How To Make Coffee With Electric Kettle- Best Kettle For French Press

Coffee With An Electric Kettle

Are you tired of spending a lot of money on a good coffee maker?

Of course, coffee is the best drink in the world, it is not only a beverage but an emotion.  But making a perfect cup of coffee is not always easy. 

There are so many different ways of making it that you can quickly end up wasting a lot of money. In this article, I will show you how to make coffee with electric kettle, best electric kettle for french press, can you put coffee in an electric kettle.

All About Electric Kettle

An Electric Kettle is a powerful device that can boil water at a high temperature with minimal effort. 

How does an electric kettle work?
Electric Kets are perfect for heating beverages like hot chocolate, tea, coffee, and soup. The device is often used in the kitchen of hotels to make hot water for instant coffee or tea. 

An electric kettle is also handy when camping or hiking because it allows you to boil water fast and efficiently without gas.

How to make coffee with electric kettle?

Here is how to make coffee with electric kettle– Making a perfect cup of coffee is not just about the right amount of coffee and the right grind. It’s also about the right temperature and water. 

You might be surprised to know that the perfect temperature for your coffee is not boiling, but "just" 185 – 201 degrees F (85-93 degrees celsius). Anything hotter than that will burn the coffee grounds, destroying their natural flavour.

While it’s possible to boil water in a saucepan, it can be very time-consuming. A better way of getting hot water is by using an electric kettle.

It can heat up to a set temperature and then shut off automatically. They are also much easier to use because they’re cordless and portable.


  • Electric kettle that can heat water to 185-201 degrees F (85-93 degrees C) 
  • Coffee beans
  • A carafe of coffee mug


Learn how to make coffee with electric kettle by following these simple steps:

  • Fill the kettle with water and attach the carafe to the top using provided lid.
  • Put about two tablespoons of good-quality coffee into a measuring spoon.
  • Add the coffee beans to the carafe and stir.
  • Turn on the kettle and wait for it to heat to 185 – 201 degrees F (85-93 degrees C). You can use a thermometer to check if your water is at this temperature level and note down what time you turned it on and off when it reached this temperature level and how long it takes for your water to reach this temperature level. 
  • Place the coffee carafe in your mug.
  • Pour hot water over the coffee grounds in the carafe until it is complete.
  • Wait two minutes and then automatically flip the switch to turn off the kettle.
  • After two minutes, remove your carafe from underneath the kettle spout and pour your coffee into your mug or cup. Enjoy the more robust coffee never before.

Now that you know how to make coffee with electric kettle, let us learn the uses of an electric kettle & can you put coffee in an electric kettle.

Uses Of An Electric Kettle

Here are the many uses of an electric kettle:

can you put coffee in an electric kettle to Brew A Perfect Cup Of Tea:

Here’s how can you put coffee in an electric kettle- An electric kettle is perfect for making a good cup of tea. It heats water at the right temperature, 185-201 degrees F (85-93 degrees C). You can use either loose tea or tea bags.

How do I make the perfect cup of tea?
Let your tea steep for a minute or two before pouring hot water over the leaves into your cup for maximum flavour extraction.

Hot Soup On A Rainy Evening:

Are you tired of eating cold food on a rainy evening? Then why not use an electric kettle to heat your favourite soup or stew. It’s easy to make hot soup using the power of an electric kettle.

Instant Noodles For Late Night Cravings:

If you use instant noodles for late-night cravings, electric kettles are perfect for the job. You can turn on the kettle and enjoy a steaming hot bowl of noodles after an exhausting day at work with minimal effort.

Instant Oatmeal For Busy Mornings

Don’t you hate waking up groggy and feeling hungry in the morning? If so, then try making hot oatmeal using an electric kettle. The best part of this dish is that you can make it with very little preparation time.

To make hot oatmeal, all you have to do is add some water to a mixing bowl, pour in a few packets of instant oats, add some water, and stir it with a spoon until the oats are dissolved. Then wait for the oats to dissolve completely before adding water until the bowl is full. 

