Coffee Makers- Where To Place It In The Kitchen?

Coffee Makers- Where To Place It In The Kitchen

The kitchen has to be one of the busiest areas in every house globally. There’s just so much to do, so much to prepare, and so much java to drink.

The second room is usually the kitchen, but it can be hard to decide where to put the coffee maker. 

The kitchen has a Coffee maker placed randomly under or near the stove for many people. This location doesn't make sense unless you're doing something that requires that burner, like boiling water for tea or preparing spaghetti sauce (which deserves its discussion). 

Unfortunately, this is where many people put their coffee makers. If you are one of these people, you might notice that it’s not ideal to have one here. Whenever you need to get by the coffee maker, it’s usually in the way. 

Also, it could be dangerous if you're rolling food carts in the kitchen. The point is that there are better options for where to put your Coffee Maker inside your kitchen. 

This article will go through various options for placement, best practices for coffee-making, and suggestions on simplifying your kitchen’s layout.

Where to put the Coffee maker in the kitchen?

Where do you put tea and coffee in the kitchen?

A separate shelf or a side counter in your kitchen may be the handiest and effective location for the coffee machine. However, any place solely dedicated to the devices that deliver you a hot cup of coffee every morning would be ideal. 

That's why coffee shops have become popular, and many individuals have one in their homes.

Nonetheless, are you still undecided about where to put your coffee maker? Then consider these factors carefully to recognize the best spots to keep your coffee maker:

  • An outlet – Check the number of kitchen outlets. It is essential as you will need to plug it in and make coffee. 
  • Your kitchen’s layout – Before you determine the best place to put your coffee maker, take a moment to view your kitchen’s design. It will be essential to avoid cluttering up any room. 
If there are enough outlets, then perhaps you can place it near an outlet on the counter or dryer or even on the wall, but if not, you'll need to find another spot for it.
  • Space – Decide whether or not you need to utilize space to store your coffee maker. Maybe you don’t think you’ll ever need anything stored in the area. 
Still, if you're like many other people, it's better to err on the side of caution and keep any unnecessary dishes and items out of the way wherever possible. 

On the other hand, if you find that it might need a spot, after all, there is no need for too much space as long as the coffee maker isn’t overcrowded. 

Can you put coffee machine in cupboard?
  • Cleanliness – If you’re going to keep your coffee maker in a location where food is handled, then it’s a good idea to keep the area as clean and dry as possible, as this might help preserve the device for a longer time. 
  • Portability – One of the essential items that most individuals tend to ignore is whether or not your coffee maker will be portable. If you’re going to move it occasionally, then you will need to ensure that it can stay safe in the process. 
  • Adjust with the theme of your kitchen – This is not necessarily an essential factor, but if your kitchen is filled with patterned tiles, for example, you might like to ensure that the coffee maker matches the style of your kitchen or room.
  • Any storage nearby – It allows you to keep any other items nearby, be it sugar, filters, coffee grounds, or whatever else you use to make that cup extra special every morning. 

Coffee Maker and Storage

The location of the coffee maker and storage has a significant impact on how you can use your coffee maker.

You'll want to consider whether or not your machine will be on the countertop or underneath it, as these locations will affect how you can enjoy your coffee. 

In addition, storage of your coffee maker means storing mugs and other items with the coffee made inside of them.

The location of the coffee maker and storage has a significant impact on how you can use your coffee maker. 

You’ll want to consider whether or not your machine will be on the countertop or underneath it, as these locations will affect how you can enjoy your coffee.

How do you store coffee makers?
In addition, storage of your coffee maker means storing mugs and other items with the coffee made inside of them. 

Should you create a coffee-making space in your kitchen?

If you’re using your coffee maker more than once a day, then you may want to consider creating a coffee-making space in one of your kitchen cabinets. 

It will allow you to store the coffee maker in the cabinet with the rest of your storage items. It is also an easy way to keep your kitchen organized by creating a dedicated space for all of your drinking needs. 

Do not create storage areas in your cabinets unless they are specifically for storing mugs, coffee jars, filters, and related supplies.

If you create storage, then be sure that these items are not on any other shelves in the cabinet. 

When you do not need the space anymore, you can remove it easily if this is your plan. Coffee makers are an integral part of the kitchen. They are generally considered “functional items” because they are in everyday use.

