How To Clean French Press Filter

Clean French Press Filter

French press coffee is delicious – but it can be a pain to clean up afterwards. The good news is that cleaning your french press filter is actually pretty easy – once you know how.

Here’s a step by step guide from James Hoffmann, World Barista Champion, on how to clean your french press filter and keep your coffee tasting great.

Step 1: Disassemble The French Press

Assuming you’re already familiar with the basics of how to disassemble a French press, I’ll just give a quick overview of the process.

1. Unscrew the plunger from the pot.

2. Remove the filter screen from the plunger.

Step 2: Rinse The Filter With Warm Water

Once you’ve removed the used coffee grounds from the filter, it’s time to rinse it with warm water.

This will help remove any lingering coffee oils or residue that could impact the flavor of your next cup.

Simply hold the filter under running water and give it a good rinse. Be sure to shake off any excess water before reassembling the French press.

Step 3: Brush The Filter With a Soft Bristled Brush

Now that the filter is dry, it’s time to brush it with a soft bristled brush. This will help remove any coffee grounds that are stuck to the filter.

Be sure to brush gently so as not to damage the filter. After brushing, the filter should be clean and ready to use.

Step 4. Rinse The Filter Again With Warm Water

Once you’ve removed the grounds from the filter, it’s time to rinse it off with some warm water.

This will help remove any lingering coffee particles and ensure that your French press is clean and ready for use.

Step 5: Reassemble The French Press

Assuming you’ve already disassembled your French press (see step 1), it’s now time to reassemble it. Start by rinsing off all the parts with clean water.

Then, reassemble the press according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Once everything is back in place, give the filter a final rinse with clean water.


How often should I clean my French press filter?

You should clean your French press filter after every use.

How do you remove the filter from a French press?

To remove the filter from a French press, simply unscrew the filter from the pot. See Step 1 above

Do french press filters need to be replaced?

No, french press filters don’t need to be replaced. However, if you notice that your coffee is beginning to taste bitter, it’s probably time to clean your filter.

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