You can also add some dried fruit or nuts if you desire to your breakfast. This recipe tastes delicious on its own, but you can also use it to make milkshakes and smoothies.

The Best Electric Kettles For Brewing French Press, Drip, & Pour-Over Coffee At Home:

Best electric kettle for french press

Here Are Some best electric kettle for french press That Most People Recommend:

Hamilton Beach Variable Temperature 1.7 Liter Kettle:

It is a trendy electric kettle. It has a 1.7-litre water capacity, stainless steel construction, and features one-touch button control that allows you to pick your exact temperature (cold, medium cold, warm, hot). 

You'll love this electric kettle, and it's sure to become an essential part of your kitchen. Moreover, you can also make tea, hot cocoa, and hot water for instant coffee.

Hamilton Beach Compact 1 Liter Glass Kettle:

This 1-litre glass electric kettle is what you’re looking for. It’s compact and effortless to hold in one hand because of its handle. The cordless design also makes it ideal for travelling and use in dormitories.

If you love making coffee or tea while camping or hiking, then this is the perfect electric kettle for you.

OXO BREW Adjustable Temperature Electric Pour-Over Kettle:

It is the best electric kettle for french press & also for pour-over coffee. It can heat water anywhere from 140 degrees F to 212 degrees F (60 degrees C). You can also choose between a fast boil or a slow simmer.

This electric kettle allows you to be in total control of your coffee experience. It comes with an easy-to-read water level gauge and a stay-cool handle that will enable you to pour hot water quickly without burning your hands. 

It also automatically shuts off when it reaches the set temperature, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to switch it off after use.

Can you use ground coffee with a kettle?

You can place about 2 level tablespoons of ground coffee into a small paper filter, then place the paper filter into your electric kettle and pour in water. The coffee should be poured slowly, so as not to create static electricity in the kettle.

Can you make black coffee in kettle?

Yes, you can use kettle to make black coffee. To make 1 cup of black coffee, first boil the water in a kettle and then pour it into your mug. Next, add 2 to 3 spoonfuls of ground coffee (depends on strength) and wait for a couple of minutes.

What happens if you boil milk in an electric kettle?

Electric kettles work at about 575 degrees F (300 degrees C). Boiling milk is typically done closer to 212 degrees F (100 degrees C) Working at this lower temperature helps prevent the milk from scalding. You will only be able to get away with boiling the milk for a very short period of time before you lose most of the nutrients and beneficial enzymes.

Can you put tea bags in an electric kettle?

Yes you can. The best thing is that it saves your time.

Can you keep coffee warm in an electric kettle?

I would try using a French Press rather than using a kettle to keep your coffee warm.

Is using electric kettle safe for health?

Yes, the electric kettle is perfectly safe for health. Do you have to run cold water in a kettle before using?
No, you don’t need to run cold water in your electric kettle.

What type of kettle is best for French press?

The best type of kettle for French press is a Glass electric kettle since it has a heat sensor built in.

Do I need a kettle for the French press?

You do not need a kettle to make a French press. You can use any type of glass or stainless steel container to make a french press.

Do you need a gooseneck kettle for French press coffee?

Yes, you need a gooseneck kettle for French press coffee. It is the best type of kettle for the French press.

How to make coffee with electric kettle- Conclusion:

Finally, how to make coffee with electric kettle? Choose the best electric kettle for french press & also to use at home.

You do not have to worry about finding the proper electric kettle this time because we’ve provided you with the top choices.

It’s also essential to look for a kettle that is well-sized in size and has a good capacity for holding limited cups of water & also learn how can you put coffee in an electric kettle and reheating or preparing instant soup or noodles.

While having an electric kettle is essential, you still have to use it properly. That’s why it’s necessary to check whether the instructions are printed on the lid of your electric kettle or whether it came with a manual before using it.

Also, be sure to always keep your electric kettle away from children and other pets because hot water does pose a high health risk.

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