Is creating a coffee station helpful?

No one can argue that having a dedicated area for making coffee can be beneficial, although it will depend on what you need the space for. 

There are many options available for having a dedicated area for making coffee, so be sure to consider the benefits before deciding what you want to do. 

It is a great way to keep your kitchen organized and make it easy to ensure that you have everything you need. 

What to store on your kitchen counter?

If you’re wondering if it is okay to store other items on your kitchen counter, then there are several things that you’ll want to consider before making a decision. 

First, you should use the coffee maker's countertop area for items that will not spill easily. It includes coffee mugs, cups, spoons, creamers, sugar pots, and so on.

Anything else can go either in the cabinet or in lower cabinets. If you decide to keep things in your wardrobe, be sure that they do not interfere with the coffee maker when it is in use. 

If there is room, move them to a lower cabinet to avoid getting in the way when working. You can store the extra items such as coasters and paper plates in a cabinet for convenience and organization.

How to store coffee mugs?

How do you store coffee mugs in a drawer?

To store coffee mugs, find a relatively close cabinet to your coffee maker. You’ll want to place them on both sides of the machine so that you can pick them up quickly. 

Stacking them is an easy way to free up counter space if possible, but you will also need to ensure that the stack doesn't fall over. 

If you do not have enough room for stacking, then be sure that your cabinet is big enough so that you can store them all at once.

When keeping your coffee maker, the critical thing to remember is to make sure that you will not bump it. 

Coffee makers are delicate items and may be very unexpected when people are in the kitchen. You will not want to take any risks by storing them in an area with constant movement because this could cause damage to the device. 

Be sure that you can put them back in a place where they won't get damaged if they end up falling off of the countertop during normal usage. 

Think About Using Built-In Appliances

You may save a tone of space by choosing appliances that integrate into your kitchen cabinet and countertops. 

For example, consider how much clutter you can eliminate in your kitchen by installing a hanging microwave rather than the traditional one that takes up room on your kitchen counter. 

And built-in appliances aren’t just functional; they’ll also offer more flair and delicacy to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. 

Many modern kitchen designs concentrate on integrated equipment because they are more functional and aesthetically beautiful. But, if you don't mind the look, maybe a built-in appliance is just what you need.

Can you put a coffee maker in a cabinet?

To put a coffee maker in a cabinet, you will need to place it on the countertop.
You do not want to block any of your pot’s heating element and brewing spout, so make sure that they can fit into the corner.

You’ll want to make sure that these areas are relatively narrow and no wider than your coffee maker’s plus its handle. In addition, make sure that there is enough room for the coffee pot inside of its cabinet so it is easy to reach.

Can you put a coffee maker under the counter?

To put a coffee maker under the counter, you will need to place it on your countertop.
You should be sure that the dimensions of this area can fit your coffee maker without hitting any of the cabinets underneath.

A type of space for your coffee press needs to leave about an inch between it and the underside of the cabinet shelf above.

How do you organize a coffee station?

To organize your coffee station, you’ll need to make sure that you have the space to store all of the items.
And you will want to ensure that it is secure so that nothing falls during normal use.

You do not want to be worried about having your coffee maker tipped over or having any drip from a mug on another item in the cabinet.

But keep in mind that this area is most efficient if you can stack things. Some types of sturdier containers might be a little harder to stack, though.

How do you store coffee supplies?

To store your coffee supply, you need to figure out what types of items you will be storing.
These supplies can include coffee filters, sugar, creamers, and so on. You’ll want to know what size containers you will need for storing all of these items beforehand, so you can buy them correctly.

It is also important to consider how many items you need as well as how much space they will take up in the cabinet when deciding how much storage space you’ll need.


Finding a suitable location for your brewer is crucial to the success of your coffee machine. You should consider how you will use your device and what other items you will store nearby. If it is for everyday use, you may want to consider having a dedicated case for it. 

The location of the coffee maker and storage has a significant impact on how you can use your coffee maker. 

You’ll want to consider whether or not your machine will be on the countertop or underneath it, as these locations will affect how you can enjoy your coffee. 

So, if you're having trouble finding an excellent position for your coffee machine, consider using a separate shelf for it or, even better, creating your coffee station and forgetting about it for good. 

I hope this article has been helpful for you and that you now understand where your coffee machine should stand. 

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