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Heard About Bold Coffee? How Is It Different From Regular Coffee

When hearing the word ‘bold coffee,’ many people think of a drink with a bitter taste.

Others believe that it is just a more powerful version of regular coffee. In actuality, This is not as easy as it may sound.

In this article, we'll go over everything you need to know about making that perfect cup of bold coffee. Then, we'll talk about the secret behind how it smells so good and why you should settle for nothing less than the best coffee beans on earth.

What is Bold Coffee?

Bold coffee refers to the flavours and aromas contained within the coffee bean. The term has become common to denote coffee with a high percentage of caffeine or simply a potent blend because of the coffee to water used in the brewing process.

Dark roasted coffee beans used in Bold Coffee usually bring dark flavours like smokey. By bold, we mean the intensity of the coffee.
What's the difference between regular coffee and bold coffee?

Qualified coffee drinkers say that bold or strong coffee is more coffee per water.

Roasted coffee beans are dark brown when you roast them at 240 degrees Celsius or higher. When the beans are this dark, you can usually see cracks, and the surface is often oily.

Typically, the darker the beans are roasted, the harsher the coffee will be.

What does Bold coffee taste like?

A bold coffee is more potent than a traditional medium-roast and is often preferred by those looking for an energy boost.

Bold coffee tastes stronger, with more bitterness. It also tastes richer than a regular cup of Joe, as it's made from higher-quality beans that have been roasted for more extended periods, which brings out the natural oils and comes off as being "bold."

Bold Coffee vs Regular Coffee: What is the difference? 

There is a noticeable difference between Bold Coffee and Regular Coffee, which is why people use it as a new way of thinking about coffee.

Roasting beans also make regular coffee for short periods, sometimes just an hour or two. It produces coffees that are light-medium roast. Roasting longer can have coffee that is stronger, bolder, and darker in colour.

Typical flavours in bold coffee are smoky, woodsy, roasted, and toasty, which you can find in dark roast coffees.

  • When you’re making bold coffee, It’s essential to have some dark roasts available. In the event of regular coffee, you are not compelled to think of an individual profile/character.
  • Many people find the pungent aroma of coffee appealing, but others find it off-putting. Bold coffee has a strong smell that a particular group of people only prefers. On the other hand, regular coffee has a sweet aftertaste and floral aroma.
  •  Bold coffees have a dark colour, whereas regular coffees are brown. 
  • You can drink regular coffee any time of the day without feeling uncomfortable or acidic. But, we don’t recommend drinking bold coffee. 
Bold coffee is simply a different type of coffee than regular. It has higher acidic notes that are achieved through the use of certain ingredients. 

These ingredients typically include various citrus fruits and berries, which are known for their acidic characteristics. 

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How to make bold coffee at home?

Here are a few steps to make a bold cup of coffee at home.

Step 1: Decide your coffee beans.

The essential ingredient in making a solid cup of coffee is the type of beans. The type of beans you choose depends on personal preference- if you want a mild taste, go for Arabica beans, but if you prefer your coffee more flavorful and caffeine, Robusta is the best choice for you. 

Arabica beans have milder flavours and are lighter in colour, whereas Robusta gives off more robust flavours, which often causes it to be too bitter or acidic for some people's tastes. 

Roasted beans also have better smells than unroasted ones- this would depend on what you are looking for in your coffee.

Step 2: Grind your Coffee

The next vital step is to grind the beans properly. If you use too many beans, it will be difficult for the water to submerge them in cold water fully.

Thus, it may result in unevenly brewed coffee. Grind the beans just enough so that they are slightly broken but not too fine.

Step 3: Brew your Coffee 

The time you take to make Bold Coffee depends on how you go about it. For French Press or percolator- pour water into a French press and wait until the coffee starts brewing before adding more water.

Does bold coffee have more caffeine than regular?
This will create a more robust cup of coffee with less acidity and bitterness if done correctly, whereas for percolators, wait to add more hot water until your finished brewing.

Pour water over the coffee grounds in your filter for drip coffee and wait for 4 – 6 minutes, depending on your preference. Then pour the remaining water to complete the brewing process.

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Step 4: Add Milk/sugar

The last step is to add milk or sugar depending on your taste, but be sure not to add too much. The primary purpose of adding milk and sugar is to cut down the bitterness of the coffee, but adding too much will ruin its original flavour. 

Final Thoughts

If you want a strong cup of coffee, there are many ways to enjoy it. Whether you like your coffee to be bold or want a regular one, the decisions are up to you. Everyone has their sense of taste and different ways of making it delicious.

A cup of coffee is an excellent way for an individual to relax. In addition, it helps in boosting your energy level that keeps you active even until the end of the day. If you love your cup of coffee in the morning, you should try making it bold.

It is recommended to try a little bit first and then decide whether you want to make it every day or not. It is easy to make bold coffee at home, and there are many ways to do it.

It is also essential to know what beans to use depending on your taste and how you want your cup of coffee prepared.

Do not hesitate to ask more questions if you are unsure of anything. With coffee, everything is possible. The great thing about coffee is that it is used in various ways and that you can experiment and find out what works best for you. You can also share your methods of making bold coffee with others since they may want to try it.

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