dairy (no pun intended). It has only 25 calories per tablespoon of milk and is low in carbohydrates and sugar. 

Milk like this is also standard in fat and calories, which will help you maintain a healthy weight.

Keto coffee creamers

If you’re a part of the Keto diet or trying to lose weight, you may be interested in coffee creamers that are “keto-friendly.” Many people begin to crave fatty and sugary food after they start Keto. 

What kind of milk can I put in my coffee on keto?
Keto-friendly coffee creamer is an excellent alternative to those over-processed, high sugar coffee creamers. It's made with either coconut or almond milk and contains mostly unsweetened ingredients like vanilla extract and stevia.


So there you have it. Coffee creamer is not suitable for your health, but some alternatives are even healthier – at least in most cases. 

The trick is to find one with no artificial ingredients, only natural ingredients that you can pronounce, and no chemicals like corn syrup. 

Try one of the healthy coffee creamer alternatives mentioned above. You can even make your own at home!

All you have to do is get creative, try different recipes, and experiment. Then, when you find one that you like, stick with it. It's worth it because you'll not only save money and stay healthy, but you'll taste the sweetness of victory as well!

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