What Kind Of Coffee Does Burger King Use?

Burger King coffee

Burger King is one of the biggest fast-food companies worldwide, and they are known for their famous slogan “Have it your way.”

They also use coffee in their marketing campaigns and offer customers who order a free cup of coffee with their orders through their app. 

They even have a website with a section called "How We Brew," where they share information about their coffee. 

It gives them an edge over their competition, who might not be as transparent about their coffee sourcing.

After they eat their Burger King, everyone asks, ‘What Kind Of Coffee Does Burger King Use?’ In this article, we’ll answer that question and give you some information on what kind of coffee they use, how it’s made, and why they use it.

What Kind Of Coffee Does Burger King Use?

There are two main kinds of coffee that Burger King uses. They use whole bean coffee and ground coffee. However, they do not use 100% Arabica beans, but rather a mixture of Arabica beans and Robusta beans (we’ll explain later).

Whole Bean Coffee

Restaurants around the world most commonly use these. They buy their coffee in bags of 3 pounds or less so that they can avoid paying taxes on the coffee as these bags are below the 85% threshold for being taxed.

Is whole bean coffee healthier?

Ground Coffee

Ground coffee at Burger King is ground fresh every day in each restaurant’s kitchen. They use a manual grinder that grinds their coffee beans to order.

It is used in conjunction with their espresso machine, making three different kinds of drinks: regular coffee, iced coffee, and frappé (frozen), popular in the summertime. 

So, Where Does Burger King Get Their Coffee?

Burger King has a ten-state region of operation, and in each of these states, they purchase their ground coffee from the same supplier. 

Of course, they don't buy from the same farm in every state, but they are local, and purchases are made at local mills. It keeps everything consistent for Burger King for consistency purposes.

Where Does Their Ground Coffee Come From?

Burger King does get their Robusta beans directly from South America; however, they don’t purchase any beans now from Africa.

Instead, they get it from other corporations who buy the coffee beans in bulk and sell them to distributors.

What Is Their Coffee Blend? Does Burger King Use 100% Arabica Beans?

Burger King uses a 70/30 blend of Arabica and Robusta, which gives it a more robust flavour than 100% Arabica blends. In addition, it provides their coffee with a rich taste that you can’t get from 100% Arabica beans. 

Why Do They Use A 70/30 Blend?

Robusta beans are known to have a longer shelf life than Arabica beans. It means that they can sell Robusta beans that are more affordable and save on the cost of their beans. 

On the other hand, if they were to purchase Robusta beans, most likely they would have a higher price, which would make them less profitable for Burger King with all of the other costs that come with running their business.

How Is The Coffee Made At Burger King?

The people at Burger King use their in-house machine, which is specially designed for the restaurant industry, to handle heavy workloads without having to go on frequent maintenance breaks. 

What does Burger King put in their coffee?

The device is based on a traditional Italian design, but it runs with electric power instead of the gas-powered ones that Italian restaurants use.

They also use a unique base that keeps the coffee tasting fresh and prevents it from getting hard or stale.

They use ground coffee prepared daily by their kitchen staff, who crush the beans to varying levels of fineness.

The more finely it is ground, the more oils it will release into the drink, which will give it a richer taste with less acidity. 

They then add the grounds to their espresso machine to create frozen drinks and hot drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos for customers during breakfast hours.

Does Burger King have all day coffee?

Yes, they do. Burger King makes their coffee in small cups, which people can take with them.
The cups are more popular during the morning and evening hours, but they can be purchased at any time of the day for any size of tea or coffee drink.

Does Burger King have mochas?

Yes, they do. Burger King has its own version of mocha drinks.

The drink is made by adding some milk to their frozen beverage system, which makes a frothy milk-based drink with a mocha taste.
They have the drink in regular and decaffeinated versions that are both sweetened with sugar or no-sugar added stevia ingredients.

Does Burger King use Seattle’s Best coffee?

They have used Seattle’s Best in the past, but have switched to their own blend.

They have their own blend that they make from Robusta beans and Arabica beans. Their coffee is called “BK Blend” and is a mixture of espresso and regular ground coffee.

How Does Burger King Make Their Lattes?

Burger King has two ways of making lattes, both of which are hot (and we mean hot).

Does Burger King use Starbucks coffee?

No. They do not use Starbucks coffee because of the high cost of their coffee beans, and their own blend.
Burger King is a relatively low-volume store, and can get the same results from their own blend.

Does Burger King have caramel frappe?

Yes. Burger King has a caramel frappe that is made in a similar way to the mocha.

The only difference between the two is that they add a caramel topping to their drink, which gives it a caramel taste as well as some sweetness.

What coffee does Burger King use for iced coffee?

They use whole bean coffee for their iced coffee.
For their regular iced coffee, people can get a regular or decaf coffee with any size cup.

Conclusion: What Kind Of Coffee Does Burger King Use?

So, what kind of coffee does Burger King use? They use ground coffee and whole bean coffee.

Burger King's primary goal is to be as transparent as possible with its customers. But, unfortunately, many people don't know what kind of coffee they use and are left wondering.

They grind the coffee beans to order every morning to ensure that their beans are as fresh as possible which gives them an excellent reputation.

It also has the added benefit of giving them a fresher flavour compared to other fast-food chains that buy their coffee in bags and leave it on the shelf until someone buys it.

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